Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 30 Sep 18

How to Draw Manga

by Alexandros Itsios

With How to Draw Manga: Free eBook you’ll be able to learn how to:
-Draw manga Faces
-Draw Manga Eyes
-Draw Manga Hair
-Draw Manga Bodies
-Draw Manga Hands
-Draw Manga Feet
-Draw manga Male Bodies
-Draw Manga Female Bodies
-Draw Manga Characters in Scenes
-Draw Manga Clothes

Additionally, the book contains several other categories, such as:
-Drawing Guidelines
-Character Creation
-No Idea What to Draw? Inspiration Methods.

Along with the eBook, you’ll also obtain access to the Ultimate Character Sheet tool, which will enable you to describe your ideal characters within minutes. The tool is self explanatory and free to use/modify according to your needs.

Crystal Ball Photography: How to take breathtaking photos with a crystal ball

by Stefan Lenz

You see fascinating pictures of crystal balls on the internet and on social media again and again? You wonder if you would be able to shoot such spectacular photos yourself? Don’t worry, it’s surprisingly easy to get beautiful glass ball photos if you know what to be aware of!

The travel photographer, Stefan Lenz, explains in this book everything you need to know about crystal ball photography in order to enable you to take great pictures yourself!

Among other things you will find the answers to the following questions:

– What do I need to consider when buying a crystal ball?
– Which camera do I need and which settings do I have to use?
– Which subjects and scenes are best suited?
– How do I maintain, clean, store and transport a crystal ball?
– How important is post-processing and which programs should I use?

You will also learn the basic optical characteristics of crystal balls. Furthermore you will get inspiration and creative ideas as well as some tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes right from the start.

This compact guide will make it incredibly easy for you to get started in the world of crystal ball photography, so that you will soon be able to proudly present your own impressive crystal ball shots!

Kendall Jenner: Controversial Billionaire: How Kendall Jenner Made Her Money

by Jayna Marbles

Men want her, women want to be her, dogs want to be walked by her. She’s Kendall Jenner, member of the (in)famous Kardashian clan, Instagram superstar and, at the tender age of 22, currently among the highest paid models in the entire world.

Let’s not mince words here… Kendall isn’t even old enough to rent a car in most states but she is rolling in dough. For that kind of money you don’t ever even need to learn to drive anyway. And you, dear reader? You’re probably here to find out two things:
1. How did she make all that scratch?
2. Can I do it too?

Well, not to be Debbie Downer, but we can answer one of those questions right here. We don’t want to shatter any dreams, but the answer to number two is a hard no. That is, not unless you’re a waist-trainer-wearing series regular on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, or daddy’s got a reaallly big trust fund with your name on it- or perhaps it’s more relevant to say a reaallly big Instagram following.

Don’t despair- as mere mortals we can’t hope to BE Kendall Jenner, but we certainly can peek in the windows of her controversial empire and learn how she made those fat stacks. And that’s almost as fun, right? Right?

GroundScapes: Volume 2: A Photographic Tribute to Flowers, Plants & Fungi

by August Farrow

This original photographic collection of some of August Farrow’s favorite plants, flowers & fungi features gorgeous, full color photographs of some of the most aesthetic flower, plant & fungi varieties in the world.


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Wild Thoughts Photos: Frankfurt in Winter

by C. A. Broadribb

Photos from Frankfurt, Germany, in winter close to Christmas.

Childhood Best Friends Romance : A Romantic Dancing Romance (Best friends to lover Series Book 2)

by Adele Summers


Fiona and Nolan’s destinies have always been one and the same

Fiona and Nolan had been together for a couple of years now, and had only competed a handful of times, but their dance coach,

Daryl had assured them and both sets of parents that they were ready for more.

“They are such a natural fit,” he said shaking his head. “I’ve never seen a more natural connection; just made for each other!”

â?¦Despite occasionally wandering off from the path, they always come back to each other as they continue the journey they began together

Very Easy Car To Draw For Little Kids: How to Draw Cars Easy STEP-BY-STEP Police vehicles, Buses, Ambulance, Sports car, Family car, Fire truck …

by Janie Pham

How to draw Popular vehicles

Drawing is one of the skills that help children practice hands and think effectively, which will help other skills of the baby later. So, every day, take some time to teach children how to draw Popular vehicles cars like Police vehicles, Buses, Ambulance, Sports car, Family car, Firetruck … extremely simple below!

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Falling For Him: Bad Boy Second Chance Romance (Rich And Pretty Series Book 3)

by Rose Miller

Caden was a rich kid, a spoiled rich brat…

Lissa was a nice girl…

Caden met Lissa one when she was afraid of him, and he forgot her.
He met her once again when she didn’t care, and this time he couldn’t keep her out of his mind.
Love is a strange thing. It happens at the most unexpected time, with the most unexpected person.

What happens when the spoiled brat falls for the nice girl?

Note: Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16. The story contains non-explicit suggestive adult themes, references to some violence, or coarse language.

Questo lo riporto io!: Una storia di lotta e di amicizia fra due femmine di Labrador. (Italian Edition)

by Alberto Pian

Una meravigliosa storia di lotta e di amicizia fra due femmine di Labrador, raccontata attraverso fantastiche fotografie. Il racconto è anche uno strumento di apprendimento sui Labrador da leggere da soli o con i vostri figli. Scritto e illustrato da un professionista dello storytelling.

soukachonitsuiteanatagashirieruikutsukanokotogara (Japanese Edition)

by Ashida Miyuki

ã??ã?ã?ã?ã??ã?なくなã??ã?ã?子ã?ã?くã?ã??ã?ã??ã?ã??ã??ç§?å¯?のé?びã?ひっそã??åº?ã?ã??ã??ã??ã?てã?ã?ã?ã?ちのã?ちのä¸?人ã?ã?なくなã??ã??へã?きã??ã?ã?ã?ã?ちはå¢?ã?ã?ã?ã??ã??ã?ã?ã?ã?ちは母で妻でå§?で妹でå¨?ã??ã?ã?ã?ã?ちは羽ばã?くã??ã?ã??は誰ã??誰ã?ã?ã?なくなってã?ã?ã?はæ®?ã?ã??ã??ã??å?è?±ç?ºã§ã??ã?ã?ã?はä¸?人になã??ã??そã?へã??ã?なã?ã?ã??って来ã??ã??ã?ã??はそã?ã?ã?ç?©èª?ã??ã?ï¼?ã??å?è?±ç?ºã«ã¤ã?てã?なã?ã?ç?¥ã??å¾?ã??ã?くつã?のã?とã?ã?? vol.6ã??ã??ï¼?



ç?¬ç?¹ãªæ??触ã??と空æ°?æ??ã??æ?ã¤è?¦ç?°ã¿ã??きのå??ç??とã?ä¸ç©ãªã??ã?¹ã??ã?ªã?¼ã®ã??ã?にå±?é??ã?ã??川口æ?´ç¾?のé?·ç·¨è©©ã??å?¥ã??のé­?å??ã??æ?ã¤ãµã?つのä¸?ç??ã?ã?å°å®®å±±è£?のã??ã?¶ã?¤ã?³ã«ã??ってé?»å­ã®ã??ã?¼ã?¸ä¸?で統å?ã?ã??ã?ときã?ã??ã?なã?ã??ã??èª?ã?è¾¼ã??è¬?の空é??ã?そã?にã?ã??ã?ã??ã??ã??æ? å?ã®ã?¤ã?¡ã?¼ã?¸ã¨è¨?è??ã?ã??ç??まã??ã??ã?¤ã?¡ã?¼ã?¸ã?ã?ã¶ã¤ã?ã??ã?ã?ã?ã?ºã?¬ã?é?ãªã??ã?è?å?ã?なã?ã??ç´¡ã?ã??てã?くå¥?å¦?なç?©èª?ã??どã?にã??なã?ç?ºâ??â??ã?ã?ã?どã?ã?にã?ã??ã?ã??ã?ã??なã?ç?ºã??ã?ã?っとã??とã?まã??ã?ã??ã?にã?ç´?のæ?¬ã??ç¹°ã??のとはç?°ãªã??æ??è¦?ä½?é¨?ã??ã?ã©ã?ã?ã??

Jason Youn’s 99c Photography Guide

by Jason Youn

This is a must read for beginners to intermediate.

Award winning photographer Jason Youn explains everything you need to know about photography in a way that anyone can understand. The information is concise and the illustrations are simple, direct and perfectly formatted for your Kindle, iPad or other eReader.This book merges the science and the art of photography.

Learn all about:
-f/Stops and Aperture
-Shutter Speed and ISO
-White Balance and Color Temperature


Also learn about:
-The rule of thirds
-Color & Brightness
-Frame Within A Frame
-Leading Lines
-Leading Looks

Even Learn
-Mixed Light
-Natural & Artificial Light
-Fill flash

Jason Youn’s book is written for everyone so that anyone can understand both the Science and the Art of photography.

АÑ?Ñ?ив соÑ?инений â?? 2015 (Russian Edition)

by ТÑ?Ñ?нин Ð?онсÑ?анÑ?ин

СÑ?ановление Ñ?аланÑ?а досÑ?игаеÑ? опÑ?еделÑ?нного Ñ?Ñ?овня, неизбежно в последÑ?Ñ?Ñ?ем пÑ?инимая далеко не Ñ?е Ñ?еÑ?Ñ?Ñ?, коÑ?оÑ?Ñ?е желаеÑ?ся видеÑ?Ñ?. Ð? плане понимания способносÑ?и кÑ?иÑ?иÑ?ески мÑ?слиÑ?Ñ? 2015 год сÑ?ал особÑ?м, позволив Ñ?ассмаÑ?Ñ?иваÑ?Ñ? лиÑ?еÑ?аÑ?Ñ?Ñ?нÑ?е пÑ?оизведения в свеÑ?е иÑ? пÑ?ивязки к особенносÑ?ям бÑ?Ñ?а Ñ?еловеÑ?еского обÑ?есÑ?ва вообÑ?е. Ð?мея желание сказаÑ?Ñ?, полÑ?Ñ?ив для Ñ?ого возможносÑ?Ñ?, Ñ?ассмоÑ?Ñ?ение Ñ?Ñ?дожесÑ?венной лиÑ?еÑ?аÑ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ? пÑ?евÑ?аÑ?илосÑ? в сÑ?Ñ?емление поняÑ?Ñ? Ñ?сÑ?Ñ?ойсÑ?во жизни.

Chasing the Muse: A Life in Music and Show Business

by Gene Hull

Gene Hull’s award winning story of Big Band life, Cruise Ships, Show Productions. The sensitive true story of one man’s struggle for success in the music business. Katherine Hepburn scolded him. Duke Ellington hired him. Elvis greeted him. Benny Goodman inspired him. Leonard Bernstein thanked him. Las Vegas applauded him. Vic Damone congratulated him. Count Basie taught him. Paul Whiteman berated him. His family still loved him.

“A vividly sketched memoir that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go.” The Pittsburgh Press Tribune

“Highly recommended, inspirational, original… loaded with wry humor.” Kaye Trout Reviews.

“A career that deserves a standing ovation.” The Palm Beach Post

Ishtar Gates

by Marco Aurelio Galan Henriquez

The untold vision has frozen in dark bleeding lines The ancient ghosts of Babylon emerge through the abyssal voice of a dying mind A mask of dust has broken

Tips for shooting nature photo with camera

by Basil Varghese

Great photographers said that “if you want to be a good photographer you have to stand in front of good stuffs”.This book takes you to the world of photo studio where you learn new stills.

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