Free war Kindle books for 29 Sep 18

Z: Final Countdown (The Green Berets Book 6)

by Bob Mayer

How do you solve the problem of scarce resources and over-population with one devastating act?

Publishers Weekly: “The action is crisp with a great job of establishing a sense of realityâ??and real dangerâ??by mixing current fears about killer diseases with a clear-eyed view of the Army.”

Assigned to escort SNN’s ace reporter Conner Young, who’s accompanying a US Army Special Forces A-team as part of the UN’s peacekeeping mission in Angola, former Green Beret Dave Riley finds himself undertaking his most dangerous and thrilling mission yet.

In the war-torn jungles of Africa, the team becomes infected with a terrible disease known as â??Z’, which kills within days and is now on the verge of an uncontrollable outbreak.

The shocking truth about the virus points to a mysterious diamond cartel based on the Namibian coast. In a desperate race against time, Riley and the assault team must secure the only antidote before it is destroyed.


by Jorge Villalta

Tras una anormal tormenta dejada por un dragón y luego de descubrir la verdad detrás del pasado de su familia, Glenne del Sol tendrá que hacer un largo viaje en el que conocerá increíbles personajes y se enfrentará a varios de los peligros que moran en el inconmensurable mundo de Mithra; un continente de hombres y silvanos.

SORRISO FATAL: Conto (Portuguese Edition)

by Antonio Stegues Batista

Durante Segunda Guerra Mundial, alguns soldados perderam a noção da realidade, do que era certo e do que era errado, alguns se tornaram selvagens, verdadeiras bestas humanas. Um desses soldados, um alemão chamado Helmut, costumava abusar das mulheres. Um dia ele chega a uma cidade russa arrasada pela artilharia alemã e encontra Irina, uma bela jovem de sorriso sedutor. De imediato ele a escolhe como sua próxima vítima. Mas Irina guarda uma surpresa para ele.



What is loyalty?

Nuke Them Till Eternity: An Autobiographical Novel

by Giora Ram

“Personal and international events are interlaced in an
exciting and breathtaking journey throughout the
unusual life of the author.”

The novel is constructed from three threads:
A chronological factual personal resume,
actual historical events, some well known and documented,
others never published, and international analytical insights,
partly supported by original declassified
CIA and MI6 secret documents.

There were very few special agents who served in the
‘unit,’ a small top secret cell of the Mossad.
They were responsible for the killing of individuals
who posed a severe and substantiated threat
to the existence of the state of Israel.

Israel’s President, Shimon Peres: “Your book intertwines with a
great deal the story of your turbulent life alongside analyses of
historical events, some of which are still unknown and secret.”

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi): “Your book,
which tells the story of your life in combination with
historical events, teaches about an exciting and
unusual life story and true love for the State of Israel.”

“It is not known if he was directly involved in the killing.
His services for over two decades remain secret.

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