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Werewolf Finding Love: Gay First Time Werewolf Romance

by Van Cole

This Wolf Runs Alone

Clayton is a werewolf with the blood of an alpha coursing through his veins. After his father’s death, it was his duty to take the position of pack leader.

Only, that never happened.

After getting caught up with the wrong man, he succeeded in getting his heart broken and his whole world turned upside down. Before he knew it, he was running alone – a lone wolf.

So, he searched far and wide for his mate.

The one person who can fill the void in his heart.

And he searched for a long, long time.

Until he arrived in a small town. He never expected to stay. But, then again, he never expected to fall in love.

And yet, that’s exactly what he did.

He took the chance. He made himself vulnerable.

Will it turn out for the best or will this new lover betray him like the last?

Threeâ??s Company: Gay MMM Romance Collection

by Bookarama Publishing

Get this book collection of hot Gay Threesome Romance adventures in this exciting new collection
In this collection you will find:

Joy Ride: Gay Menage Paranormal Romance
Rough Riders: Paranormal MMM Biker Romance
It’s Complicated: Gay Mystery Love Triangle Romance
A Second Chance: LGBT M/M Second Chance Romance
Three’s A Crowd: LGBT MMM Second Chance Romance (A Second Chance Sequel)

Download this collection now and spice up your Kindle with these hot Gay Threesome romance reads.

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only

His Groom: Hockey Comedy Gay Romance

by Van Cole

Their Union Started As A Hoax But Their Love Becomes Real

Arne has a proposition. He marries his friend, Deny, in order for his kid to have some much needed security and potentially benefit from a life insurance policy. It’s only on paper and it won’t change anything, he thinks.

Recently bereaved and definitely not looking for love, this seems like it could be the perfect solution to his worries for the future.

But if only life could be that simple though! In this romantic short story, the strength of their friendship is sorely tested to the limit as the legitimacy of their marriage is called into question. To add to all this, there are some inconvenient feelings that must be dealt with. Do Deny and Arne really want to have to go through their lives faking a marriage? Or will they decide with their hearts to be free to love who they want – regardless of who that may be?

This Romance Short Story Was Formerly Title Tie The Knot

What Is Life For

by Pete Marchesi

A positive book… All full of answers.

KDP is a best site. They are doing both paperbacks and e-books. With me, I have been able to do it for free. The only costs I have is the advertising. They are the… best!

Please read my books. And review in a positive manner. I wanted to thank people for buying them. Thanks. Please continue. I will keep writing…

yawarakakushinayakani: kirikaejouzudesinnpuruniikirujuuitinohouhou (Japanese Edition)

by maruokayuka


ç?¡ç?ã??ã??ã??ã?ã?人ã?ã«ãªã?ã?とã?なくてã??ã?ã? ã?¼
ã?ã?ã?ã?ちはã?æ?ã?æ?¹ã²ã¨ã¤ã§å¹¸ã?ã??è?ªç?±ã«å?µã??å?ºã?ã?とã?できã?? ã?¼


ã?»ã?ã?ã?ばã?ã??ひとã??でé ?張ってã?ã??æ°?ã?ã?ã??

æ¯?æ?¥ã??æ?¸å?½ã«ç??きてã?ã??人ほどã?èª°ã?とæ¯?べã?ã??ã?æ°?ã??遣ã?ã?ã?てã?ã©ã£ã¨ç?²ã??てã?まã?ã??のã??そã??なときはç?¡ç?にã?ã?¸ã??ã?£ã??にé ?å¼µã?ã?ã?なくてã??ã?ã?のでã?ã??



FBI: Famous Cases and Criminals: The Complete Collection

by Eric Young

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has investigated the most famous cases, including, mobsters, gangs, bank robbers, and terrorism.
From the roaring 20s to modern days, This book has been written, telling the true life events of cases that made major headlines all over the USA. Each chapter in this book, is devoted to the biography of famous mobsters and other events that the FBI has handled.

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