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Getting the Most from Giving: How to Maximize Donations to Your Nonprofit

by Annabel Maw

We don’t want to say donations mean everything to a nonprofitâ??but they sure mean a lot, especially when your organization relies on these funds to ensure that you’re fulfilling your mission, programs are running smoothly, and Board members are happy.

The thing is, it’s not always so easy to get donations, even if you’re a well-known organization. We know first-hand not only because we’ve worked in critical roles at a variety of nonprofits, but because we’ve interviewed dozens of nonprofit administrators who are customers of our company JotForm.

Annabel worked in the development department of a large San Francisco nonprofit, while Chad worked as a program manager for nonprofits in Oakland and Cincinnati. Sometimes we were successful in our fundraising campaigns and sometimes we weren’t. But we took strides to constantly learn and optimize our strategies. Because of this, in the end we always met, and sometimes even exceeded our donation goals.

This donation guide pulls from that experience, but more importantly, it dives into researched best practices for maximizing donations at any nonprofit. We’ll go over topics on how to make donating easy for all types of donorsâ??so much so that they’ll want to donate over and over again. We’ll talk about the importance of branding, benefits of cultivating engagementâ??on and offline, what makes a donation and volunteer form effective, giving back to your donors, and more.

Our hope is that this guide helps you to not only maximize donations, but also exceed your donation goals to the nth degree.

We’re grateful for your hard work and all you do to better our world.

All the best,
Annabel and Chad

Table of Contents:

How to Include a Donate Button on Your Website
Using Events to Drive Donations
Moving Your Nonprofit’s Website onto a Mobile Platform
Essential Software to Increase Donations for Your Nonprofit
The Anatomy of an Effective Donation Form
Giving Back to Your Donors with Thank-You Gifts
The Importance of Transparency
Why Nonprofit Branding Matters to Donors
Turning a One-Time Donor into a Recurring Donor
Social Media for Nonprofits
Revenue Streams for Nonprofits
Keeping Donors Engaged
About the Authors

Katelyn Skye’s Four Series Collection: Tangled In Love, Bound To You, Untamed Heart, Unbroken

by Katelyn Skye

Four of Katelyn Skye’s bestselling series available for the first time in one Complete Collection: Tangled In Love, Bound To You, Untamed Heart, Unbroken.

Tangled In Love:
Anneka is totally focused on her careerâ??through a powerful combination of talent and hard work, she has worked her way up from the bottom to the top of her job as a professional makeup artist. But when she turns up to one particularly prestigious shoot, and meets the photographerâ??sexy and confident Jackâ??Anneka’s life is about to be turned on its head. Jack seems distant and uninterested in her at the shoot, but afterwards, in the comfort of his fashionable house and over a glass of red wine, his true passion shows through. Jack wants to help Anneka explore a new, sexy side of her personality. He sweeps her off her feet in a whirlwind of eroticism. But can they balance business and pleasure, when they have to work together for the next three months? Jack is a man that does not take no for an answer, and once he is determined to have Anneka, no is not quite the answer she wants to give.

Bound To You:
Joan takes her work seriously. Between her job as a ballet instructor at NYU and her own auditions, her life is consumed by uncanny determination. No less, she loves nothing more than taking a break from the monotony and heading out for a night of dancing and drinks with friends. Everything has its own order. That is, until a mysteriously sexy man embraces her on the dance floor of her favorite club.
His name is Vince. He’s as much an astounding dancer as he is a flawless male specimen; the ridges of his toned, cut muscles always evident through his clothing. More than that, his confidence is unrivaled. Following their tryst on the dance floor, which drives the fellow club-goers wild, she finds herself helpless to the attraction she feels – going home with him is the only option. Joan believes herself to be every bit in control of her emotions, but she’s putty around Vince. His touch makes her melt, his virility in the bedroom dwarfing her ability to control herself. But will this casual fling prove to be more than she bargained for? Will Vince’s dominant nature keep her enraptured beyond her limits? And will this man she knows so little about proved to be not so different from her?

Untamed Heart:
It seemed as if Jessica’s world was ending when Roger left her – coming out of a bad break-up, long hours of work and study in the university library seem to be the only things that can take her mind off the heartbreak. That is, until she meets Seth, the sexy and mysterious new librarian, whose position at the University inexplicably contradicts his intense and brooding nature. What begins as harmless flirting soon evolves into passionate eroticism that consumes them both as Jessica is introduced to a world of sinful pleasures. Although tempted by the unknown and strongly drawn to him, Jessica begins to doubt whether she can handle Seth’s sexual appetite and is afraid of what she might become. Will she allow Seth to bring her back to life? And will she discover a secret part of herself, a passion waiting to become alive?

All Claire Taylor was looking for was an affordable apartment close to the café where she works as a waitress. So when a tiny studio apartment at the back of a Charleston mansion is up for rent, Claire jumps at the opportunity and moves in. Her new home is quaint and perfect for her right now, but it is always overshadowed by the looming presence of the mansion not far away. But what she isn’t expecting is to be struck by an overpowering attraction to her landlord – reclusive Charleston aristocrat Turner Smith, who is as mysterious as he is sexy. As he shows her around the grounds and becomes more familiar with her day by day, Claire finds herself drawn in by Turner’s dark charm and good looks. Soon this good girl from

This series is a contemporary romance featuring searing and graphic depictions of romantic activity.

The Venture Capitalist (The Jungle Fever Series Book 1)

by LaVie EnRose

Tristan’s Point of View of Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever.

Tristan White, the CEO of a multibillion-dollar venture capital firm, has every material thing he could ask for. The loss of his mother and a tragedy involving a dear friend has left him unable to form lasting intimate relationships. Even the alternative lifestyle he adopted shortly before entering college to help him cope with the trauma has become less than fulfilling for him in the last year. When the alluring Keisha Beale breezes into his life seeking startup capital for her record store and studio, his first inclination is to turn her down. But something about the captivating beauty stirs his dormant libido. Mixing business with pleasure ended in tragedy for him once, so he knows he has to tread carefully. Tristan always builds an exit strategy into every entanglement, but it’s Keisha who severs their arrangement by uttering her safe word.

Wild Awakenings – Complete Collection

by Natalie Wild

‘Wild Awakenings’ is the Complete Collection of the series, written in the delicious and sensual style of Natalie Wild.

Amy’s fiancé left her literally standing at the altar when he decided he wanted her best friend and maid of honor instead. Broken hearted and humiliated, Amy isn’t sure what she’s going to do. Her fiancé had also been her boss and he’s also fired her. She has no job and no home to return to as she’d moved in with her fiancé before the wedding.
Grant knows his brother is a fool to have let Amy go, but Grant’s secretly glad. Amy deserves better than a man who can’t keep his pants zipped. She’s not the first secretary to fall victim to his brother’s charms. Unfortunately, it’s left to Grant to break the news to Amy. She is so distraught that she turns to him for comfort. He offers to help her get over his brother by indulging in no strings, no emotion sex, to prove to Amy that his brother is not worth her tears.

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

Fall in Love (Serenity’s Seasonal Box Sets Book 3)

by Serenity Woods

Warm yourself up from the inside out this fall with a collection of sexy autumnal contemporary romances from Serenity Woods, the author of the bestselling Three Wise Men Box Set (USA Today bestseller list November 2016.)

All the books in these box sets are standalones and can be enjoyed without having read the rest of the series.

Fall in Love (Serenity’s Seasonal Box Sets: 3)

Kiss & Make Up (Serenity’s Standalones Book 1)
Stunt man Eli Black has one rule: he doesn’t date anyone he works with. Then makeup artist Tabby Rogers turns up on setâ?¦

Tempting Autumn (The Four Seasons Book 2)
Needing to escape her troubled life for a while, lingerie designer Rowan agrees to go on a trip into the Southern Alps with her best friend, nature photographer Hitch. But she gets more than she bargained for when she discovers they have to share not just a cabin, but a bedâ?¦

Trick or Treat (Treats to Tempt You Book 4)
Chef Fox Wilde mistakenly pretends he’s engaged when he interviews for a job at a top hotel in Auckland. Now all he has to do is convince his best friend, feisty barista Caitlin Baker, to agree to be his fiancée for Halloweenâ?¦

Chloe Parks’ Four Series Collection: Ecstasy, Claimed, Kiss Me, Slammed

by Chloe Parks

Here, for the first time, are four of Chloe Park’s best selling series, now available in one Complete Collection!

The moment Natalie stepped onto the charity auction stage Kalen knew he had to have her. The bashful young beauty responds to him with unconscious yet perfect obedience, which fiercely arouses his commanding nature and the dark desires he hides beneath. What follows is the most dangerous yet exciting night of Natalie’s life. A robbery at the hotel only adds fuel to Kalem’s desires when they find themselves tied up together and after a night of blazing passion beyond anything he’s ever experienced, can Kalen convince his shy lover to continue exploring this new world of pleasure thrills?

Lori has returned home feeling dejected from a failed relationship and business. When she discovers that her hunky professional football-playing beau has been scoring touchdowns beyond the field, she is devastated.
With the demise of her relationship, her business also folds and Lori has no choice but to admit defeat and head back home. Once there, she starts working as a teaching assistant for Professor Nathan Hayes, her former mentor and English teacher. Since his divorce is now final, Nathan is looking for a fresh start with a woman who knows how to submit to his control and fulfill his need to please and be pleased in return. Lori always had a crush on the tall, dark, intriguing man, but he’d never shown an interest in her beyond her role as his student. Until now that is. But after her painful breakup, can Lori handle the demands of her intense, authoritative boss? And will she be able to please his deepest desires?

Kiss Me:
Amy’s world is in chaos.
Not only is the artist turned interior designer struggling to deal with her life as a newly divorced single woman but things get worse when Amy’s house is robbed and her precious artwork is stolen.
It seems everything is spiraling out of control with no sign of stopping, until she meets Christian Daniels. Christian is an artist who is supposed to be the next big thing on the scene, and when Amy first meets him at a gallery opening, the potent chemistry between them is undeniable. The way he looks at her with his icy blue gaze leaves her skin feeling flushed as if he’s undressing with his eyes. But just as Amy’s life appears to be getting back on track, what will happen when she discovers that it may have been Christian Daniels who stole her artwork? Will she be able to reconcile her deepest desires with the betrayal?

From her job to her love life, everything is going wrong in Samantha’s life. It doesn’t help that her new and distractingly annoying neighbor David has some unusual and mysterious habits that keep her up all night long, but things aren’t exactly as they seem. After a power outage in the middle of the hot Arizona summer forces Samantha to return to David’s doorstep, things quickly spiral out of Samantha’s hands and into his. But will Samantha allow herself to forsake control long enough to find the satisfaction she’s after? Will David’s coolly dominant demeanor ease Samantha’s reluctance to reveal herself? And what will happen when they find themselves stripped-down and face-to-face in the pool?

Only mature readers should download this book.


by Norma Bangers

Nothing but the hot stuff here… BIG, HUGE LOVERS GIVING IT GOOD!

Survive! The Next Hurricane & Emergency Survival Hacks: Two Prepperâ??s Guides

by Lorayne Miller

This book is a two for one special. The first book is about how to survive a hurricane. The second is called Emergency Survival Hacks. These are two of my best selling survival guides. Hurricane season is now here and so let us prepare!

Love From a Thug

by Indya .

What do you do when the love you though you wanted breaks you.

A Christian Survival Manual: How to Prepare for When All Hell Breaks Loose

by Stephen Kurtzahn

Are you prepared to feed, shelter and protect yourself, your family and your loved ones if there is a major terrorist attack and there is no electricity for weeks or months?

Are you prepared if a major hurricane like Katrina strikes and you’re unable to evacuate?

Are you prepared to leave your home in a moment’s notice if a nearby nuclear power plant springs a leak and radioactive gas is released and headed your way?

Are you prepared if hungry looters rush down your street, searching for food to eat, things to steal and people to kill?

Are you prepared if basic government services stop functioning, and there’s no police or fire protection and no ambulance service?

We don’t know what’s in store for us, but it’s important to be prepared. This little book is intended to give you some common sense advice and direction when it comes to disaster preparation.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, the author also wants to share with his readers what God’s Word, the Bible, has to say about preparing for unknown problems or disasters.

Check out the author’s website at

Bone Broth Benefits & Easy Bone Broth Recipes: How to Make Bone Broth for Anti-Aging, Beauty, Healing, and Sexy Body-Slimming

by K. Suzanne

Bone broth will change your life because it helps you feel beautiful, strong, and sexy! It’s anti-aging and helps fight inflammation. And, it’s beyond delicious!

Imagine drinking something you love that could help you: 

  • lose fat
  • fight inflammation
  • soothe digestion 
  • improve your joints
  • slow aging
  • smooth your skin
  • give your health a huge boost

That’s bone broth! 

This book tells you how and why to easily make and drink bone broth, so you can get started fast. 

Bone broth is all the rage because it’s satisfying, soul-comforting food that works to heal your ails. It’s a body-slimming, joint-healing, gut-health boosting, skin-tightening elixir that will change your life.

It is one of the keys to looking and feeling young.

Best of all, it’s crazy delicious. Bone broth will elevate your cooking from an average ol’ home-cook to chef-like quality. It adds the most amazing rich flavors to your soups, stews, gravies, grains, and more. 

You’ll want to drink bone broth every day because it tastes so good and makes you feel so good! 

It’s no secret that around the world, bone broth is one of the world’s most powerful healing foods. Various cultures have used it for centuries as a medical treatment because it works! From ancient times to now, bone broth is life-changing when consumed regularly. 

You can get started experiencing these benefits today!

Get Bone Broth Benefits & Easy Bone Broth Recipes NOW!

Taming The Shrewd: Another Hollywood Love Story (Elaine & Zach) (LOVE in the USA, The Hesters Book 3)

by Z.L. Arkadie

One look was all it took! LOVE in the USA, a fated lovers romance series written by Z.L. Arkadie

Elaine has a take no prisoners attitude when it comes to business and life. No man could “tame” her until she met Zach Lord. Zach is all business and no time for relationships. Do you believe in love at first sight? Neither did Elaine or Zach until they met, suddenly both their plans went right out the window.

Could be read as a standalone

LOVE in the USA, The Hesters
Once Friends, A Hollywood Love Story (Sonja & Jay, #1)
Now Lovers, A Hollywood Love Story (Sonja & Hay, #2)
Taming The Shrewd, Another Hollywood Love Story (Sonja & Jay, #3)
Waiting On You, A Brooklyn Love Story (Robin & Dexter), Coming November 13, 2018
Winner Takes Love: A Seattle Love Story (Theresa & Greg) releases February 2019

Where the Weird Kids Go and Other Tales

by Peter J. Gilbertson

Zombies, genies, witches, and things that go bump in the night. Enjoy another collection of short stories from Peter J. Gilbertson. In “Even Genies Dream of Wold Conquest” meet a djinni whose master refuses to make a wish. “Where the Weird Kids Go” follows a girl who dreams that an old carousel is really a corral for enchanted creatures and riders. On a dare, four kids go exploring river flats at night and find a condemned cave where they meet “The Maiden Made of Thorns.”

Bedside Manner (Hearts and Health Book 2)

by DJ Jamison

Dr. Paul Johnston can’t get a set of dark, somber eyes out of his head, and the timing couldn’t be worse.
The last thing he needs is to fall for a patient. Not now, when he’s been put on paid leave pending review of a formal complaint. One that accuses him of sexual impropriety of some kind. It’s possible he let his newfound freedom as a divorced, out-of-the-closet gay man go to his head, but he’s certain — mostly — he didn’t do anything wrong. Now, he’s struggling to handle the reality that his job is in danger and the only guy he wants should be off-limits.

Zane Kavanaugh is floundering, and there’s only one man who soothes the storm inside him.
Reeling from an assault that landed him in the hospital and the painful estrangement from his family since coming out, Zane is trying to get his feet under him and find his independence. He moves in with a roommate and searches for a job, all while recovering from a fractured arm and cracked ribs. None of that hurts as much as the emotional damage he’s suffered. When he connects with Dr. Paul Johnston outside of the ER, he’s drawn to the man’s calm, collected manner. It doesn’t hurt that Paul’s lack of experience with men is sexy as hell, and so are his over-the-top responses when Zane gets his lips on him.

There’s no right time to fall in love.
Paul is afraid to start a relationship, and Zane can only handle so much more rejection. Will these two find their perfect moment, or will they realize you can’t choose when and how you fall in love? If Paul can’t take a risk, he may have to choose: the career he loves or the first man to capture his heart.

Fall Favorites Cookbook

by Linda Paiero

A collection of fall recipes. Includes recipes for: Clam chowder, peanut butter squares, pumpkin spice mug cakes… and more!

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