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Maggie’s Revenge: Wounded Hearts- Book 6

by Jacquie Biggar

DEA Special Agent Maggie Holt is fierce, smart, beautiful– and in over her head.
Maggie has been working undercover 15 months when she is taken by Chinese-Mexican cartel leader, Chenglei. She tries to escape with 8 other women and is captured and brutally punished.
Adam O’Connor is angry and frustrated. It’s his fault his partner, and one-time lover, is missing and no matter how many leads he chases, they don’t bring Maggie home.
An unexpected break in the case sends Adam south to Texas. His old SEAL Team Chief, Frank Stein, offers his home and his help in the search effort.
Will these two strong men find Maggie? And will their decades old friendship be destroyed by their love for the same woman?
Read the exciting continuation of the Wounded Hearts Saga today!

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Butterfly Effect (Ed Lazenby mysteries Book 1)

by Charles Ray

Ed Lazenby and Ernesto Cardoza are residents of Potomac Valley Community (PVC), a full-service retirement community just outside Rockville, Maryland. Their favorite pastimes are playing golf and spending time chatting with their friends the Wertheim sisters, Violet and Rose. Except for Violet’s tendency to be a bit hypercritical of everything and everyone, life is nice at PVC, until one day, Violet turns up missing. A ransom note asks for half a million dollars and warns Ed and Ernesto not to call the police. They’re faced with a number of problems: someone learns that Violet is missing and calls the police; they have no idea where Violet is being held, or by whom; and, none of them have enough money to pay the ransom.
Time is running out for Violet, and our heroes are running out of options to save her.

Ratlined: First in the Inspector O’Leary Series

by Shane McCartney

At the end of W.W.2, high ranking Nazis and fascists are seeking safe passage out of Germany as the allied forces encroach on the capital, Berlin. Several months earlier, a network of escape routes are clandestinely established, later to be referred to as â??Ratlines.’ Their purpose, to ferret out of Germany war criminals to many countries including those in Latin America, where they re-establish themselves financed on stolen loot. It allows them to continue their criminal activities, often dealing in the underworld while exploiting and oppressing the local population.

On a late afternoon in April of 1964, in a dark, shuttered bedroom of an isolated hacienda in the steaming Argentine savannas lays a sick, elderly man struggling to breathe. At his bedside sits his only living relative, his son who is soon to be made aware of his inheritance.
However, he’s shocked to learn that under the terms of his father’s will, he’s forced to prove his worthiness as a pure Aryan to a Nazi crime syndicate who his father is a leading member. Before he’s able to get a penny of the estate he’s challenged in solving an old mystery of his father’s and the surviving members, the whereabouts of one of the most valuable Sapphire necklaces ever to be created, the famous Prinz Sapphire necklace.
Having little choice, the young man’s journey takes him to Europe where he’s immersed in the ways and activities of an international criminal gang while being closely monitored by his father’s wartime colleagues. His quest for the priceless jewels leads him to Kent, England, and to Chatsby Court, the ancestral home of the Langden family, where they put up a courageous struggle that requires Steven Langden and his sister Rebecca McShane to urgently leave Canada and join their mother in England.
Their battle involves a tangled web of intrigue, murder, torture, conspiracy, mistrust and a family hiding a deadly secret requiring the invaluable services of the ever so scrupulous, eagle-eyed Chief Inspector Sean O’Leary who is summoned early one morning to a strange case involving a body found in a rose garden after mysteriously falling off a roof.
Within the chaos and confusion of what surrounds them, a burgeoning love affair grows between the good-looking Steven Langden and the beautiful nurse Penelope Thompkins. They forge an alliance in their pursuit in deciphering mysterious clues to finding the priceless necklace. It leads them on a perilous, nail-biting journey that uncovers untold secrets and the demonstration of true love and devotion between a young couple with a shocking conclusion no one ever anticipated.

Cold Press: A Gripping British Mystery Thriller – Anna Burgin Book 1

by David Bradwell

Packed with intrigue, twists, conspiracies, and dark humour, Cold Press is a hugely entertaining mystery set in 1993.

Clare Woodbrook is the enigmatic head of the Special Investigations Department at Britain’s leading daily tabloid. Her exposés are legendary, but she’s not without her enemies. And now she’s gone missing on the verge of unveiling her biggest ever story.

Her car is found abandoned, and evidence emerges of enemies plotting her downfall. Worse still, the police investigation is being headed up by DCI Graham March – the embodiment of police corruption and the subject of one of Clare’s current investigations.

Clare’s researcher, Danny Churchill, sets out to find Clare, and enlists the help of his feisty flatmate – fashion photographer Anna Burgin. But they soon realise that nobody can be trusted – especially the police. As the search becomes ever more desperate, suddenly their own lives are very much on the line.

Cold Press is the gripping debut thriller by British writer David Bradwell – former winner of the PPA British Magazine Writer of the Year Award and writer for for publications as diverse as Smash Hits and the Sunday Times.

It’s book one in the Anna Burgin mystery series.

Read the reviews on Amazon:

“I loved this book right from the very first chapter. The style of writing gets you involved very quickly and draws you in, so much so that you feel the excitement, the tense tingling sensation of mystery and the shock at ‘I didn’t see that coming’. A great read and one I would highly recommend.”

“A very good read, many twists, both leading and misleading – but the surprise ending is a masterpiece.”

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Cold Tuscan Stone (Rick Montoya Italian Mysteries Book 1)

by David P Wagner

Rick Montoya has moved from New Mexico to Rome, embracing the life of a translator. He’s settling in to la dolce vita when a school friend who is now senior in the Italian Art Squad recruits Rick for an unofficial undercover role. Armed with a list of galleries, suspects, and an expense account, Rick would arrive in Tuscany posing as a buyer for a Santa Fe gallery and flush out burial urn traffickers.

But before sunset on Rick’s first day in Volterra, a gallery employee dies in a brutal fall from a high cliff.

The local Commissario and his team consider Rick an amateur, and worse, a foreigner. And now they suspect him in the dead man’s murder. While the Volterra squad pursues its leads, Rick continues to interview his list: a museum director, a top gallery owner, a low-profile import/export businessman and his enterprising color-coordinated assistant, and a sensuous heiress with a private art specialty and clientele.

When Rick’s girlfriend Erica arrives from Rome to visit him, she rekindles a friendship with an alluring, maybe dangerous, acquaintance. Has Rick’s role made him the target of both cops and criminals?

A Kiss Before Killing: Nothing can keep the doctor away…

by Keith McCarthy

Nothing can keep the doctor away…

In the wake of several unexpected deaths at the hospital, suspicions arise that there is a killer amongst the staff. As Detective Chief Inspector Beverley Wharton and her new sergeant Tom Bayes begin to investigate, they too start to wonder whether patients are dying naturally or if they’re beingâ?¦helped along.

Then body is found. A body without limbs. Or a head.

As the investigation unfolds, the team must come to come to terms with the fact that there may be a disturbing link between the two cases.

Who is responsible for these deaths? And can they be stopped?

Fans of Patricia Cornwell, Tami Hoag and Tess Gerritsen will be hooked on A Kiss Before Killing.

Praise for A Kiss Before Killing

â??Pacey, well-written medical thriller … the suspense built so that I had to finish it in a sitting’ – Andrew Puckett, bestselling author of Sisters of Mercy

â??Dark and disturbing. Sharp and deliciously violent. A must read’ – Robert White, bestselling author of Breaking Bones

Praise for Keith McCarthy

â??McCarthy lays on the grisly detail with a practising doctor’s detached eye.’ – Publishers Weekly

â??McCarthy handles his material with real brio.’ – Crime Time

â??McCarthy excels at capturing his readers and not letting go until the shocking conclusion â?¦ Will appeal to fans of John Harvey’s crime novels’ Library Journal

Keith McCarthy was born in Croydon, Surrey. Educated at Dulwich College and then at St George’s Hospital Medical School, he began practising pathology in 1985 and has done so ever since. Keith is a Consultant Histopathologist in Gloucestershire where he lives with his wife and three daughters.

Take Me Higher: A Castaletta Syndicate Novel (The Casteletta Syndicate Book 1)

by Ali Parker

From USA Today Best Selling Author, Ali Parker comes a sexy, roller-coaster ride of a Mafia story…

Don’t Blink… You Might Miss Something. 

Joe Castaletta has been running the underbelly of Chicago for decades, but it’s now time to turn over the keys to the kingdom. His right-hand man, Demetri DeMarco, is more than ready to race forward into a new way of doing old school. With Joe’s sexy daughter as Demetri’s enforcer and a gang of mobsters to keep things running smoothly, he’s confident, collected and a bastard and a half. 

The only thing that’s just out of his reach is the one thing he wants most… Izabella.

This is book 1 in an ongoing series. Cliffhanger inevitable. You will need to purchase the other books to continue the story.

Death Dealing (The Ryder Quartet Book 4)

by Ian Patrick

It was a sound that echoed down the ages. The horror of mothers from any species. A parent trying to deal with the impossible: the death of her young ones. It was a sound to chill the bloodâ?¦ Detectives at war with heinous criminals in the final book of The Ryder Quartet.

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