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El hablar en lenguas y la Biblia: Las lenguas del Espíritu Santo y las Sagradas Escrituras (Spanish Edition)

by Gonzalo Sanabria

“Ni siquera hemos oido si hay Espíritu Santo” le respondieron los discípulos de Efeso al apóstol Pablo cuando les pregunto sí ya lo habian recibido. Sin duda es fundamental como cristianos conocer al Espíritu de Dios, pues él vive en nosotros, somos templo suyo, y desde la perspectiva dispensacional nos encontramos en el ministerio terrenal del Espíritu Santo.

Es muy importante no sólo saber la doctrina bíblica del Espíritu Santo, sino conocerle de una manera más personal e íntima, y conocer por supuesto sus dones, su fruto y su lenguaje. Hablar en otras lenguas es un tema muy importante que ha sido debatido, discutido y en muchas ocasiones rechazado.

Pero debemos permitir que sea la Biblia la que nos enseñe al respecto, con un corazón abierto acerquémonos a la palabra de Dios y recibamos su verdad, pues esta la que en realidad nos hace libres.

Las lenguas del Espíritu Santo son parte del diseño de Dios para su iglesia, el hablar en lenguas es una herramienta eficaz y un arma poderosa, cuando usamos lo que Dios nos da somos bendecidos y avanzamos hacia lo nuevo que él nos ha preparado.

Dispongamos nuestro corazón para la enseñanza divina, y estudiemos este interesante tema que ahora el mismo Espíritu Santo nos quiere enseñar.

Aquí encontrarás temas como:

El hablar en lenguas y su relación con el bautismo en el Espíritu,
Poder y beneficios de orar en otras lenguas,
Las lenguas como señal,
El habar en lenguas fortalece tu fe,
El hablar en lenguas en el transcurrir de la historia,
La ciencia confirma el poder sobrenatural de hablar en lenguas,
El hablar en lenguas y los diversos géneros de lenguas,
El don de interpretación de lenguas,
Qué significa “Sed llenos del Espíritu Santo”, etc.

Esperamos que puedas leer este libro y ser edificado con la enseñanza de la palabra de Dios.

Lic. Pastor Gonzalo Sanabria.

A Travelers Guide to the Spirit Realm: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Kingdom

by Mark Van Deman

Are you ready to take the journey of a lifetime?

Are you eager to explore the unknown and experience the Spirit realm that God Himself created just for you?

A Traveler’s Guide to the Spirit Realm will take you on an exciting adventure sure to top any previous journey. Your tour guide, author Mark Van Deman, leads you into the Kingdom of God through the hidden spiritual realm-an invisible reality for those who desire to enter it.

Based solidly on Scripture, you will be led on an inner spiritual journey where you will discover all that God has promised you.

A study guide is included to facilitate an even deeper journey into the Kingdom of God. The guide is for individual or small group use, and is broken down into 15 sessions.

Wish you were here!

Left to Die but Loved by God: God’s amazing love for a refugee woman

by John McCreedy

Left to Die but loved by God highlights some of today’s major world issues seen through the lens of the Biblical story of Hagar. Throughout the book author John McCreedy takes the reader on a journey examining the turbulent story of Hagar and what her story teaches us today about contemporary issues such as the refugee crisis, modern day slavery, racism, and homelessness. The book concludes by looking at the subject of forgiveness and using the story of the unlikely reconciliation between Ishmael and Isaac presents a view of a possible peace through Jesus Christ between all three Abrahamic faiths, Islam Christianity and Judaism and other religions.

Question-based Bible Study Guide — Eternity Is Now In Session: Good Questions Have Groups Talking

by Josh Hunt

7 ready-to-use lessons on the topic: Eternity is now in session.
Each lesson consists of 20 or so ready-to-use questions that get groups talking. Answers are provided in the form of quotes from respected authors such as John Piper, Max Lucado and Beth Moore.
These lessons will save you time as well as provide deep insights from some of the great writers and thinkers from today and generations past. I also include quotes from the same commentaries that your pastor uses in sermon preparation.
Ultimately, the goal is to create conversations that change lives.

Desire Jesus, One Year Devotional: A 365 Day Devotional to help encourage, refresh, and strengthen your daily walk with Christ (Desire Jesus Daily Devotions)

by John Stange

Following Jesus is the greatest privilege of our lives. He has made it possible for us to grow closer to Him and stronger in our faith as a result. Jesus came to this earth and took on flesh, lived the perfect life, died death in our place to pay for our sin, and rose from the grave. In doing so, He secured victory over sin, Satan, and death and He shares His victory with all who trust in Him.

Jesus lives in perfect unity with the Father and the Holy Spirit – one God in three Persons. Jesus is the Lord, Messiah, Savior, and ultimate hope for humanity. We were created to worship Him, walk with Him, and bring Him glory forever. He loves us and He assures His followers that He will be with us always.

All Scripture is pointing our hearts toward Jesus and in the pages of this devotional series, we’ll be looking at various Scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments and learning more about what it means to apply those Scriptures to our lives as an expression of our faith in Jesus.

Our prayer is that Jesus will use the content of this devotional to encourage, refresh, and strengthen you in your daily walk with Him.

500 Years: Proclaiming the Gospel, Defending the Faith

by Gary Ray

October 31, 2017 was the 500th anniversary of one of the most momentous events in Church history, the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. The reformers wrote quite clearly that they did not set out to divide the Church, but to reform and restore the Church to its biblical mission of preaching the pure Gospel. Yet their message of sola fide, sola gratia, sola scriptura, and direct access to God was not well-received by the vested powers that be and so they were maligned, persecuted, excommunicated, and even martyred. While division was not desired, truth necessarily divides. That’s just the way it is in a fallen world.

Whereas Christians can disagree on a hundred different things and fine points of doctrine, they must never disagree in regards to the Gospel for it is the very message of salvation. Christ died for us while we were yet sinners. His blood covers our sins entirely. The work and the glory are God’s alone and as the history of mankind has clearly shown, there is simply no standard that people can keep, thus salvation is appropriated as an irrevocable gift of love only on the basis of faith. Just as one solitary act brought death to all mankindâ??Adam eating the forbidden fruitâ??so one single death, the death of Christ, in conjunction with His subsequent resurrection, brings atonement, salvation, and life to all who believe.

This book is a compilation of articles from the popular Christian news service Unsealed pertaining to the key Reformation doctrines known as the Five Solae. In particular, it is a powerful defense of sola fide and sola gratia, which are the biblical truths that necessarily stem from the undiluted Gospel.

All profits received by the author(s) from the sale of this book will be used exclusively for charitable and evangelistic causes.

Meditation: Meditation for Beginners – 7 Days to Increase Your Happiness, Eliminate Anxiety, Get rid of stress And Live In The Now (Be Happy, Practical Meditation, Overcome Fear, Chakras, Joy)

by Williams Kelly

Simple Meditation Techniques That Can Change Your Life Forever!

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to start meditating and change your life for good.

This book would guide you why meditation is important and would provide you with actionable ways through which you can start meditating daily and relax inside-out.

Meditation is a way of capturing and controlling our thoughts. It is an act of leaving aside worries and focusing on things you want to focus on. Meditation, basically, is the escape from reality.

We will have a closer look at meditation, its history and know some of the ways by which you can master this ancient art and reap benefits.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Find…

  • What Is Meditation
  • History Of Meditation
  • Benefits Of Meditation
  • How To Prepare For Meditation
  • How To Practice Meditation Every Day
  • And A lot More…..

Take action right now while the book is FREE to benefit from the incredible wisdom within it!!!

Mince Pies And Paper Chains: Poems, Stories And Reflections For Christmas

by Helen M Clarke

A collection of 22 rhyming poems, 12 short stories and 6 miscellaneous prose pieces – some serious, some light-hearted – on a Christmas theme. Written in British English, this collection reflects a Christian viewpoint, although many of the items are not explicitly religious. It has been produced with adults in mind, but there are a few things for children as well.

6 ways to manifest : Using your intuition

by Ana PF Goncalves

This short e-book helps you to be your own guide and creator of your life, by helping you tap into your intuition to manifest whatever you desire from a simple and straight forward place. This is an actionable book where you embody the steps to manifest right away.

Barking Dogs: Taking te Gospel to where it’s desperately needed but hardest to find

by Andrew Rushworth

If the postman stopped at every barking dog, then the mail would never get delivered. We would never receive the letters, parcels and gifts that are sent to us and delivered by the postman, if the postman didn’t find a way to get around the barking dogs. As Christians we believe we carry the greatest message the world has ever been given â?¦ the Gospel! God has given his letter, his gift to every Christian but we so often let the barking dogs of our lives stop us delivering them.

Have you had a broken marriage? Been bankrupt? Struggle with your self image or depression? Are you struggling with being single? Or simply made too many mistakes? All these dogs can stop us giving away freely the great love that we have received

Barking Dogs is full of Andy’s experiences in trying to take the Gospel into the places where it is desperately needed yet hardest to find. His hope is that you too will be encouraged and inspired to take the Gospel into the dark places, into the ordinary places and be amazed at what God can do through you.

Who Was Jesus, Really?: Book One (My Bible Story)

by James Taiwo

The illustrated stories of Jesus Christ

Help your child learn about Jesus!

Who Was Jesus, Really? Book One is an introduction to the life of Jesus for young people. Book One (the first in a trilogy), chronicles in an unpretentious way Jesus’ miraculous entrance into the realm of earth, his childhood, his growth, and his teachings.

With this book handy, children can expand on what they learned in church and school, seeing how Jesus’ everyday life was not so different from their own.

Children can see Jesus as their role model and adapt his lifestyle by becoming not just readers, but doers, of the Word.

Each short story in this book is easy to understand and has an adaptive conclusion that challenges the children to critically think on how to apply Bible stories into their lives. Each story is rounded up into four sections:

1. Think about it
2. Lessons learned
3. Seeking answers
4. Take action

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65 Biblical Truths for Prayer Effectiveness Guide

by Raymond Doward

No one wants to have a conversation with a known liar. We must know that God does not lie according to his word (Numbers 23:19) or the conversation becomes unbelievable. God knows the heart of men and because it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks, God judges what we say by our heart.

Rex and the Mail Order Bride: A Collection of Mail order bride & Amish Romance Short Stories

by Erica Fosden

An anthology of Mail Order Bride & Amish romance
Rex’s brother is helping him out without him knowing. Michael has sent for Daisy a mail order bride. A woman who has come from a rich family and is looking for a little adventure. A widowed rancher, Rex lives a rough life that Daisy is unaccustomed to. Can this pair who are as different as night and day find love?

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