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iPhone X: The Ultimate User Guide to Master iPhone X with Awesome Tips and Tricks

by Alexa Walker

iPhone X

The Ultimate User Guide to Master iPhone X with Awesome Tips and Tricks

Have you purchased the latest iPhone X Apple phone? If not, this is the time you should consider having one. The phone allows you to achieve a lot due to its number of applications and advanced technology that is updated in relation to the recent times. The phone comes along with inbuilt features that will surely ease your life. Such features that will catch your attention are the face id, all screen, Quad Core, the advanced camera, 3 Core GPU, upgraded battery, Wireless Charging, weatherproof, Augmented Reality among many others. All these features are meant to sustain all your needs in your all round life. The features are well explained in this Iphone X guide book; you do not have to look any further. Just grab your phone and begin having good times.
This Iphone manual will explain to you the basics of the Apples iPhone X and how you can set it up. If you have not yet purchased and its time you want to try out with your iPhone X, you do not have to worry anymore because this book has many tips and tricks in regards to the ideal phone that will upgrade your usage and improve your life. All the process is as swift as you can never imagine. Only some steps will require a bit of some technical approach. Nevertheless, regardless of your competence to use such a phone, this book will tell you all that you need to understand, and how you can get value from this ideal iPhone.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • The setup process
  • Wi-Fi configuration
  • Sim card installation
  • How to join closed networks
  • The process of managing an AirPort Network
  • Face recognition and how to set it up
  • Animoji
  • The VSCO app
  • 1Password
  • PCalc Lite
  • SnapSeed
  • Halide
  • HQ Trivia

Having the iPhone X, you are in a position to swiftly and without disappointments get the most that you will want from this technical phone. Walk in the near shop, grab this unique phone and experience a change of life.
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Fish and What They Can

by Ann Thompson

A “fishy” book for pre-readers and early readers curious about fish. With beautiful real life images of various fish doing and being what fish can, this book provides early learners with an opportunity for success with words and enjoyable reading. Strategies for learning and engagement include repetition, the use of high frequency words, and colorful visuals. A smart read to foster a love for reading.

Google Classroom: 2018 User Manual to Learn Everything You Need to Know About Google Classroom (Google Classroom guide with tips and tricks)

by Alexa Class

Google Classroom

2018 User Manual to Learn Everything You Need to Know About Google Classroom

Are you a teacher who’s been curious about using Google Classroom ? Google Classroom is Google’s answer to helping teachers have one type of system, all in one place. It’s easy to use, and totally free, and you can do so much with it. Teaching can be a bit of a process, and sometimes it’s hard to have everything squared away. But, with Google Classroom 2018 , you can do this and so much more, and you’ll be able to easily generate student participation, interest, and keep everything altogether. This google classroom book will be a great guide for you. It even helps with interacting with parents, such as in the case with conferences, behavioral concerns, and even general notes and announcements.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of Google Classrooms
  • How to start a plan book for your class
  • How to create a class and organize it
  • How you can manage the due dates, homework, and assignments
  • How to get another student or a teacher into the class
  • How to manage grades and transfer them to Google Sheets
  • Motivational techniques to help kids get excited
  • Extensions, hidden features, and useful apps to help students succeed

By the end of this, your students will know how to use Google Classroom easily, and you as a teacher will benefit from this awesome piece of software. Google makes it so much easier to run everything these days, since it’s all in one place, and it will totally make it easier to have everything all put together. Lots of times, teachers run into the barrier of having all of their paperwork and their lesson plans and notes all over the place. But, with Google Classroom, you can change the way being a teacher is, and through the use of this amazing system, you’ll be able to inspire and motivate other students and use this amazing platform to help you get the most from this that you possibly can.
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Ping the Spider: The Journey Begins

by Ash Pandya

Ping the Spider is an inspiring tale of how one can achieve any dream by using positive energy and persistence. The story begins as one eight-legged spider was worried because he was “different” and could not weave webs like the other spiders could. He then learned to focus his energy on his own unique talent for jumping and he created a fun numbers game. Ping’s creativity and bravery, against all odds, helped him to win over the hearts of all, including himself!

Easyship Shipping reimagined : An new way to ship worldwide

by Nate Mill

EasyShip engages the eCommerce business people with their answer by overall transportation. It is their main goal to break the obstruction of global eCommerce. They trust that whether a major business or an independent venture ought to have the capacity to send around the world. They offer round the clock administration to give the best-sending arrangements. It always refreshes, cuts edge, and it is custom fitted for eCommerce.

Vibrant Eyes: Defeating Colorblindness with Technology

by Mario Robertson

Make No Mistake, Technology Has Advanced

Order the paperback and recieve the Ebook version for Free

No longer are the days of guessing what color you are looking at. With recent advances, color-blind individuals ranging from children to adults can now experience full spectrum colors.

Color brings life to our world. It is a universal experience humans often take for granted. In fact, one out of twelve men, and one out of every two hundred women are diagnosed with color-blindness.

Discover the recent breakthroughs in technology such as:

  • Enchroma Glasses
  • Color-blind Monitors
  • Guides for children with color-blindness
  • Intimate setting for first time EnChroma users
  • Interviews from case studies of colorblind children & adults
  • And much much more!

    Not only will you discover modern remedies for color-blindness, you will gain unique perspective that has not been available until now.

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    How To Save Money Using Coupons

    by Tina Rademaker

    What are coupons? Coupons are any form of codes, tickets or documents which may be used as an exchange for discount when you buy an item in a store either online or in the real world. In other words, your retail store will issue you a coupon for your purchased goods particularly if they are running sales promotion. There are different ways by which coupons can be distributed to a consumer through the mail, coupon envelopes, directly from the retailer, magazines, or most commonly over the internet.

    Correlation Analysis: for Business Statistics. Enough for Exam Series Book 1

    by Anand Tiwari

    The present series, presented chapter wise, is to help students who find certain chapters in Business Statistics difficult. As the title suggests – Enough for Exams, there has been a sincere effort to minimize the information related to the chapter. The book will be useful to any student of Business Statistics due to:
    1. As it is often said that ‘In Statistics, questions never change, only data changes’, an attempt has been made to present the variety of questions to expect and handle.
    2. There are several formulae in any chapter of Statistics, the problem is which goes where. Even for a given question, there may be several choices of formulae – this book helps you to pick the right formula for a given question.
    3. Though notorious for its numerical problems, Business Statistics presents a lot of question-related to theory. So, the book has separate sections for theoretical and numerical questions.
    4. A common problem faced in Statistics is the use of formulae from a different chapter to solve the questions in the present chapter. So, it is regarded that chapters in Statistics cannot be studied in isolation. However, this book informs the reader about all background formulae (as a teacher does) while solving a question from a given chapter.
    5. A clear list of formulae helps instant reference.
    6. Ample illustrations and practice questions are provided for practice.
    7. This book is – Precise, to the point – Enough for Exams.

    Windows 10: 2018 New and Updated User Guide. Master Your Windows 10 with this manual with Tips and Tricks

    by Alexa Phillips

    Windows 10

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    2018 New and Updated User Guide. Master Your Windows 10 with this manual with Tips and Tricks

    Windows 10 is a remarkable system, and you may know a little bit about how to install this. But, do you know how to do so easily, and how to navigate through each of the major settings without too many issues.
    For the Windows 10 users out there, this new OS does prove to have some interesting additions to it. But, with it also comes new things to learn, and new secrets to behold. Luckily, this book will give you everything that you need to know as a Windows 10 user at a deeper level, allowing you to nab all of the great benefits that this system has to offer.

    This book will cover the following topics:

    • Some of the best features to enable in Windows 10
    • Secret desktops, and also secret start menus and other neat options
    • God Mode, and how to enable it
    • The top secrets to making Windows 10 the best experience for you
    • Other Windows 10 features to check out
    • The top Windows 10 tricks to really use the system to your advantage Advanced Customizations

    For those users who love Windows 10 and want to learn more about it, this is for you. This is going past the basics at this point, and instead, you’re taking your learning to the next level. If you already know a lot about the basics, but you’re considering maybe going into other sorts of realms, you totally can, and you can do so easily with this great system.
    You can learn as well how to do to some of the key features that Windows 10 offers, including how you can reboot it if it starts to not work, and also how to format your hard drive in order to give you the best results that you can when you’re trying to fix your computer.
    For those who like Windows 10, but already know a lot about the basics, however, want to learn a bit more, you’ll be able to accomplish this and so much more with this book. It’s the user guide that you’ve wanted, and the one that will help you if you’re ready to truly master Windows 10, and to make sure that you’re taking care of all of the important settings to make your experience even better than it was before.

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    MI PROYECTITO: LIBRO PARA ENSE�AR VALORES (serie infantil nº 1) (Spanish Edition)


    Un libro para la enseñanza de valores, en los niños de 3 a 14 años; con poemitas de fácil aprendizaje.
    es un libro que tiene en cada poema, una aplicación para pintar, que lo entretiene a la vez.
    es ilustrado, precioso, diferente, divertido, ameno, y se lo puede tomar como pasatiempo también, fomenta la igualdad de genero, tiene moralejas.
    educativo 100 %.
    En mis largos años de maestra siempre quise poner este libro para que lo utilicen para los niños y se les dé una herramienta más fácil y recreativa para aprender lo que se debe aprender en casa
    Estos poemitas, el niño los recitará en casa y así aprenderá un valor cada día, por ejemplo a ser honrado ,a decir la verdad siempre, a tener fe en la vida , respetar a los demás ,a ser alegre, a cooperar en su entorno.
    Ilustrado, y los dibujos a full color, entretiene al niño también en la casa.
    A la vez pinta.
    No debe faltar en su biblioteca; y para regalar es un lindo y apropiado regalo.
    es útil.

    Learning from good tales

    by Goitseone Raphael

    Stealing, bullying, uncleaness, unkindness and peer pressure are learned behaviours, and anything learned can be unlearned. Learning from good tales has a powerful factor in shaping a child’s value. Of course, children need to know not only the rules but also the penalties of breaking those rules. Likewise as parents we should not give up in doing what is fine to help our children to become wise, brave, kind, honest, humble. What children learn from a young age is likely to remain with them and it will help them to mature wisely.

    Pharmacology: Short and Concise Notes

    by Anurag Sharma

    In the present scenario of pharmacy education, there is a lot of competition. Pharmacology is one of the most important subject in Pharmacy. A lot of books on Pharmacology are available in the market .But still there is a need of a short book which helps you to revise entire pharmacology in a very short time. Be it in academics (B Pharm, M pharm, MBBS, Nursing etc) or giving interviews and competitive examination for various jobs , you cant have everything in your mind . Our book “Pharmacology Notes” provides a new concept of last time revision. The book is written in form of simple notes which makes revision at last time very easy and interesting. This is our first venture on to writing books. Your suggestions for improvement of this book is what I want . Hope you will enjoy the present edition of Book. The book is written by Anurag Sharma (M Pharm, Gate 2009 Qualified) who has a long experience of working in multinational pharmaceutical companies.

    Machine Learning: Definitive beginnerâ??s Guide for Neural Networks, Decision Trees, Random Forest and Algorithms (Algorithms,markov models,data analytics Book 1)

    by Alexa Miller

    Machine Learning

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    Definitive beginner’s Guide for Neural Networks, Decision Trees, Random Forest and Algorithms

    If you are searching for a book on Machine Learning that is easy to understand and put in a relatively simple manner for easy flow and understanding for professionals and beginners. And you’re the type that has a second thought about machine learning mathematics, then you need to read this book. It is well explanatory and contains essential information about Machine Learning without any complex mathematics but with great understanding.

    Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

    • The introduction to Machine learning
    • Programming Languages
    • Neural Networks
    • Random Forest
    • Decision Trees
    • Machine Learning Models To Know
    • Applications of Machine Learning

    Download your copy of “Machine Learning” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

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