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Deadly Skills: Wilderness Essential Guide On Escaping From Savage And Dangerous Animals

by Arnold Collingwood

Deadly Skills:

Wilderness Essential Guide On Escaping From Savage And Dangerous Animals

If you are looking for some information about the wild animals of North America and knowing how to protect yourself against attacks from them while you are camping in the woods or hiking then this book will offer you information about dangerous wild animals that live in the woods of North America. Making yourself aware of the wild animals and their tendencies and habits will make it more likely that you will be able to avoid or survive an attack from a North American wild animal. You will be given important tips and suggestions that could help prevent you from coming face to face with a dangerous wild animal.

The more educated and informed you are of the dangerous wild species that live in the woods that you are camping in or hiking through will make it more likely that you will know how to deal with them when you are in a situation where you are face to face with them. Knowing the do’s and don’ts in these situations can literally mean the difference between life and death. It is certainly worth your while to do some research into the wildlife that is staying in the area that you are visiting this will help to prepare you should you have an encounter with a wild animal.

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by Mariana Correa

LES 120 ASTUCES FANTASTIQUES POUR LE BODYBUILDING vous permettront d’être dans la meilleure forme de votre vie.

Le secret réside dans les détails et cet ouvrage va vous indiquer comment être le meilleur haltérophile que vous puissiez être, en vous entraînant et en vous nourrissant plus intelligemment.

Comprend des conseils brillants sur :
– Comment construire des Muscles plus vite
– Les Programmes d’entraînement au Bodybuilding
– L’entraînement Mental
– La Bonne Alimentation pour vous
– L’hydratation Appropriée
– Comment Perdre de la Graisse
РComment vous Entrąner plus intelligemment
РComment R̩cup̩rer plus Sereinement
– et bien Plus Encoreâ?¦

Chaque aspect de votre vie possède un potentiel d’impact sur votre performance mentale et physique, et pour cette raison ce livre aborde l’ensemble du bodybuilding, le sommeil, l’alimentation, l’hydratation, la récupération, l’entraînement, et bien plus encore.
Utilisez ces astuces du début à la fin pour vous sentir confiant et à l’aise dans votre bodybuilding.
Cet ouvrage est le cadeau parfait pour tout passionné de bodybuilding, dont vous-même.

Survival Guide: Learn to Survive Like a Mountain Man: Hunting, Fishing, Trapping + Complete Survival Medicine Book

by Edward Bowman

Survival Guide: Learn to Survive Like a Mountain Man:

Hunting, Fishing, Trapping + Complete Survival Medicine Book


Mountain Man Skills:

Proven Lessons of Hunting, Woodworking and Trapping

The mountains are a magical kind of place and can bring out the true wild man in all of us. This book, along with teaching fundamentals of survival, focusses on three main areas of mountain man expertiseâ??hunting, woodworking, and trapping. Here you will learn how you can hunt and fish, build complex structures with your bare hands, and lay out ingenious traps. These are well thought out and proven lessons taken straight from the mountains. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get this book so you can hone those mountain man skills!


Survival Medicine:

The Guide to First Aid and Survival Medical Emergencies to Stay Alive

This very book is committed to instruct and set up those people who look to ensure the prosperity of their companions, and particularly their families. On the off chance that you can assimilate and appreciate all the data here, at that point you may have a higher survival chance amid a shutdown situation. Besides, you’ll acquire a sensible point of view of medicinal issues which you can get by without the need of current foundations, for example, healing centers.
Utilizing the book, we’re planning to give you key and significant knowledge as to touch base with alternatives that could build your odds of treating sicknesses and wounds.
Every one of the details and knowledge written in this book is fundamentally committed for use amid a dystopian situation when high-innovation instruments and gear are not any more accessible. For example, your leg got broken, it wouldn’t suggest that a brace made out of two sticks would improve the situation in an expert orthopedic treatment. Henceforth, a portion of the tips and strategies here won’t be the most strong methods for treating specific restorative issues. They generally follow with the logic that something is in reality superior to nothing by any stretch of the imagination.
Then again, on the off chance that we never confront a long haul survival setting, this very book will even now be justified regardless of your exertion and cost since it contains heaps of principal knowledge and in addition critical tips amid minor crises. The data gave in this book may be important while in a state where nobody can help you “for the interim”. Indeed, even a smidgen of restorative knowledge, you could increase some time for a harmed companion, or family, and help their recuperation.

LADAKA: Women Complete Protection (First Book 1)

by Kalawat KL

The “warrior” woman’s entire security book is related to women’s safety. The warrior means, the woman being cautious, and be ready to fight on time. How to protect the woman and girl in each book, location and time in each book. Simple and accurate information is provided. Authors Kalawat KL Having done research on the methods of working of the woman, she has tried to make self defense methods from work and made it simple and easy to make available to women and girls. The information available in the book is related to women’s safety, the use of words is simple, if a citizen or woman presents ideas of words, language and thought otherwise the idea of a citizen or woman has its own. It is expected that the book will be useful for girl child and women’s safety.

Self Defense and Respect: Every Position in Protect your family (first Book 1)

by Kalawat KL

This book describes its types with definition of self defense. In what situation we need to defend those situations have been described. Why self defense is necessary for us, in which situations we feel the need of self defense. Also, what kind of self defense can be done with respect. It has been discussed in detail about how our environment can be changed by respect. It is expected that readers will definitely like this book. From the author’s many years of research, this conclusion seems to be that in the future, every child, girl, man and woman will feel the need of self-defense from time to time. The way our population is growing rapidly in the world. Everyday, many types of accidents are taking birth as natural and ignorance and lifting human life. Need to defend yourself in each situation. Why is respect currently required. Putting light on men’s attitude towards women should respect women and girls so that they can avoid being disturbed and make our life happier. The intensity of our development can be generated. Even today, in the humanist era, we are sitting with disgusting thinking that this is a hindrance in our development. It should always be respected by everyone. With this thought, this book is presented to you. Expansion of self defense situations will be discussed in the next issue.

Our Family Fishing Trip

by Greg Boudonck

Created for children to see the experience of being with family on a fishing trip. See some fish that were caught.

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