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The August Devils

by Thomas Washburn Jr

As an elderly couple prepares to retire, strange things begin to happen. Something ancient and voracious lurks hidden in the woods among the shadows. Waiting for the right moment to quench an unrelenting blood lust.
Not everything is as it appears to be in Cedar Mills, Maine.



-by best selling Author
angelina is a scientist,she loves stories ,dragons,but…
-i am brandon,i am a dragon(human)
-angelina doesn’t know my secrets,i am a dragon who can change in human body
-is it possible for a human(dragon) to love a human ? To make love � ?

Terror Island

by Rakie Keig

“The monsters everywhereâ?¦ we study them and they study usâ?¦ the living and the deadâ?¦ and the undead too.”

A research scientist is found dead, ripped apart.

His daughter Anna is searching for answers. What exactly was her father studying? Whoâ??or whatâ??killed him? Her search leads her to the remote island of Laranosk, where an uneasy peace exists between the visiting scientists and the strange inhabitants of the island; a truce between men and monsters.

Anna’s desperate search drags her into the unnatural societies on the island; into the dens of wolves and vampires. She is unaware that the fragile peace is about to be shattered. Soon she and the other humans will find themselves trapped, with no escape from the supernatural horrors that surround them.

Celeste (The Dark Queen, #1)

by Samantha Eklund

Celeste, the wise and beautiful queen of Vehrys, has been betrayed.

On the night of her 26th birthday, the man who had loved her since their shared childhood poisoned her, stabbed her, and then left her for dead.

Since then, the sun hasn’t risen in their land. Since then, bloodthirsty and abhorrent beasts have roamed the earth and slain her innocent people.

Kiev, her traitorous husband, is the son of her neighboring kingdom’s vile queen. For years the two kingdoms had been at war, until hers and his marriage. Celeste had never doubted the substance of his love, until now.

The fair queen finds herself caught in a battle between light and dark; the purest of good and most dreadful of evil. As she battles for survival, she also fends to maintain her sanity in the terrifying and dark new world. Hope for her husband dwindles more with each passing day, but the faint spark of unexpected new love drives her to keep fighting for her kingdom.

With her recently discovered magic and the aid of an ancient deity, she must attempt to rid her land of the terrifying abominations stalking its people. Can she do so before her former love destroys her new one? More importantly, can she rid the world of this suffocating darkness before the evil causing it overtakes her soul?

Beasts of Raven Hollow

by David Luquer

The village of Raven Hollow has become the target of an inhuman killer, wiping out entire towns in a single night with an insatiable bloodlust. To stop the mass slaughter from continuing, a small group of survivors must step out of their comfort zone and touch upon their own dark side if they are to live through the night.

Strange Days: A Collection of Prose, Verse, and Essays

by Kevin Lucia

A high school football star whose drinking problems require drastic intervention. A scarred soldier returning from war and an assassin with an unknown agenda on a collision course with each other. A spurned love seeking revenge. A man who stares death in the face, and loses. A new town sheriff consoling his mourning daughter. Three friends who dare trespass where they shouldn’t be, and a tired warrior fighting to survive, though he wants nothing more than peace and rest. All this and a collection of essays on horror and writing in general. Spend a short season in the odd town of Clifton Heights, New York, and in the odd mind of Kevin Lucia.

“Kevin Lucia’s writing is both scary and smart, a lethal cocktail that makes for mesmerizing storytelling.” — Tosca Lee, New York Times Bestselling Author of Demon: A Memoir

“Lucia is a true craftsman of the horror story, with a fine sense of the genre’s best traditions.” –Norman Prentiss, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Invisible Fences and The Fleshless Man

“Lucia writes tales that stick with you, that are memorable. And believe me, they are the best kind.” — Bram Stoker Award Winning Author, USA Today Bestseller Tom Monteleone

The Walton’s Recipe (A Horror Parody)

by Jerimiah Williams

Some trouble is brewing on Walton’s Mountain but John-Boy, Jim-Bob and their family are going to set it right.
When strangers arrive on the mountain John-Boy has to put down his books for once and take action before it’s too late.

A parody based on the Waltons

Soul Absorption

by B.J.K. Brown

After a car accident, Lauren feels like she has ‘absorbed’ the dark soul of another. Is this possible, or is she losing her mind?

The Butterfly

by Robert Arend

“The Butterfly” is about a woman who believes a butterfly on her dead husband’s pillow is her reincarnated husband. The love scene will knock your socks off….

Astrid: A Short Story

by JT Lawrence

A mother becomes suspicious of her daughter’s pre-school teacher.

Is Teacher Dalton who she appears to be, or is something more sinister afoot?

‘Astrid’ is part of the ‘Sticky Fingers 2’ short story collection: diverse, dark-humored, and deliciously bite-sized. Fans of Roald Dahl and Gillian Flynn will love these unsettling stories with a twist in the tale.

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