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Wild Seduction – Complete Collection

by Natalie Wild

‘Wild Seduction’ is the Complete Collection of the series, written in the delicious and sensual style of Natalie Wild.

Since Jessica split from her ex-boyfriend Michael, life has seemed grey and uninteresting. Her best friend Katie decides that, when a year of gloom has passed, it’s time for Jessica to start seeing the positive in life again. Katie organises for Jessica to take a trip to their childhood seaside vacation spot, for a week of surf lessons, sunsets, and maybe steamy sex.

Jessica is reluctant at first, but on their first day she meets sexy surf instructor Leon. He’s energetic, positive, and ravishingly hot. Katie is convinced that Leon is attracted to Jessica, but Jess is not so sure. Her gut feeling tells her that Leon’s just a surf bum and a ladies’ man. But will timeâ??and a raunchy moonlight seaside escapadeâ??change Jessica’s initial reaction to Leon? Does this new romance herald a sea-change in her romantic outlook, or is it just another heartbreak on the horizon?

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

Wild Command – Complete Series

by Natalie Wild

Here is the complete collection of the ‘Wild Command’ Series, written in the delicious and sensual style of Natalie Wild.

Zoey Shaw’s life is fringed with danger, but she’s determined to remain independent. So when her tiny apartment is broken into, she decides to buy herself a bona fide attack dogâ??a Rottweiler called Rex.
Rex is rambunctious, wild, loveableâ?¦and completely uncontrollable. Zoey’s walks with Rex usually end up with him leading her around. It’s a disaster!
So Zoey decides her only option is to take Rex to dog school. And given how devastatingly handsome the instructor is, Zoey’s not too unhappy about the situation. Will Phelps is ex-military, ravishingly attractive, and completely in controlâ??of both Rex, and Zoey.
For Will, Zoey is his Wild Childâ??beautiful, feisty and in needing of some discipline herselfâ?¦just like her dog. When a dog training session moves into steamy lovemaking, Will takes Zoey to new heights of sensual bliss. But when morning comes, will he still be around to follow up with true emotion?

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

Love was the Alibi

by Tiff Smitty

Dawson Jones has recently graduated college and is looking to make the next big steps in life, including finding love. After being betrayed by his girlfriend and roommate, he meets Davita, a self-proclaimed thoroughbred who comes with more drama than most. Davita is more into money than finding love. She’s content with the instabilities of her life until she finds happiness and stability with Dawson. Dawson being the good guy he is, sticks around and continues to love her when she needs it most. Can she escape the drama and be happy with Dawson or will dealing with old associates cost Davita her life?

An Event to Remember. . .or Forget (Event to Remember Series Book 1)

by Melissa Baldwin

Sienna Harris is a girl with a plan. Her days of slaving away at Carrie’s Classic Events and More are numbered as she is on the brink of launching her own event planning company. Her relationship with Luke Price is headed in the right direction and they are approaching their one-year mark. The future is looking bright and she knows that life could not get any better . . . That is until her perfectly planned world is thrown upside down by the unexpected arrival of someone from Luke’s past.
She receives the shock of her life on the night of the biggest event of her career. Sienna will now have to pull it all together without a list or a plan. The question is, can she do it?

Boston Burning

by Eric Salin

Harley Jones was one of the FBI’s best. From Harvard he went into the Army Special Forces as an intelligence specialist. Then he did everything for the FBI from undercover work to running the hostage rescue team. Now he works with a small counter terrorism unit, apparently he’s been shelved. Some say he’s burned out. Others say that he’s the nuclear weapon, to be brought out only for very special occasions.

Hasan Bucheri has been a terrorist all his adult life. He’s a professional, trained by the old KGB, respected and feared all over the world. He’s tired now and wants to quit, but he needs one big well funded operation to pay for his retirement. Now he has his dream assignment, funded by an oil fueled angry ruler. Not only will he get rich, he’s going to get his final revenge on a scale the world has never seen. Hasan Bucheri isn’t just smart, he’s a genius . They’ll never know what hit them.

These two men will gather their forces and fight for the city of Boston. Neither will follow the rules and the nation will reel with the battle’s shockwaves.

Crew Love

by Antwan Floyd

Phil-Good Trenton is caring, charismatic, and passionate. Traits that get buried underneath his kill or be killed mentality in an attempt to pay rent.

Jermaine Lloyd is a casino operator at an illegal after hours joint. He lives an ideal life of a bachelor but will his gambling addiction threaten to take that all away?

Blue Ball has always cared for himself and his younger brother. But bailing his brother out of trouble one time too many may prove fatal.

Short Stack was a hustler all his life, always about the dollar but will he change his attitude for the love of a woman?

When the lives of these four men with different circumstances and agendas collide, they set the streets of Chicago on fire! In this gritty and compelling drama of crime, compassion, and consequence, will they become victims of their own desires? Or will they conquer their differences and find Crew Love?

Elegir al mentiroso (Spanish Edition)

by Clara Voghan

Paula Ventura es una viuda demasiado joven. Vio morir a su marido víctima de la corrupción del gobierno de turno, y se ha propuesto esclarecer su asesinato. Con este propósito secreto comienza a trabajar en casa de un periodista político, hombre poderoso y temido, estrechamente vinculado al gobierno. Pero Ezequiel Cárdenas no sólo es manipulador y hábil mentiroso, sino también un apuesto predador en la vasta jungla de los solteros�
En una trama plena de suspenso y engaños, Paula está dispuesta a correr cualquier riesgo con tal de hallar las verdades que busca, incluso quedar atrapada en las mentiras de su jefe o, lo que es peor, enamorarse de él…

HE GOT ME PREGNANT! – Forbidden Erotic Taboo Collection

by Selena Sitter

The MAN OF THE HOUSE is ready to serve up some taboo lessons…

Explicit encounters with brats just the way you want it!

Just look inside! Don’t be shy… 😉

Erotica Taboo Sex Stories for Adults: 107 Books: Explicit Forced Rough Short Stories Collection â?? Hotwife, Menage Romance, Bicurious, Daddy, Virgin & More…

by Ashley Wild

Advisory: This 107-Book Mega Bundle of Erotica Taboo Sex Stories contain Explicit Sexuality, and Adult Content that may be deemed by some to be offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable, so please read at your own discretion.

Enjoy this collection of sinfully delicious Erotica Tales by Ashley Wild in this Sweltering Hot Bundle! From start to finish, these pleasurable sensual tales of love and lust will soak your panties starting right now!

Grab Your Copy Now!

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For Mature Readers 18+ Only!

PRIMAL Unleashed (A PRIMAL Action Thriller Book 2) (The PRIMAL Series)

by Jack Silkstone

The mission began, in 1989 Afghanistan, when a Russian platoon battled Afghan warriors–and raced to bury forever a devastating secret worth the greatest sacrifice. It could end apocalyptically, in the present, if a sinister evil escapes its sealed tomb…into the hands of one of the same men who fought to bury it.
Intel suggests that’s exactly what’s happening: A Ukrainian veteran of the ’89 Soviet-Afghan conflict, battle-scarred and cold-blooded, is now a wealthy businessman–with a sideline selling deadly hardware to the highest bidders. He’s getting ready to make his biggest deal yet with a radical Iranian commander hell-bent on possessing the ultimate doomsday weapon. Only the battle-tested skills, state-of-the-art tech, and no-rules-but-their-own attitude of covert vigilante strike force PRIMAL can keep bloodthirsty madmen from unleashing hell on earth.
PRIMAL deals unconditional justice–with cold steel–to a world in dire need of heroes.


Jack Silkstone’s background includes a career in military intelligence and special operations, working alongside some of the world’s most elite units. His love of action-adventure stories, his military background, and his real-world experiences combined to inspire the no-holds-barred PRIMAL series.


PRIMAL is a team of elite operatives, hell bent on fighting for the downtrodden and oppressed. A renegade agency waging a secret war against the untouchables; powerful criminals, greed driven corporations, and twisted politicians. With cutting-edge technology and tactics they strike across the globe with impunity, stepping in where governments fail.

PRIMAL books are dedicated to those who have fought for a just cause.

It is recommended the PRIMAL books are read in order:
1. PRIMAL Origin
2. PRIMAL Unleashed
3. PRIMAL Vengeance
4. PRIMAL Fury
5. PRIMAL Reckoning
6. PRIMAL Nemesis
7. PRIMAL Redemption
8. PRIMAL Renegade

PRIMAL Mirza and PRIMAL Inception are stand-alone prequels.

Man of the House: 20 Stories Bundle of Taboo Encounters

by Hayley Melons

The man of the house always gets what he wants…

A collection that’s too hot to put into words…

The Legend of Little Sharpshooter

by K.D. Kinney

A Girl with Skill

Randy Carter’s pa was once a famed Texas Ranger and the list of those who want to see him dead is long. After her pa is gunned down in a cold-blooded act of revenge, the injured sixteen-year-old is fearing for her life when she decides to leave the New Mexico Territory to head west with her temperamental horse Al, her gun Pearl, and the ashes of her family as her only companions.

A Horse Thief with Heart

All Trevor wants is a decent horse. When he sees the best-looking horse he’s ever laid eyes on and tries to steal it, his plans are foiled by a very sick girl with a mean punch. When he decides to save her life instead, he is smitten.

The Gambler

When she starts her journey again with her newly besotted traveling companion, Randy runs into an old family friend that knows she’s a great shot, a skilled sharpshooter of the likes of Annie Oakley. Bronson has no problem showing off what Randy is capable of to make easy money for them all.

Randy might be a prodigy with a gun but becoming legendary as Miranda Carter was not what she was looking for. Neither was falling in love. Because no one knows Randy’s pa is gone, the outlaws are hot on their tail and dead-set on revenge. 

What must Randy sacrifice to find the peace she was looking for?

Futa Fertility Treatment (Futa Fertility Cuckold 1)

by Reed James

An African-American futa doctor cuckolds Catherine and takes her wife hard!

Catherine, a futa, is infertile. She and her wife Maria are desperate for a child. When Dr. Belinda, a sexy Black futa, proposes a solution, Catherine is too cowardly to object. Maria is eager to be bred by the sexy doctor.

Catherine has to watch as her wife surrenders to the futa’s passion. Instead of a clinical procedure, Maria is wet and eager to be bred the natural way with Dr. Belinda’s huge, throbbing futa-insturment! Catherine can only watch as her wife is taken hard by another futa.

And Dr. Belinda won’t stop until Maria is pregnant!

Futa Fertility Treatment is a 6800 word futa-on-female, voyeurism, cuckolding, hot wife, interracial, oral, breeding erotica that is not for the faint at heart!

A story of the World of Futas!

Alpha Dragon: Varos: M/M Mpreg Romance (Treasured Ink Book 5)

by Kellan Larkin

While the dragons of Treasured Ink work to take down their mysterious enemy, Varos has made friends with one quick-wittedâ??and cute as hellâ??fox. But can a friend be a fated mate?

Ronnie’s always been independent and focused on his work as a hacker. But when his work brings him closer with the sexy dragon shifter Varos, he realizes he’s getting a crush on the burly, inked man.

As the friend spend more time working together on cracking the case, their feelings get stronger. But what if they don’t feel the same way? Or worse, what if they’re not fated to be together?

Just when they realize they might be meant for each other after all, the dragons find themselves tangled in a final battle to take down their enemies once and for all. But the big boss might not be who they thought it would be.

Ronnie and Varos have to focus on the mission like never before, because everyone’s lives are in the balance. The fox’s cunning meets the dragon’s might.

But when will they get their happily ever after?

Alpha Dragon: Varos is the last in a steamy new mpreg romance series centered around alpha dragons who love ink and getting inked. Each couple gets a HEA, but the books are best enjoyed in order. Warning: this book is so hot it’ll burn your Kindle to ashes!

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