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Her Darkest Beauty: An Alien Invasion Series – The Second Generation

by Patricia Renard Scholes

A mind-controlling entity. A woman fighting to free herself. A planet caught in the crosshairs.

Karra feels as if something too large and dark prevents her from loving others, especially her daughter. She works as an assassin, but although the jobs provide a lucrative income, she finds that her profession causes her to miss a quality of life, like love and laughter. She determines to quit.

The alien entity controlling her refuses. The beast has owned her since childhood, feeding off the pain she inflicts on others, hungering for the violence she commits on her victims. She will comply, it decides. Or she will die.

The others of its kind applaud the creature’s decision. All of them prepare for the outcome, relishing a whole planet under their domination.

Karra makes other plans.

Nyssa Glass and the Electric Heart: Book Five in the Nyssa Glass Steampunk Series

by H. L. Burke

Book Five in the Nyssa Glass Steampunk Series
Reformed cat burglar Nyssa Glass and her boyfriend, inventor Ellis Dalhart, are ready to settle into happily ever after. However, fate throws another wrench in the clockwork, forcing them apart and leaving Nyssa fighting for her life and freedom once more.

Shanghaied from her island sanctuary, Nyssa finds herself in the clutches of the mastermind who framed her for murder: the wealthy and powerful Marcus Rivera. Rivera wants something from Nyssa, something she can’t give, something she swears she destroyed in her first trip into the tomb-like Dalhart Manor. Now she’s forced to return to the death trap of a mansion. And this time Rivera is watching her every move.

Back in San Azula, Ellis scrambles to find out what has happened to the love of his life. Desperate to get her back, he must make an unlikely alliance with a police detective who wants nothing more than to see Nyssa hanged. But will he get to Nyssa before it is too late or will his attempts to save her make him Rivera’s next target?


by Ed Morawski

A young girl is found in the desert on a top secret military base, barely clinging to life.
The incident is compounded by bizarre circumstances. The girl has no memory of who she is or what happened to her. But one thing instantly becomes astonishingly clearâ??she may be one of the most powerful psychics ever discovered. She soon proves adept at using her mind to ‘view’ distant and remote locations, and uses this ability to spy for the U.S. government.
But what are her true motives?
‘Perceiver’ is the story of the people who fall under her spellâ??and how one of them falls disastrously in love with her.

Protector (Cold Void Book 1)

by Paul Morton

A primitive village in a savage land welcomes a strange giant hermit onto their lands where be befriends a young girl. With his fighting prowess, off habits and unusual machines it is obvious he is more than he seems


by Cliff Warden

“It’s not a dead end, Art,” said the Professor. “It’s the information you need to know to become who you really are.”

Hailed as the top teen piano virtuoso, Art Jenicks has a promising future before him when suddenly his past begins to unravel. Orphaned at a young age, his parents’ lives have always been shrouded in mystery, but now an unacknowledged government program involving genetic engineering appears to have buried the truth.

With a trail that begins at the elite Hawthorne Academy and leads through the back alleys of Boston, Art’s quest uncovers an exiled scientist who holds the secrets to his past and has a plan for his future. With his life in the balance, Art becomes entangled in a battle with the very people who made him a rising star.

Welcome to the future of controlled human evolution.

If you liked the Gattaca movie, you’ll like JENICKS.


by Henri Whitehead

Separate today, tomorrow, and forever.

Before Thaddeus’s sudden and mysterious arrival, Harmon Misean never questioned why the Dark Lands were forbidden. The Sun God had always provided his people a land that was both beautiful and bountiful, and the people of Sun Kingdom only ever knew peace and prosperity.

Before Thaddeus’s arrival, Harmon spent most of his nights peering out his bedroom window and wishing for some excitement in his dull existence. He wanted to slay pirates, he wanted to find treasure, he wanted kiss the redheaded girl at the end of his street, but most importantly, he didn’t want his father’s responsibility. He didn’t want to be the next high priest.

Selfishness and self-pity had consumed Harmon his entire life, but when he and his father discover Thaddeus, a mysterious boy from the Dark Lands, Harmon’s priorities begin to change as his eyes are opened to the racism and injustices that exist all around the kingdom. Through times of tragedy and triumph, Harmon and Thaddeus’s loyalty and friendship are tested as they learn what it truly means to have faith.

The novel Sol follows Thaddeus and Harmon from childhood to adulthood, illustrating that the power of family, friends and faith can overcome any obstacles in this life and the next. Effortlessly combining charm and thematic power, Sol gives readers a unique story and emotional depth that is rarely seen in the science fiction genre.

Not Expecting This: A Bavarian Woods Mystery (The Bavarian Woods Book 3)

by Susan Finlay

Pregnant, running from a bad environment, bounced around in foster care her whole life, and shunned by her father, seventeen-year-old Bailey Blackwood doesn’t expect miracles, and it appears as if she isn’t about to receive any.

Poor judgment has her accepting a ride from a husband and wife, unaware that she has placed herself in danger, about to be kidnapped. After she finally escapes, Bailey and the couple’s dog end up in an abandoned mine that suddenly transports them back in time to an 1878 gold mining town where she meets the town’s marshal, Wyatt Hawkins. Wyatt feels for the young girl, but he has his hands full, investigating a murder.

Meanwhile, teenager Ryan Hollander, a modern American who was swept up in a similar fashion and has been living with his family in 18th-century Germany, tries to return home through the portal there, but somehow also ends up in the Old West mining town. Alone and terrified, he fears he’ll never see his family again.

When Bailey and Ryan meet, they realize the time portal isn’t reliable and any hope of getting back to their time vanishes. Both must face the real possibility of being stuck in the past.

Not Expecting This is a story about family, guilt, regrets, and redemption.

The Monster: A Dark Dystopian Thriller (Unbound Trilogy Book 2)

by J.D. Palmer

They survived the chains. The desert. They found ways to triumph over those who would use them for their own ends.

Harlan and Beryl are free.

They continue north, a frantic race back to Montana to discover the fate of Harlan’s loved ones. But the road is not empty, and every stranger they encounter is a test.
Will they have to fight or flee? Be predator or prey?
Harlan is forced to question what surviving at any cost will do to him. Is it worth getting home to Jessica, and his child, if he is something unrecognizable?
Beryl slowly slips free of the bindings that lock her inside of herself. But as she finds her voice, she is forced to reconcile her feelings for Harlan and what the end of their journey might mean to her.
The winds are changing, winter is beginning to make itself known. Their journey will push them to new extremes, and they will not only have to protect each other from the horrors that stalk their path, but from the darkness rising within.

Introducing The Monster, the stunning second installment of the Unbound Trilogy.

Daisy Wong: The Hell of the Missing Days (Daisy Wong, Space Marshal)

by Jamie McNabb


He fouled up their drug deal, and now the Martian mob seeks it diabolical revenge.

When an inept drug smuggler goes missing, Daisy Wong’s superiors assign her to the case. The trail begins on Praxis, a Bavarian-themed LaGrange colony. An idyllic resort, the playground of the solar system, Praxis offers a realm of beauty and relaxation to its guests and residents alike. It also offers illicit amusement and the very best in chemical recreation.

As Daisy digs beneath the colony’s flower-strewn Alpine surface, as she penetrates behind the smiling faces, she plunges into a lethal warren of blind alleys and dead-end tunnels. The deeper she goes, the closer she comes to finding out what happened to the smuggler and why, the more certain she becomes that she has entered The Hell of the Missing Days.

A posh resort, a ruined drug deal, a missing smuggler, and a vengeful criminal conspiracy add up to spell hellish trouble for Daisy Wong, Space Marshal.
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Daisy Wong: The Precious Cargo (Daisy Wong, Space Marshal)

by Jamie McNabb

(SHORT STORY, SCIENCE FICTION) The ship was an elegant interplanetary luxury liner, but death has book a first-class suite.

When headquarters first sent Daisy Wong, Space Marshal, to “impound or destroy” a shipment of lethal contraband, she had no idea that the Martian mob owned the shipment and that they are willing to stop at nothing to keep its true nature a secret. No matter what Daisy does, whether she impounds the goods, destroys them, or looks the other way, the mob will come after her.

Above all, no one told her that her uncle Connie Nine Pipes, the most powerful boss of all, a most unforgiving man, is involved.

As far as Daisy can tell, that old saying nails it right on the head: The vacuum of interplanetary space harbors a multitude of surprises.
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Tales From The Underground: Twelve tales of hidden legends

by Ricardo Victoria

Under our feet lie countless realms of possibility. Join twelve writers as they explore those realms – discovering lands of fantasy, lands from our far future, lands of mystery.

There are places full of wonders, full of terrors, full of visions of what could be.

Join us, down here, in the dark.

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