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The ATM System: A Proven System for Soft Tissue Practitioners

by Deborah A. Roberts

The ATM system is an easy-to-follow recipe that helps bridge the gap between hands-on techniques, rehabilitation and fitness. Out-of-the box thinking, either from the holistic tool box or the medical tool box, will create a better understanding and allow more professionals to work together. By using this systematic approach, clients and patients will have a better outcome from their rehabilitation process.
The ultimate message using the ATM System is that each case and individual is unique, and if you don’t give up, you will find a way to tap into the body’s amazing ability to heal.

Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2018 & PHOTO-PAINT HOME AND STUDENT 2018: Training Manual with many integrated Exercises

by Peter Schiessl

Training manual for Corel Photo-Paint 2017 & Corel Photo-Paint Home and Student X8
With many integrated exercises for easy learning by doing!
Photo editing easy explained. Complete in full colour.

Editing photos, manipulate photos, use effects to make artistical photos….with a good photo programm you can be a photo artist.

About the content of the book:
-base technics as set brightness, cutoff borders, use the eraser or the effect tool, paint yourself with the brush.
-image sprayer and other special tools.
-cut-off an object from one photo and insert in an other photo so you can manipulate photos like photo professionals.
-use special effects for artisitcal photo results e.g. vignette, wet paint, fish eye, solarize, glass, shear…

With many exercises step by step useable by beginners (professionals don’t need a book).

This allows you to edit both private pictures, such as the snapshots of your digital camera, or to acquire the professional knowledge of digital photo editing.
It is not a collection of materials, but a training book in which everything is presented step by step and deepened with exercises for copying.

Fully colored and with many pictures!

For the CorelDRAW design and drawing program, we have a separate training book and a further book for professional graphics applications, based on the two books on CorelDRAW and Corel Photo-Paint.

In addition, many other books are available, e.g. for Corel Draw, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint……

Keywords: Photo-Paint, Corel, Photo, Photo Editing, Image Editing, Retouching, Mask, Masking, Cropping, Objects, Color Change, Solarization, Panorama, Brightness, Exposure, Camera, jpg, cpt, Pixel, Render, Lens, Digital Imaging.

How to Study with Mind Maps: The Concise Learning Method for Students and Lifelong Learners (Expanded Edition)

by Toni Krasnic

How to Study with Mind Maps (HTSWMM) is a book by a mind mapper, who’s also a decade-long college professor, on how to mind map and how to use mind maps to improve thinking and learning in school and at work.


HTSWMM has been expanded to include a full case study on the Concise Learning Method (CLM) and a new chapter on lifelong learning with mind maps.


FIRST PART of the book discusses the foundation of mind maps as a learning tool, describes the benefits and uses of mind maps, and shows you how to draw mind maps, step-by-step, with a mind map diagram at each step. Even if you’ve never drawn a mind map before, you’ll learn the basics and more in this one chapter that takes you through all the essentials of a mind mapping process. It also gives an overview of mind mapping uses, programs and their features, and is accompanied by extensive resources on book’s website.

SECOND PART of the book shows you, step-by-step, how to use mind maps to improve your thinking and learning via CLM. With CLM, meaningful learning is achieved through a five-phase process that involves meaningfully organizing and connecting key concepts in a mind map, critically thinking, and asking key questions. This chapter is also accompanied by a full case study.

THIRD PART of the book explains how to use mind maps and CLM for lifelong learning. Included in the chapter are also tips on developing your Personal Learning Network and designing your personal learning plan. Although it’s written with professionals in mind, students will also find value in the chapter, especially those students about to graduate.


Each book also comes with a free 1-year trial of MindMeister or ConceptDraw MindMap, two leading mind mapping programs on the market. To get your free access code, e-mail the author with your proof of book purchase and program preference.

Start mapping now and have fun learning!

Diseño Instruccional e-Learning : Nuevas propuestas de valor para el éxito (Spanish Edition)

by José Valentín Alvarez

El Diseño Instruccional e-Learning es clave para el diseño y Desarrollo de cursos online o en línea. Independientemente que sea para un aula virtual, campus virtual, sus características, ventas y desventajas, los cursos virtuales seguirán creciendo, permaneciendo los fundamentos de un sano Diseño Instruccional. Independientemente del destino del curso, un grado postgrado, universidad corporativa o tradicional, la pedagogía o didáctica digital es fundamental para el éxito. La educación o educación continua cada día requiere estar alineado al mundo laboral, a su vez que la empresa requiere de innovaciones, tecnología educativa y digital de vanguardia. Es por ello que el Diseño Instruccional e-Learning o educación virtual es el primer eslabón que debe estar bien sólido para alcanzar el éxito. Aprende a aplicar técnicas, metodologías, mejores prácticas y/o consejos para el Diseño Instruccional e-Learning de vanguardia.

Extreme Currencies Trading: FX trading with strength (Trading Forex Book 1)

by Tom Yeomans

Trading forex with extreme currencies. If you are looking for a way to build a winning fx trading system this is it. Currency strength is an important consideration and using currency strength methods in your system is a must these days. There is a reason brokers don’t provide single currency charts. They work.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management – PowerPointers: Notes on Understanding Logistics and SCM (Text Only)

by Parvez Chougle

This book consists of power pointers to educate the subject of logistics & Supply Chain Management
The contents of this book will assist the students of business management learning logistics & supply chain management and also early starters in the field of logistics & supply chain management
This book covers the basic subject matter of logistics & supply chain management in from of power pointers and pictorial depiction.
This book will also assist the academicians & trainers of logistics & supply chain management in teaching the students of logistics & supply chain management
The contents of this book are compiled from various books on logistics & supply chain management, online resources and authors work experience of more than a decade in the field of logistics & supply chain management
The book also provides links to various online videos for easy and better understanding of the subject matter of logistics & supply chain management


by Alex Cashcent

Dream Job in 24 hours Secret. Your perfect step-by-step instruction manual to getting a job within 24 hours of the guide’s implementation. The “Dream Job in 24 hours Secret” combines all the perfect job secrets to becoming employed and will guarantee you your dream job, promotion or appointment within 24 hours or less. This book will get you your dream job within a day or less of you beginning your job hunt. This book has been a proven success in the lives of many trying to overcome the hardships of the economy and is a proven success. This book teaches you how to get stable employment in the job you wish to have through the use of an interview answering technique that will have all your answers in interviews aid your promotion in your chosen profession.
This book will place you in the mindset of an achiever, a go getter, with drive and direction there is nowhere and nothing you can not do. Perfect for anyone that is looking for straight forward advice and direction through their carrier, Dream Job in 24 hours Secret is the perfect job finder for the high school graduate looking for a way to earn more than enough to move out of their parents house, the man/woman trying to land a job that can put them through college and serve as work experience in your future or the longer standing members of the working community looking for that alluring job or promotion. In this economy we have been hit fast and had by pay cuts, unemployment an a general lack of knowledge of out next step in overcoming this.
There are many books targeted towards this and yet i decided to make Dream Job in 24 hours Secret because most of the advice out on the internet is not not accurate, largely misguided and based on the same reasoning and methods that got us in this predicament.
for those looking for a lifetime of success tips and strategies get Dream Job in 24 hours Secret, a rapidly moving summery of all the secrets to finding a job.
Dream Job in 24 hours Secret.

ABC for Girls (Alphabet Book 2)

by R.L. Irada

Bedtime ABC Book for Children Ages 3-5, that Every Parent will Enjoy every thing around first words
Your little one will love to go night after night and see something new each time in this colorful
Little baby animals ready for bed make their way to dreamland, but not before they go on an adorable, colorful

kanji cartoon kanjirukanji (Japanese Edition)

by hosokawakenzou

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Teaching a Learner Driver: A Guide for Amateur Instructors

by Don L. Gates

If you’re thinking of teaching somebody to drive, this is the book you need. It’s written by a professional who works with learner drivers every day of his working life. With over thirty years of experience, both as a driving instructor and driving examiner, I will help you to train a learner driver to be safe, confident and capable. With the help of this book, you will learn how to structure lessons, and how do deliver driving instruction like a professional, avoiding many of the pitfalls that amateur teachers fall into.

The instructions are easy to follow and all tricky points are illustrated with clear diagrams. Everything is covered from gear changing, through to manoeuvring skills to preparation for the test.

There’s also a second book included for the pupil who is taking the test – a full guide to preparation including how to avoid the most common mistakes.

With a careful study of this book, you’ll really enjoy teaching the art of driving and improving your own skills; and, most importantly, your learner driver should pass first time!

New Life with Brain Plasticity: Way to Upgrade our Brain

by Shubham Vernekar

In New Life with Brain Plasticity, Dr. Majid Samii–a world authority on brain plasticity–explains how the brain rewires itself across the lifespan, and how you can take control of that process to improve your life. In addition to fascinating descriptions of how your brain has produced your unique memories, skills, quirks, and emotions, Soft-Wired offers sound advice for evaluating your brain and gives clear, specific, scientifically proven guidance for how to rejuvenate, remodel, and reshape your brain to improve it at any age.

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