Free parenting and families Kindle books for 29 Sep 18

Missing Becks: A True Story of Child Abuse and Disappearance

by Jesamine James

After ten years of wondering what had happened to her friend, Kayleigh opens up her heart and mind to recall the year previous to Becks’ disappearance. Her hope is to find closure to the guilt she carries, due to her inaction at the time, and to bring her closer to discovering what did occur.

Becks’ own silent life of secrets and abuse, make it difficult for Kayleigh to piece together the jigsaw of events. Her mind is tormented by the memories and scenarios that she contrives to make sense of their last phone call.

Author’s note:
At the age of twenty-six, Kayleigh contacted me and asked if I’d listen to her and hopefully write her story. I’ve seen documentation and newspaper reports confirming certain incidences of what she has told me and I have no reason not to believe what she has recounted to me. Here is her story.

Little Man In Flip Flops

by Cory Tsuhako

This is a fictional/non-fiction memoir of my experience growing up in Los Angeles during the 1980-1960s and covers death, divorce, bullying, and racism in the public schools in and around Los Angeles; contains language that may not be suitable for minors.

The Addiction in relationships: A guide for addicts and normal people

by Patrick Whelan

This book is about the errors we make in our relationships and friendships and how to avoid them.

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