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Around the World with a Chilli â?? Fun Facts for Children (Adventure Book 3)

by Dirar Ben Mahammed

Around the world with a chilli contains lots of fun facts for children about chilies and the places they come from. A young boy in India meets Ajar Uchu, the spirit of the chillies. The spirit tells the young boy all about the countries chillies come from and the travelers who traded with them and â?¦

Adventures On The Twelve Acre Lake

by S W Garcia

Vivid illustrations bring the five story lines alive in this collection of children’s books. You and your favorite little ones enjoy discovering hidden pictures within the captivating illustrations and learning how the animals use their unique talents to help one another and bond their community together.

Cranky Yankee And The Little Monster’s

by Stephen Nepa

Poor Cranky Yankee just can’t get any sleep. The monsters under his bed keep him up at night. Travel along with Cranky Yankee through this A-Z book as he must find away to keep the monsters under his bed happy, and finally get some sleep.

All Godâ??s Creatures In The Woods: Thankful for Godâ??s love

by Larry Shankle

Children’s books: illustrated bedtime story about woodland forest animals and God’s love for ages 1- 6 (bears, moose, deer, fox, squirrel, turtle, birds)

The Golden Cheese: (A Kids Book on Life Lessons and Friendship)

by Maria Ellis

In life, friends are important. But what do you do if no one wants to be friends with you? 

This is the story of Mac, a little mouse no bigger than a walnut. He is so small that nobody wants to be friends with him. Or so he thinks. One day he decides that if he were to find golden cheese, he would become rich and everybody would love him and want to be his friend. Or so he thinks…

Read this kids book to see what happens when Mac tries one silly idea after another, only to find that what he was really after was one true friend, who can accept him as he is – flaws, silliness and all.

This is a kids book about friendship and about true values. Enjoyable for children and parents alike. It is the kind of story that sparks conversations about what is important in life, how we behave and the choices we make.

Yes. In life, friends are important. And true friends, some would say, are one of the most important things of all.

Stephanieâ??s Day At School: The book of mystery

by Stanley O’connor

With tender encouragement from her mother, little Stephanie goes to school for the first time. Her first day at school is great with a nice teacher called Miss Polly, fun games, interesting classmates, a responsible school bus driver, and a robot!
For her display of courage in school, Stephanie’s father decided his little girl deserved a present. Being the intellectual little girl she is, Stephanie chose a mysterious book for her present. In her new book, Stephanie and her mother find a map. A map Stephanie believes leads to “hidden treasures”.

Halloween Fun with Aunt April

by April McGrath

Aunt April is a crafty nanny who believes that learning should be fun and natural. Halloween Fun with Aunt April is the first in a series of seasonally themed books that provide simple plans for introducing basic concepts in a fun way. Through play, literature, and crafts, children make connections that will give them lifelong skills for learning. Start with a craft. Add a book before nap time. Play a game after a rest. Aunt April’s ideas will keep little hands busy, little bodies moving and little minds learning.

Ammonite Planets (Omnibus): Ammonite Galaxy #1-3

by Gillian Andrews

This omnibus edition exclusive to the Kindle bookstore brings you the first three books of the award-winning Ammonite Galaxy series – a thousand pages in one volume!

“Awesome book! I’d give this 6 stars for writing if I could. I stayed up till 5 am last night because I was that enthralled.” Rose – Podiobooks reviewer (about Valhai)

Meet Six and Diva for the first time in this special omnibus edition of the first three books in this series, starting with Valhai, which is a Readers Favorite award-winning book and a Parsec Awards finalist.

“It continues to astound me that this author has come up with something so completely original and interesting.” Cynikat, Podiobooks reviewer.


The two occupants were staring at each other in disbelief.
“You’re a no-name!” said Diva, and took a step back.
“And?” said Six, and took a step forward.
“Don’t come near me!”
“I was only going to offer you my hand!” Six said, plaintively.
“I wouldn’t touch your grubby hand if I were drowning in a sea of Xianthan crocodiles!” snapped Diva.
“Oh, So sorry, your mulchiness. If I could I would instantly remove my presence, but you may have noticed this cabin is for two, and we happen to be locked in.”
“There must be some mistake. Kindly stay on your own side of the cabin!”

Oh My! How We’re Different: A Book About Personalities

by Tucker L FitzGerald

A book helping children explore personality types and learn more about who they are and how to relate to those who are different. Building on the personality work of Carl Jung, Isabel Briggs Myers, and Katherine Cook Briggs, this playful book examines different personality types and what they look like in children.

‘Oh My! How We’re Different’ helps children understand who they are and helps them understand those who are different from them. This book trusts that as children are more deeply and authentically themselves they’ll develop more capacity to be in vibrant relationships with friends, family, and neighbors who are fundamentally different from them.

The vanishing frogs of Cascade Creek (Ruthie’s wildlife Book 1)

by Emma J. Homes

The beautiful waterfall frogs of Cascade Creek have suddenly disappeared and Ruthie’s parents have been asked to help solve the mystery. So now it’s all aboard the big green bus, pet wombat and all, for a wildlife adventure in the rainforests of northern Australia.

Join ten-year-old Ruthie as she and her wildlife scientist parents, Tom and Kate, track down why the frogs have vanished from their home. Together with Ruthie’s younger brother Liam and sister Bel, and with a little help from the mischievous wombat, Womble, they are soon discovering clues to the puzzle.

‘The vanishing frogs of Cascade Creek’ has been shortlisted for the Wilderness Society’s Environment Award for Children’s Literature.

Days of the Week: Babylonians, Planets, Romans, the Sun, the Moon, and a Few Gods

by Tucker FitzGerald

Why do we have seven days in a week? Where did they get their names? How long have we been using this strategy for ordering our calendars? This unique book will encourage children to explore history, etymology, translation, and mythology.

Following the Roman naming of the seven days after their seven most important gods, through the northern European people’s translation of those names into their own language, ‘Days of the Week’ is a fun read for any curious kid.

Saving wombats (Ruthie’s wildlife Book 2)

by Emma J. Homes

When Ruthie and her family rescue an orphan wombat, Ruthie learns how wild wombats are suffering from a terrible disease. Knowing that her own much loved pet wombat, Womble, might be infected one day, Ruthie wants to help. Will Ruthie find a way to save these amazing animals?

‘Saving wombats’ is the second story in the ‘Ruthie’s Wildlife’ series. The first is ‘The vanishing frogs of Cascade Creek’.

Praise for ‘Saving wombats’:
“â?¦lovely, the kind of book where I wish my grandson was next to my desk so I could share them with him.”
Australian Children’s Laureate, Jackie French

A keto diet for beginners

by Muhammad Shoaib

How do you eat a keto diet? How do you maximize weight loss, increased energy, appetite control, and other potential health benefits? Check out our new keto video course, we hope you’ll like it a lot.

Projeto Dália (Portuguese Edition)

by Dennis Vinicius

PROJETO DÁLIA é um romance de ficção científica que conta a história de Dália, Alice e Cauê, amigos unidos pelo destino e separados quando Dália sofre um acidente de carro, entra em coma e morre.

Anos se passam, até o dia em que o pai de Dália, um cientista famoso, sofre um infarto e deixa a Cauê e Alice a responsabilidade de trazer sua filha, cuja mente foi transferida para um androide, de volta à vida. Ao despertá-la, porém, descobrem que a sua antiga amiga está diferente, mais fria, desconfiada e disposta a se defender da humanidade que, julga ela, tentará destruí-la.

Cheio de mistério, drama e ação, somos remetidos à essência do que é ser, existir e pensar, ao mesmo tempo em que um enredo de intrigas se arma.

Sarah’s Spanish Pony Trek

by A. T. Oram

In the sequel to SARAH’S SPANISH DREAM HORSE, Sarah and her friends, both handicapped and able-bodied, travel to Spain for the opportunity of a lifetime – a pony trek through fantastic countryside to the glittering Mediterranean sea. Riding up mountains, splashing though rivers, picnicking by castles and lakes, watching wild boar, camping, kayaking and galloping on the seashore all make for an amazing experience.

But will Sarah manage her unruly pony, Brio? And what will happen when a nasty new trekker joins them, and turns out to be in league with their old enemies, the Snobs?

Sunken Ship Mystery: The Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

by chris hart

An epidemic has struck the world and its only salvation has disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle. The I.D.I. has sent a team to discover what has happened to it and hopefully retrieve it before it is to late. As this band of men and women bravely go to save the earth, a even greater force is prepared to do whatever it takes to stop them. As the bodies pile up, can these few brave souls survive and find the earths only hope?

Santa’s Christmas Calamity!

by Peter Laurence

One Christmas Eve Santa and his reindeer nearly collide with a Little Owl and in the resulting calamity all his presents are scattered over the ground and the reindeer run away. Santa seeks help from three new animal friends and two humans. Will they find the presents and reindeer in time to save Christmas?

Bethany’s Bike and Santa Jail

by Rosemarie Carmone Chauvin

Bethany’s Bike and Santa Jail is a refreshing, humorous, non-traditional Christmas story. Bethany’s friend Redknots the Ragdoll comments on every careless situation Bethany experiences. Where will Bethany enjoy Christmas? Will she be residing in Santa Jail eating coal bits from her stocking? Download Bethany’s Bike and Santa Jail for a tickling Christmas ride.

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