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War Eternal: Book I: Angels’ Whispers

by J.F. Cain

Alex Meyers, a dynamic, global entrepreneur, has an advantage that no other human has ever had: he is protected by Aranes, the Superior of the Angels. While he is skiing, he dies in an avalanche, but his all-powerful protector breaks one of the ethereal world’s most important Rules and brings him back to life. Alex falls head over heels in love with the beautiful Angel, who appears to him in human form. But she disappears just as suddenly as she had appeared.

While he searches for Aranes, Alex discovers her true identity and that he actually might be the high-ranking Celestial Abaddon, who is mentioned in the Revelations prophecy as the one who will defeat Lucifer.

The man who fate has thrust among the world’s superpowers is now living a nightmare. He wants to evade Lucifer’s pursuit, find out who he truly is and once again see the only being he has ever loved. And the only way to do it is to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Angels’ Whispers is the beginning of an epic tale set in modern times. The eternal war between Light and Darkness is at a critical turning point: Angels and Demons, invisible to mortal beings, battle for dominance in the physical world, while Guardians, vampires and werewolves, who live among the humans, find themselves on opposing sides in a deadly power game.

Forsaken Kingdom (The Last Prince Book 1)

by J.R. Rasmussen

At his kingdom’s darkest hour, the lost heir returns. A pity he can’t remember who he is …

To save his people and the forbidden magic they’re sworn to defend, Wardin Rath surrenders his birthright and his past. For seven years he’s held at the court of his deadliest enemy, oblivious to all he’s lost. Until one day, the spell that stole his memories begins to crack.

On the heels of a harrowing escape, Wardin’s quest for answers leads him to the last magistery, where he studied magic as a boy. But he’ll find no safe haven thereĆ¢??or anywhere. Plagued by threats and suspicion, hunted relentlessly by the king who will stop at nothing to crush him, Wardin is soon battling for his life, his home, and the survival of magic itself.

And this time, the enemy will take no prisoners.

The Blue Sun Staff

by Eric K. Barnum

While an evil empire marches to slay a demonic god, a team of heroes embarks on a quest against evil itself. Join Lionel, a young paladin seeking the Blue Sun Staff. It is said this ancient relic has the power to reveal hidden malice and malignant purpose.

If Lionel can retrieve and harness the Blue Sun’s power, he can prevent an apocalypse and stymie evil. To do this, his band must win over an ancient vampire or defeat it. There are two other vampires though, and they are gods in their own right.

With faith as your mightiest weapon and hope your only defense, enter the Abyss with Lionel and face your destiny.

The Memory Thief (Soulraven Book 0)

by JA Stone

Dormant for a thousand years, The Greatsword, Soulraven, rises and compels his new wielder to carry him home to the frozen Southlands – for revenge.

A Song of Sacrifice: A Mahaelian Chronicle Tale

by Dave de Burgh

The beginning of a conflict which will change two worlds…

When Ordaefus, Song Priest of the Elvayn, discovers that his people are capable of a new, incredible ability, his brother, Mahaelal, believes that this new way is wrong – an affront to the very foundations upon which the Elvayn built their civilization.

And when war breaks out, both brothers must make a choice – do they fight to protect what they believe in, or surrender, and exchange freedom for restriction?

What choice do they have left, when all choices lead to destruction and death?


by Elena Hearty

Richard is a modern-day vampire who likes to eat in. So he always keeps a fresh victim trapped in his lair. All of his captives eventually die; Lenore plans to be the first to escape.

Her only hope lies in befriending Richard’s vampire cohort, Paul, who’s more than happy to toy with Lenore before she expires. But is Paul becoming too attached to his plaything? His human servant, Charles, thinks soĆ¢??and he’ll stop at nothing to eliminate the competition.

If Charles’s schemes don’t end Lenore, then Richard’s hunger surely will. To make it out alive, someone will have to die in her place. Lenore now has something terrible in common with her captor: She must kill in order to survive.


by Corey Brown

In the distant past, an Aboriginal dies — and makes a choice. It is 1968 and a young woman from New Orleans falls in love with a stranger. Up in Chalmette, Louisiana, a ruthless band of policemen commit an atrocity. Like gathering thunderheads these events will chain together and descend upon Detective Cody Briggs in an unrelenting storm.
For Briggs, the Crescent City no longer feels like home. It has become a place where nothing makes sense, where people are not who they seem to be, where losing his life is the least of his troubles. Losing his mind is the real problem.

Facing allegations of murder, official misconduct and witness tampering, Cody has to make a choice: Run, or stay and fight? But where can you hide when the devil makes house calls?

The Midwest Witch: The Revelations of Oriceran (Midwest Magic Chronicles Book 1)

by Flint Maxwell

Welcome to the Midwest, America’s Heartland, home to a hidden community of witches and wizards.

When Maria Apple receives a strange music box for her nineteenth birthday, everything changes.

She begins to showcase odd magical abilities, glowing blue, seeing ghosts, and talking to creatures that shouldn’t be able to talk, all while trying to juggle the task of being a typical teenaged girl.

Now, not only does Maria learn she is a witch, but her grandfather Ignatius reveals he was once a famous warrior from a planet named Oriceran.

Throw in a world in between the two worlds, a ghost bringing Maria an ominous warning, a race of giant spiders determined to claim the music box for their own, and Maria Apple realizes she’ll never be a typical teenaged girl again.

After all, it’s just another day in the Midwest, where magic is real and the stakes never stop rising.

Welcome to The Revelations of Oriceran.

A magical world tied to Earth, and nothing like it.

Destiny’s Warriors The Last Sacrifice

by R. M. Putnam

Will evil magic, revenge and murder result in The Last Sacrifice or will the dreaded Lord of Blood fulfill the prophecy?

Great, deep love and bliss grow here with The Last Sacrifice, as do the hatred and venom of souls lost and betrayed. The way they entangle and intertwine throughout the novel is fascinating, and karmic lessons abound. Murderous plots, deceit and betrayal guide the path to war against evil magic and mystical creatures.

After a series of mayhem, war and rebellion, the Baalites of Altair attack led by the Lord of Blood! A flesh-eating society of vampires who rape, tortures and commit atrocities with no sense of humanity.

This epic fantasy tale of retribution, battles of will and affairs of the heart are to be devoured and at the same time savored as you travel from realm to realm within its pages.

Off to See the Wizard

by Clay Johnson

Meet the Wizard Galbraith: he has always managed to hide his lack of real magical ability with a little cleverness and a lot of bravado, but now the apocalypse has come to the 16 realms, and hiding isn’t an option. When an angry mob of villagers shows up on his doorstep wondering why he didn’t do more to stop it, Galbraith invents a quest. He tells them he needs to assemble a team of heroes and march them into the center of the Misery Reach in order to stop the evil. Hopefully, a few weeks walking will give him time to find a real solution.

Meet Kravassius, the Demon Lord: he’s big, he’s bad, and he’s looking for love. He started the apocalypse, sure, but only to impress the Sorceress Nestra. Now, just when things are looking up, his schemes have put Nestra’s sister in danger. The Demon Lord’s attempts to fix the situation have turned a small scale danger into a full scale apocalypse, and incurred Nestra’s wrath. Krevassius needs to find a way to undo his mistakes and save the world.

Meet Harvey, the World’s Greatest Swordsman: he’s just escaped from prison, and all he wants is a weekend without a battle, to eat his dinner in peace, and sleep in a bed. Unfortunately, he’s wandered into the middle of a battle between screw-ups, as a wizard and a demon lord race to see who can make a bad situation worse.

The 16 Realms will need all the luck it can get.

Senze (The Crimson Rage Trilogy Book 1)

by MGK –

A treacherous foe or willing friend,
Should I fight you or let you go?
Tread back in you or let you flow?
Maker, moulder, teaser, tester,
Master of all that I know,
I pray to thee,
Don’t forsake thy own!

Years have flown by since the magicals have been considered the bane of the Kingdom of Corag. Music, books and laughter have been outlawed for fear of waking the magicals who are rumored to herald the mystical and calamitous curse of the Crimson Rage. Caught in the midst of this and the political and religious intrigue brewing in the land of Corag are Senze, Sim and Scaelish, fighting against the unseen foes and binding them all is Nain; the girl with the power to weild archnite. Driving them are two entities which are terrible in their own form, with their own ends to achieve. We follow them as they pass through trials and tribulations of treachery, deaths, friendships lost and faith gained.

Rainbow’s End – Wizard (The Seven Crystals Book 1)

by Corrie Mitchell

A very sick and about to be abducted Thomas Ross, is rescued by an ugly and grumpy old wizard (whom he later finds out is his grandfather), and taken to a place called Rainbow’s End. After waking up, the eleven year old finds himself in a place so magical and different, he doubts his own sanity at first. But he soon discovers a whole lot of things: about Rainbow’s End, and himself. That he himself is in fact, wizard-born, and that gods and demi-gods, fairies and dwarves, and witches and their ilk really do exist. That each person has a purpose, and that time is merely a dimension.
Wizard is also the story of two dwarf-planets: Rainbow’s End and Desolation. One on the sun-side and the other on the dark side of the moon. And their rulers: The demi-god twins, Ariana and Kraylle. One – loving and caring and good; the other – cruel, vindictive and filled with hate. The first and her Traveller-Wizards try to make their own world and The Earth better places for all; the other and his Boys in Black’s only aim: to destroy everything good. Including his twin sister…
“Wizard” is the first installment in the Thomas Ross story. It’s the beginning of a boy’s journey into manhood, and his discovery of the power within himself. Power which will eventually make him the greatest Wizard ever…
“Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Cannot WAIT for Fire Starter. Best fantasy book ever.” – Jenny Hall (Goodreads)
“What a blast!” – Derik Masters (Goodreads)
“I didn’t feel like I was reading a book more like watching film.” – Timothy McNamara (Amazon UK)
“I read the book through in one sitting and when I was done I had to look for book 2” – Ron Sturm (Amazon US)
“I didn’t want this to end.” – Hula Book Worm (Amazon US)
“I am thrilled to have discovered a great new fantasy author” – Jos Elbers (Amazon UK)

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