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The Magic of Me: A Kids’ Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness

by Becky Cummings

“The MAGIC is in YOUâ?¦
Now it’s time to learn how to use it!”

Imagine you speak these empowering words to your children as you hand them a copy of The Magic of Me: A Kids’ Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness. The wisdom contained in these 30 chapters was written for kids ages 8-12 to transform their lives and teach them to rise to the greatest version of themselves.

Author Becky Cummings, mom of three, teacher, and business owner shares real-life wisdom in an interactive book, divinely translated for young minds, complete with relatable analogies, entertaining graphics, discussion questions, and more. Children will learn how to:

-Love and appreciate their unique bodies and gifts
-Use their thoughts, words, and actions to shape their reality; taking responsibility for their lives
-Unlock their powers through meditation
-Heal and care for themselves with food, water, nature, sleep, forgiveness, and gratitude
-Appreciate others’ differences and learn from them
-Connect with their spiritual side and understand their purpose

You love your children beyond words, but parenting is hard work. The days seem long, but the years pass by quickly and your window of time to pour into your children is short. Whether shared for a family read aloud or independent reading, let The Magic of Me be your kids’ go-to guide for uplifting advice on loving yourself, loving others, and finding purpose in the greater world.

If you’d like a paper journal that can be used in conjunction with this ebook, check out The Magic of Me Journal. It is an empowering tool for children to self-reflect, learn and grow to greatness!

Elemental Rising (Paranormal Public Book 2)

by Maddy Edwards

Step into the world of Paranormal Public with the second installment in this action-packed, heart-pounding series.

Charlotte Rollins wasn’t expecting her second year at Paranormal Public University to be easy, and it isn’t. As she continues to explore her powers, danger burns around her.
Demons beat at the protections surrounding her new home, and inside the safety of the grounds a new threat arises. The walls of Public were built to keep evil out, but now an old resentment has ignited, born of a much more personal pain, and the walls are breached.
Luckily, Charlotte isn’t the target.
Or is she?
Now, she and her friends must stand united to protect each other, even if they don’t know from whom . . . until it’s too late.

Praise for Elemental Rising

“love the entire series”
“I loved this book even better than the first”
“I am definitely hooked”
“I truly enjoyed the characters and how the story developed throughout the book”
“cannot wait to read the next one”

A Dog Called Keith: Australian Adventure (children’s rhyming picture book, funny short bedtime story, recommended for young kids aged 4 – 8)

by Andrew K Williams

Helmets and goggles on! It’s time to join a dog called Keith with his human companion and best friend – Bob, as they set off on their biggest travel adventure ever! With Bob on his motorbike and loyal pup Keith in the sidecar, they set their sights for Australia. They’ve carefully planned the whole trip, so nothing can go wrong… can it?!
An endearing and fun rhyming story for children and adults alike, join the adventuring pair who don’t let anything stop them from having a good time on their travels!

A Long Lost Fantasy

by Ella Rose Carlos

A fairy tale within a fairy tale…

Fawn is a teenage boy warrior for the reclusive Pearl Tribe living in the secluded swamplands. While hunting in the forest, Fawn discovers an infamous being of lore, a Rainmaker named Vixie, and a tragic turn of events ensues.

In the dark of the night, soldiers for the Pearl Tribe turn up missing. Burdened with loss and guilt, it becomes Fawn’s mission to find the kidnapped boys and put an end to the mysterious, elusive marauders.

Is there a traitor in the clan, or are the Rainmakers to blame?

When a dying knight appears at the swamplands with a dire warning, Fawn is thrust in the midst of a war of epic proportions. Blind faith takes center stage as Fawn fights to defend a legendary kingdom and its lost king, a mighty man who has been running from deathâ?¦

The Great Eclipse

by C. Minge

Love the story. Learn the science….

One night, Emma stays up very late. The next day happens to be the day of the eclipse. Emma has been looking forward to this day for months, but now that it’s here, she can hardly stay awake for it. Meanwhile, Emma’s little brother won’t stop pestering her. Will Emma’s special day be ruined? Find out what happens in “The Great Eclipse.”

An entertaining story, but also rich with symbolism, little graduates of “Goodnight Moon,” will love “The Great Eclipse.” As a bonus, “The Great Eclipse” contains a special “Did you Know?” section about the science behind the story.

A Slippery Slope in a Bank (Forced to Work in Girls’ Uniform)

by Yu Sakurazawa

A serious love story that is more arousing than an erotica.

Series: Forced to Work in Girls’ Uniform

Title: A Slippery Slope in a Bank

Vicky Pereira, a pretty-faced 26 year old man, works as a senior manager of a small bank. Vicky plans to marry Edwina and applies for a seinor manager’s position in a renowned bank. At the interview he makes a few mistakes and is disqualified. However, there was a vacancy in a clerk position and Vicky was given a chance to work as a clerk. Vicky gladly takes the job, because the pay was much better than the current job.

Vicky is the only male in the clerk’s area and customer sometimes mistook him as a manager, which is confusing. He must wear a uniform just like the other clerks: a jacket with an in-built cup bra. Of course he can wear his trousers. However, as he is differently dressed from other clerks, customers see him as the head of clerks, which angers the head woman. He is given a pair of red trousers, in the same design as the skirts. Other clers who get only skirts want to be given the option to wear such pants, too. Finally, the general manager orders Vicky to dress exactly the same as other clerks.

Although Vicky is a pretty faced man dressed in girls’ uniform, customers recognize him as a man. The general manager must do something not to annoy customers.


by Matthew VanDeBogart

Follow the Frog, the prince and the Unicorn on their journey to rescue a Princess!! An excellent book to read to small children! Written by a Grandfather to give to his first Granddaughter.

A Book of Princesses. (Three Princess Stories for Kids 5 -10 years)

by Sophe Antoine

This book is a collection of three stories about princesses:
1.The Princess of the Winds
Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Windyrella. Her father was the God of the Four Winds: the East wind, the West wind, the North wind and the South wind. When Windyrella was fifteen years old, her father took her away from the kingdom to live in a tower which was guarded by the four winds. She was very sad because she missed her best friend Oberon.
One day, Oberon decided that he would rescue Windyrella from the tower and prove to her father than he was strong enough to protect her. He knew that it would have been impossible for him to defeat the four winds at once. Therefore, he decided to trick them.

2. The Princess and the Butterfly Clip
A princess received a butterfly clip as a family heirloom. It allowed her to see two hours into the future. She grew very attached to it. Her parents became worried about her ability to become a good queen and leader. They then decided to play a trick on her in order to teach her a lesson about the need to rely on her own senses, rather than the butterfly clip.

3. The Princess and The Magical Crayons
A birthday present transports a young girl into a magical world of adventure.

Being a princess is not just about fun and games. Read about how the princesses overcame their challenges and of how they lived happily ever after.

90 Minute UCAS Statement

by S.R. Belding

Don’t enjoy writing? Don’t have much time? Don’t know where to start?

Based on 14 years of UCAS experience, this book reveals the secret shortcut:

1. Answer 21 simple questions. Each answer requires either 1, 2 or 3 sentences.
2. Link your answers together into paragraphs.
3. Make a few edits to make the statement look professional.

This process should take no more than 90 minutes. By the end, you will have a well-polished UCAS personal statement!

Ostrich: A Bird Book for Kids

by Novare Lawrence

This book contains beautiful and captivating photos of the world’s largest bird: the Ostrich. Accompanying the outstanding photographs are key facts and information about ostriches, from egg to adult. While this book is intended for kids from 7 to 13, many will enjoy the close-up pictures and learning about just how unique this bird species is when compared to other birds and animals. One of the “A Bird Book for Kidsâ?¢” series of books.

Titan: An Epic Novel of Urban Fantasy and Greek Mythology (The Gods War Book 1)

by Daniel Mignault

What if Greek Gods and Monsters took over modern-day Earth?


“I am Andrus Eaves. I live in the New Greece Theocracy, a nation ruled by gods and monsters. All my life, I have trained to serve the Theocracy, to be its sword and shield. But as I come close to becoming a warrior, I begin to see through the lies. I begin to see inside myselfâ??that I am not who I thought I was, that my world is not what the Theocracy told me. Today, I come into my power. Today, I take up my sword not to oppress, but to save us all.”

Together with a renegade witch and priest, Andrus must unlock the magic destiny of his secret past. Fight after fight, the desperate heroes clash with Titans, evil priests, warriors, centaurs, and harpies! Don’t miss this thrilling action adventure series from Star Wars: Vengeance and Spider-Man 3 actor Daniel Mignault & USA TODAY bestselling author Jackson Dean Chase.


It’s the perfect FAST-PACED THRILLER FOR SERIOUS FANS of Urban Fantasy, Dystopian Fiction, Superheroes, and Greek Mythology. BUY NOW, READ TODAY if you like books by Shayne Silvers, Jim Butcher, Benedict Jacka, Kevin Hearne, Rick Riordan, Orlando A. Sanchez, KF Breene, Shannon Mayer, CN Crawford, Ilona Andrews, or Patricia Briggs. Take Titan for a spin. You’ll love the magic, mystery, and danger!

The Gods War 2018 Release Schedule:

  • Titan (Book 1) â?? OUT NOW
  • Titan: Kingdom of the Dead (Book 2) â?? OUT NOW
  • Titan: Gift of Death (Book 3) â?? OUT NOW
  • Titan: Resurrection (Book 4) â?? FALL 2018
  • The Gods War eBook categories:

  • Dark Fantasy
  • Witches & Wizards
  • Myths & Legends
  • Supernatural Thriller
  • Urban Fantasy Thriller
  • Dystopian
  • Coming of Age
  • Angels & Demons
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Supernatural Mystery and Suspense
  • *** Scroll up and tap or click BUY NOW to dive head-first into this EPIC ADVENTURE filled with Gods, Titans, Centaurs, Harpies, Ghosts, and Witches! ***

    Butterfly Farm: Scruff the Dog visits and helps out on the farm. (Dog Called Scruff)

    by David Jooste

    Scruff visits Butterfly farm and helps Lulu clean and feed the smelly pigs, feed the crazy looking chickens and other jobs on the farm.

    The fourth in a series of books about a dog called Scruff.

    Scruff is based on a character from the Author’s family entertainment shows where Scruff’s cheeky personality comes alive.

    Scruff is an entertaining character and the illustrator has captured his fun-loving personality.

    Join Scruff on his adventures.

    These books are fun for all the family and will help people to read & learn English.

    Of course, there is humour in this series and I would like to thank the following members who have contributed to the success of my dog called Scruff.

    With thanks to the team.
    Catering adviser – Megan Bacon
    Scruff’s jokes written by – Mr Terry Bull
    Scruff’s personal security – Mr Rowland Butter,
    Scruff’s Stunt Double by Luke Out
    Scruff’s Fitness Coach – Eubie Quick
    Parachute Instructor – S. Platt

    Scruff’s own newspaper & Sponsorship from – The Daily Wag
    The Daily Wag – the lead reporter – Ima Flea,
    Video production – Gissa Bone,
    Editor – IP Daily
    Costumes supplied by Scratch ‘n’ Sniff and Polly Ester

    The Scruff series will help you learn English and build on skills such as vocabulary. The aim is to enjoy learning with these fun stories.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.