Free fiction Kindle books for 31 Oct 18

A Husband, a Boyfriend, & a Side Dude

by Tanisha Stewart

Ce’Anna and her husband, Trent, are nearing their sixth anniversary of marriage. Ever since they said ‘I do’, their romance was like a whirlwind. That is, until Ce’Anna’s first secret. Then her second. Life is going crazy, and things are starting to ‘get real’. Tensions continue to rise, until Ce’Anna is placed in a situation where she has to make a choice between the one she truly loves, and the one she’s not sure about.

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 31 Oct 18

Homesteading Woodworking: 100 Woodworking Projects You Definitely Need In Your Homestead

by Crafty Jack

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

Homesteading Woodworking:

100 Woodworking Projects You Definitely Need In Your Homestead

This guide is going to show you how be creative with woodworking projects in the home.

Don’t think you can do it?

We got that covered. This book is for beginners.

Learn patience, organization skills and best of all, how to make and fix things.

What you make is only limited by your own experience, the more you make and repair, the more skilled you become.

Once you have read our safety tips and made up your starter toolkit from our suggestions, you will be good to go.

Start with one of our easier projects for tidying away pots and pans, or racking the wine or the plates.

How about building a house, don’t look so daunted, we’re only talking about a bird house. Encourage them into your yard with this simple but practical nesting bird house.

Finish off with those niggling carpentry problems around the house. With your newfound woodworking skills, you can now fix everything around the home that is made of wood, from boxing in pipes to hanging new doors. You are only limited by your own ambition. The more you do, the better you will become and you will be able to transform your home with the creativity of your DIY skills.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Managing Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders and Panic Attacks, CBT Workbook (self help 1)

by Hazel Josh

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps in treating issues related to behaviors, emotions, and thoughts with the main objective of boosting happiness and positive well-being.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or known as CBT focuses on solutions and encourages patients to challenge cognitive distortions and change the destructive patterns in their behavior.

CBT is progressive and scientifically proven methods of helping people reach their emotional goals in a safe, secure and confidential space. CBT is an important science in modern medicine that must not be overlooked.

This book gives readers a general outline of CBT, its common forms of therapy as well as how it treats people with common disorders such as anxiety.

If you are dealing with uncontrollable fears that send your life into a
tailspin, then it is time to take charge. Your first step is to download this book
now and stake a claim. It’s time to silence your inner critic and give yourself a
voice. By following the advice and suggestions here, you can tackle it and start a
whole new approach to life that leaves negative fears and anxiety in your wake.

Actual Magic: How to Unleash the Power of Your Mind

by Stephen Hawley Martin

Actual Magic is real magic, not the illusionary “magic” of stage magicians or the fantasy magic of Harry Potter. Actual Magic refers to events that take place due to the mind power of one or more individuals. The author explains that Actual Magic is happening around us all the time and those who work it do so unconsciously more often than not. You may in fact be working Actual Magic to your benefit, or just as likely to your detriment, and not know it. Read this book and find out. In it, the author explains how Actual Magic works, why it works, and how those who take it seriously can use it to create a life of purpose, fulfillment, and plenty.

Stephen Hawley Martin is the author of a best-selling book in its category, “Life After Death, Powerful Evidence You Will Never Die,” and the recently released title, “The Invisible Force: Esoteric but Essential Knowledge from Jesus, the Mystics, and Unfettered Science.” He is the only three-time winner of the Writer’s Digest Book Award, having won first prize twice for fiction and once for nonfiction. He also has won a first prize for visionary fiction from Independent Publisher and a first prize for nonfiction from USA Book News.

Self-Discipline Habits: Build Mental Toughness and Self-Control and Achieve Your Goals Consistently by Adopting Success Habits

by Clark Darsey

Do you want to become the kind of person who does the necessary things and gets things done regardless of the mood or circumstances?

Self-discipline is more important today than ever since the temptations for short-term pleasure and instant gratification are all around us and with the exponential growth of technology, it’s only going to get easier to give in to the desires and to put off the necessary actions.

Even though the world is changing, the basic habits and rules for building the self-discipline are the same and the first step is to realize that everyone is a result of their habits and nothing can stand in a way of the person who realizes this crucial fact of life.

In this book you can expect to learn about:

-Importance of self-discipline
-Habits that develop self-discipline
-Habits that sabotage self-discipline and life in general and should be avoided
-And more…..

If you think that you are not the kind of person who can be disciplined, then the first step is to break that pattern of thinking. Self-discipline and lack of self-discipline are habits and they can be changed through repetition and replaced by more beneficial habits.

If you’re ready to be closer to your goals day by day, then scrolling over to the BUY button is the first step towards a better life!

Soap Making Collection: Complete Soap Making Guide. All Natural Ingredients For Your Health and Shiny Look

by Tamila Rogers

Soap Making Collection:

Complete Soap Making Guide. All Natural Ingredients For Your Health and Shiny Look

Book 1

Soap Making Guide for Beginners:

Detailed Instructions for Making Your Own Soaps + Natural Soap Making Recipes

In this book you will learn how it is that you can not only make your own soap but how you can make soap to heal just about any ailment or condition that you or your loved ones may face! There is nothing quite like being cleanâ??cleanliness heals the soul, the extra, all-natural additives of these DIY soaps serve to enhance that soothing clean feeling even further. Here you will learn how you can make soap that come packed with healing herbs that are capable of treating all manner of conditions. If you are feeling a little bit under the weather we have soaps that boost the immune system. If you are feeling a bit fatigues, we have soaps that can give you a boost of energy. Whatever it is that you may need, we have got a soap for you!

Book 2

Soap Making:

Organic Soap Making Guide For Beginners: Only Natural Recipes Using Herbs

Creating your own homemade soap is quite easy, creative, frugal, and very fulfilling. Upon engaging in soap making, you’ll know that there’s something very marvellous about making and bringing a homemade soap into the bathroom or shower with you.
Whether you are seeking for a natural alternative or a commercially produced soap, or just a crafty individual looking for an enjoying adventure, making soap would be a good bet, and in fact a little addictive!
That’s why we offer you this book that will you surely give you loads of useful information, tips, and advices that will help you to start your soap making adventure. Fret not, because all of what’s written on this very book were all genuine and most are from personal experience.
If you are looking for the best soap making guide book, then your search ends now, because you’ll be amazed after reading the entire content of the book. Also, we made sure that you’ll not get bored along the way because of the pictures included within the book that will surely give you more visualization about the subject and thus making your reading more fun, and creative!
Good luck and have fun!

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Free war Kindle books for 31 Oct 18

6941st Gd Bn – Erinnerungen: Berliner Zeitgeschichte 1950 – 1994 (German Edition)

by Stefan Sommer

6941st GdBn – Erinnerungen – Berliner Zeitgeschichte 1950 – 1994Das 6941st Guard Battalion der US-Army Berlin existierte von 1950 (bis 1952 als 6901st Labor Service Area) bis 1993 und in verkleinerter Form bis zum endgültigen Abzug der US-Streitkräfte im Sommer 1994. Als fünftes Battalion der US-Army bezeichnet, steckten aber fast ausschlieÃ?lich Berliner Zivilbeschäftigte in den amerikanischen Uniformen. Ihr Auftrag war, die Bewachung, Zugangskontrolle und Erhaltung der Sicherheit in den amerikanischen Kasernen und Einrichtungen in Westberlin, bewaffnet mit Schnellfeuergewehr, oder Pistole und Schlagstock (Nightstick). Stefan (Steve) Sommer war einer von ihnen und diente in der Einheit von 1969 bis 1973. Er erzählt von seiner Einstellung, über die Ausbildung und dem teilweise harten Dienstalltag, bis hin zu seinen Beförderungen, sowie Waffen und Ausrüstung. Die Einführung verschafft dem Leser einen Ã?berblick über die US-Einheiten und Einrichtungen, dabei taucht er in teilweise kuriose Geschichten mit ein und nimmt Anteil an der damaligen Stimmung in Westberlin und unter den US-Soldaten. Ergänzt werden Stefan Sommers (teilweise recht humorvolle) Erlebnisse durch Kommentare und eigene Anekdoten vom Herausgeber und Co-Autor Thomas (Penny) Pfennig, der von 1987 bis 1993 auch im Guard Battalion diente.122 Taschenbuchseiten mit 49 farbigen und 20 s/w Fotos.

Stonewall Jackson´s Death

by Alfred Wallon

His name was Thomas Jonathan Jackson – but he became better known under his name of war Stonewall Jackson. He was one of the most able and brave officers in the Confederate Army. His own life was marked by military victories – until his own men accidentally shot him and injured Jackson during the Battle of Chancellorsville. This regrettable error led to his death on May 10, 1863.
STONEWALL JACKSON´S DEATH portrays, in a very clear and emotional way, the life and death of a man before the background of the American Civil War. A novel about war and death, but also about life, love and hope for something greater than doubt and sadness …

Bellum Academicus: War Academy

by Kevin Prewett

For Beckett Lang, his favorite new war simulation was simply a game. But to those unknown forces behind its creation, it had a much darker and far-reaching purpose. Inviting the best high school players in the country to join the Academy was only the beginning. Little did these players know they would soon be tasked with changing the global landscape, forever!

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Free poetry Kindle books for 31 Oct 18

#ghostmode: extended edition

by r.s. oceans

“#ghostmode” is an intimate collection of poetry and prose for the broken, the misfits and the troubled youth. It captures heartbreak, love, lust and loss in a society where love seems to no longer be an option.

Last Of The Greenwich Glamour Girls

by Jennifer Juan

Last Of The Greenwich Glamour Girls is the latest collection of poetry by Jennifer Juan. Navigating love, lust, loss and her light bill, Jennifer finds herself at odds with the world around her, and tackles it in the only way she knows how.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 31 Oct 18

Belonging (A Temptation Novel Series Book 2)

by Karen Ann Hopkins

For Noah and Rose, will love be enough?

“Belonging, the sequel to Temptation . . . places the reader in an Amish community filled with danger, suspense, romance, and mystery. The writing is addictive and fast-paced, leaving readers breathlessly waiting for more.” – Bethany Fort, Booklist Online

My family and friends thought I was crazy to leave my life behind for love.

No one thought I would last a day living with the Amish, and even I had my doubts. What would an ordinary girl like me do in this strange, foreign world, with so many rules, and so little freedom? I miss my family and the comfortable life I knew. And the hardest part is I’m not allowed to see Noah until I prove myself. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, yet I’m determined to show everyone that I do belong here, with him. But something evil in Meadowview threatens to destroy me and everything I hold dear. When my world comes crashing down, I’ll discover if love really does conquer all.

The intense and all-consuming story of the star-crossed lovers continues in this second installment as Rose and Noah’s fragile bonds are challenged and stretched to the breaking point.

Forever (A Temptation Novel Series Book 3)

by Karen Ann Hopkins

Two completely different worlds. Will love be enough?

“I cannot say enough good things about Forever and the entire series. Karen Ann Hopkins, without a doubt, is one of my favorite authors. Her books and writing style are exquisite. She really knows how to capture the reader’s heart and tell a heartwarming/breaking romance like none other.” – Bittersweet Enchantment Blog

All I ever wanted was my happily ever after, and I’d thought I’d found it the first time I laid eyes on Noah Miller.

It seems as if the whole world has been trying to keep us apart, throwing obstacle after obstacle in our path. Then everything changed. Now we have the one thing to bind us together foreverâ??or so we thought. Before we can celebrate, a force beyond our control strikes, ripping both our worlds apart. Now Noah and I must work together or risk our happily ever after turning into an impossible dream.

In this thrilling third installment of the Temptation series, hurdles for Noah and Rose are far from over. Family bonds are tested and strengthened. And life-altering choices are finally made.

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Free horror Kindle books for 31 Oct 18

Vampires of Rome

by Peter Joseph Swanson

In 16th century Rome, young Giotto gradually remembers how he became a vampire and how his new life became magically entangled with history and two of the world’s most ancient kings. Memories surface, bringing insight about his own lost family. And all the while, he drinks free blood at the underground tavern and befriends a gallant barmaid, both of them destined to discover the blood’s true wicked purpose and source.

Ghost in the Cowl (Ghost Exile #1) (World of the Ghosts)

by Jonathan Moeller

Caina Amalas was a nightfighter of the Ghosts, the spies and assassins of the Emperor of Nighmar, and through her boldness and cunning saved the Empire and the world from sorcerous annihilation.

But the victory cost her everything.

Now she is exiled and alone in the city of Istarinmul, far from her home and friends. Yet a centuries-old darkness now stirs in Istarinmul, eager to devour the city and the world itself.

And Caina is the only one that stands in its way…


Standing over six feet tall, Jonathan Moeller has the piercing blue eyes of a Conan of Cimmeria, the bronze-colored hair of a Visigothic warrior-king, and the stern visage of a captain of men, none of which are useful in his career as a computer repairman, alas.

He has written the DEMONSOULED series of sword-and-sorcery novels, and continues to write THE GHOSTS sequence about assassin and spy Caina Amalas, the COMPUTER BEGINNER’S GUIDE series of computer books, and numerous other works.

Wendigosis: A Paranormal Horror Novella

by Jack Norton


Join five college girls as they visit the remote northern Minnesota woods for a weekend of camping, cosplay and chaos. What starts out as innocent fun, quickly descends into supernatural madness where nothing is what it seems. Are the young women suffering from psychosis or being tormented by a mythical creature? The Wendigo is a spirit creature popular in Algonquian folklore. The Chippewa and Sioux people believe that spirit possession drives unsuspecting humans to psychosis with symptoms of intense craving for murder and cannibalism. Hailed for its themes of feminism and empowerment, the author invites you to come find the place where fear becomes madness. Wendigosis is the latest paranormal horror thriller from Emmy Award winning filmmaker and musician Jack Norton.


by Joel Green

Nathan Dreslin, professional con-man, was murdered and came back to life.

But he didn’t come back alone. In the corners of his vision lurks a dark, fanged thing that whispers to him…

Driven now by unearthly minions and pursued across the country, he must join forces with a scientist and a priest. Together they will unravel a horrifying mystery and confront a timeless evil that lies in wait in the Australian Outback.

Adversary is a slow-boil psychological horror novel that leaves the reader questioning what’s real. There is a sense of crawling dread with the growing awareness that something is out there, beyond the circle of firelight… watching.

Creep Factor: Thirteen Deeply Creepy Short Horror Stories

by Amanda Luzzader

It’s the feeling that something isn’t quite right. The glance of a stranger that lingers too long. A coworker who appears out of nowhere. Creep Factor is thirteen deeply creepy short horror stories that explore the awkward, unnerving, and the terrifying. From backstabbing roommates to vicious pets, from murderous spirits to soul-wracking nightmares, Creep Factor covers the savagely weird to the merely ghastly.

Spirit Talk: (Book One of the The Fiona Series)

by Colleen McManus Hein

In 1985, Fiona is a young woman from the suburbs of Chicago on the doorstep of the tidy life her parents planned for her: college, career, then hopefully marriage and children. Never mind the dead relatives who speak in Fiona’s ear. Never mind Fiona’s vivid dreams which then play out in real life. They are not part of the plan.

When a series of misfortunes interrupts Fiona’s fate, she finds herself living with her grandmother in a remote town in northern Minnesota. Grandma Mary has been shunned by Fiona’s parents due to her profession: fortune-teller and medium. As Fiona begins to learn her grandmother’s trade, she is finally allowed to embrace and explore the beautiful gift her parents tried to deny her.

And speaking of denial, Fiona falls for the one man in town who is off-limits. As her psychic abilities unfold, so does her heart. But is it safe for Fiona to open metaphysical and emotional doors? Probably not, but Fiona discovers she has more courage than she knew.

Book One in the Fiona Series.


by Darren Dash

When three friends go on holiday to Bulgaria, protecting themselves from sunburn is their only real concern, but when they run into a nightmarish beast unlike any they’ve ever imagined in the forested hills far from civilization, their vacation becomes a savage fight for survival.

“The beast licked its upper lip, teasing dried flakes of blood, remembering other bright nights when it had hunted and killed and wallowed in thick red juices. The beast could manoeuvre in total darkness but preferred nights like this, when it could see the blood dripping from its fingers, the terror in the eyes of its victims, its guts shifting sinuously as it ripped with its fangs and swallowed.”

Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach, Sunburn will introduce you to a monster like none you’ve seen before. The question is — will you survive the encounter or will your torn flesh and splintered bones be added to the scattered remains in the creature’s rat-ridden underground lair?


“The story flows like a dream, and the characters are diverse, divisive and distinct. Mr Dash can not only create a thrilling horror, but the kinds of characters, depth and quality with which he completes the novel bring it to a much higher level. Sunburn is engaging, horrific and visceral, interesting and truly well-written.” Matthew R Bell’s Book Blog Bonanza.

“Vivid and unrelenting… Dash fully realizes the unnamed monster in all of its grotesque, imposing physicality… the novel offers captivating tension and brutal, gory fun.” Kirkus Reviews.

“I cannot go on enough about the book, how great it is and how entertaining. This is an author who knows how to make the readers laugh, cry and scream in terror. To call this a must-read is an understatement!” Kelly Smith Reviews.

“A well-written and disturbing piece of fiction that explores relationships and delves into the deepest corners of the human mind. The plot reads like an international horror movie, enticing the reader with a series of detailed and comedic chapters before exploding into a vision of blood-chilling gore.” Books, Films & Random Lunacy.

“This demonic masterpiece does not fail to disappoint even the biggest of horror fans.” Crossing Pixies.

“A violent culmination of love, friendships, hilarity, thrill, horror and sexâ?¦ Isn’t that what we all want from a good book?! Sunburn literally had me completely HOOKED. A brilliant and thrilling read.” Chase That Horizon.

“The elements of classic horror are very much present here. Sunburn held me firmly in the moment, demanding my full attention right to the very last page.” Thoughts Of An Overactive Imagination.

“Darren Dash builds up the suspense with skillful pacing and a healthy dose of literary restraint, wisely refraining from indulging in the most horrific and grotesque elements of the plot until the reader has become invested in the characters. The result is a horror novel that is suspenseful, fun to read, and at times, very gruesome indeed. It also contains some very good reasons for never forgetting to wear sunscreen.” Safie Maken Finlay, author.

“Like the Hostel films, they have a lot of set up and then shizzle hits the fan… and then hits it again for good measure!” Dark Readers.

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Free travel Kindle books for 31 Oct 18

101 Amazing Things to Do in Costa Rica: Costa Rica Travel Guide (Backpacking Costa Rica, Budget Travel Costa Rica, Central America Travel Guide)

by 101 Amazing Things

Hey there! Congrats on finding the ultimate guide to Costa Rica!

This Costa Rica Guide is now available on paperback – So what are you waiting for?!

We think you’re hella lucky to be going to Costa Rica and this guide will let you in on all of the country’s travel secrets so you can have the best possible trip in places like Monteverde, Tamarindo, San Jose, Liberia, Tortuguero, and more.

Why You Need 101 Amazing Things to Do in Costa Rica

This Costa Rica guide is here to give you the inside track on:

  • the most delicious things to eat and drink, whether that happens to be fresh ceviche from a beach shack or a totally indulgent slice of tres leches cake
  • the most happening festivals, from a local festival in the hills that celebrates the local corn harvest through to a cowboy festival with live music and bullfighting
  • jaw dropping historical and cultural sights you won’t want to miss like spectacular shows in the country’s National Theatre and the incredible archaeological site of Guayabo
  • outdoor adventures you won’t forget in a hurry, whether you fancy getting close to the most adorable creatures by volunteering at a sloth sanctuary, or having a skydiving adventure to get your heart pumping
  • where to shop for authentic souvenirs so that you can remember your trip to Costa Rica forever
  • the best places to catch a show, some live music, and make local friends
  • and so much more awesomeness besides!

Get Your Copy Right NOW!!

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Greater Than a Tourist â?? Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA: 50 Travel Tips from a Local

by Patrick Freed

Are you excited about planning your next trip? Do you want to try something new while traveling? Would you like some guidance from a local? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is just for you.

Greater Than a Tourist – Pittsburgh, PA by Patrick Freed offers the inside scope on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Most travel books tell you how to travel like a tourist. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, as a part of the Greater than a Tourist series this book will give you tips and a bunch of ideas from someone who lives at your next travel destination.

In these pages you’ll discover local advice that will help you throughout your stay. Greater than a tourist is a series of travel books written by locals.
Travel like a local. Get the inside scope. Slow down, stay in one place, take your time, get to know the people and the culture of a place. Try some things off the beaten path with guidance. Patronize local business and vendors when you travel. Be willing to try something new and have the travel experience of a lifetime.

By the time you finish this book, you will be excited to travel to your next destination. Ten cents of each book purchased is donated to teaching and learning.

This book includes the full text plus bonus content of the book “50 Things to Know About Packing Light for Travel: Pack the Right Way Everytime”.

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Free sports Kindle books for 31 Oct 18

We Woz Robbed!: A Sarcastically Unbiased Look At Football!

by Chris Whyatt

A satirical look at our beautiful game. Past, present and future! A pocket book whirlwind of relentless sarcasm and witticisms, short stories and snippets!…Book excerpt: I saw Neymar collapse in a heap once and I admit, I was among the baying crowd, shouting at him to get up. I felt really guilty afterwards, remembering how he had been carried off on that stretcher, and then the full extent of his injury had come to light. Any ‘man’ who suffers a serious drop of hair style on one side, and suddenly realises he hasn’t put his emergency mini gel pack in his sock, is in serious trouble. At least a month out, I’d say.
The author also shares some of his own comical adventures in the world of football….at a slightly lower level!

Woods, Water and Wonderment

by John Negich

Why do we hunt and fish?

Woods, Water and Wonderment chronicles a lifetime spent in the outdoors hunting and fishing in the forests, streams and fields of Pennsylvania.

This book is a collection of short stories, as well as a few heartfelt poems, that describe my journey from a child exploring the wonders that Mother Nature presented me with, to an adult who honors the people, places and wonders that Hunting and Fishing has blessed me with.

If you, as a child, have ever watched a bobber floating on a farm pond during a bluebird summer day, or learned to appreciate quiet hours sitting silently in the woods on beautiful fall day, or ever shared a week with friends at a remote cabin deep in the mountains on deer season, this book will help shed a little light on why you and I are hunters and fishermen.

However, above all, hopefully it will help rekindle all of those precious memories of days gone by that we all cherish.

Takedowns For Grappler’s System Volume 4:: Front Headlock Series

by Ken Primola

The Takedowns For Grappler’s System Volume IV: Front Headlock Series is one of the most highly transferable series for grapplers out there today. The front headlock can lead to guillotine chokes, head and arm chokes, among other various submission and positional weapons.

Beetle Hd Animal Pictures Picture book Super Clear Photos

by Samuel Texas

Beautiful HD digital photo book showcasing clear photos of animals. You will love this picture book, fun for all ages.

Ants Hd Animal Pictures Picture book Super Clear Photos

by Samuel Texas

Beautiful HD digital photo book showcasing clear photos of animals. You will love this picture book, fun for all ages.

Crab Hd Animal Pictures Picture book Super Clear Photos

by Samuel Texas

Beautiful HD digital photo book showcasing clear photos of animals. You will love this picture book, fun for all ages.

Bear Hd Animal Pictures Picture book Super Clear Photos

by Samuel Texas

Beautiful HD digital photo book showcasing clear photos of animals. You will love this picture book, fun for all ages.

Flamingo Hd Animal Pictures Picture book Super Clear Photos

by Samuel Texas

Beautiful HD digital photo book showcasing clear photos of animals. You will love this picture book, fun for all ages.

Snake Hd Animal Pictures Picture book Super Clear Photos

by Samuel Texas

Beautiful HD digital photo book showcasing clear photos of animals. You will love this picture book, fun for all ages.

Reindeer Hd Animal Pictures Picture book Super Clear Photos

by Samuel Texas

Beautiful HD digital photo book showcasing clear photos of animals. You will love this picture book, fun for all ages.

Giraffe Hd Animal Pictures Picture book Super Clear Photos

by Samuel Texas

Beautiful HD digital photo book showcasing clear photos of animals. You will love this picture book, fun for all ages.

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 Oct 18

Hell Week (America Falls Book 1)

by Scott Medbury

No Maze… No Zombies… No Games…

Its Hell Week. America has just lost a war it didn’t even know had begun, and over 99% of the adult population is dead or dying.

Young loner Isaac Race forms a connection with a ragtag group of survivors as the ground invasion of his country begins. They have one chance to survive. There are rumors of a place – a sanctuary – where they might be safe, but its three states away. If Isaac and his friends are to survive the chaos of post-apocalyptic America and make the perilous journey, they’ll have to fight every step of the way and be prepared to do things that would have been unthinkable just weeks before.  

Hell Week is the first installment of AMERICA FALLS, a gripping survival adventure and story about who we are and who we have to become in order to survive.

What Amazon readers are saying:  

â??â??â??â??â?? “The characters are rich and believable, I was cheering, raging and crying as I read.”

â??â??â??â??â?? “The story kind of sneaks up on you and before you know it, the afternoon is gone.”

â??â??â??â??â?? “Compelling action! I could not stop reading this series… give me more, more, more!

â??â??â??â??â?? ” I LOVED IT! I couldn’t skip words or chapters or paragraphs, I was afraid I would miss something!!!

Click the buy button, start a series you won’t want to put down!

Dead Texas: Day Zero

by Derek Slaton

A plague has been released in Austin. It’s highly infectious, incredibly lethal, and turns the recently deceased into fast moving zombies with a taste for human flesh.

Rookie officer Lacy Sparks is thrust into the action when she is assigned to a federal strike force tasked with preventing the outbreak from becoming a full blown pandemic. It’s a race against the clock as she and her team struggles to survive against the growing forces of the undead.

Eaters of the Light

by J Edward Neill

Having waged war against the vampiric Strigoi for nearly a thousand years, the immortal Callista Lightbringer searches for a way to end the bitter conflict.
To find it, she must journey to humanity’s farthest reach. And she must bring the battle to the Strigoi home galaxy, known only as Hades.
In Hades, no light lives.
…except one.
The thrilling conclusion to the Eaters of the Light series begins now.

Eaters of the Light is the sequel to sci-fi hits Darkness Between the Stars & Shadow of Forever.

Vampire Nation

by H.T. Night

The brand-new vampire dystopian series by bestselling author, H.T. Night!

Four hundred years into the future, in a dystopian world inside a sphere city called VAMPIRE NATION, there are only three choices for humans: be turned into a vampire at the age of eighteen, become a breeder, or become a feeder slave.

On the eve of her required turning ceremony, Ariana Waters has second thoughts about becoming a vampire. She won’t be able to bear natural daylight anymore…or have children. And she will not only be bound to obey their vampire creed, she might be expected to participate in genocide. She’s desperate to find an alternative to the legal agreement she’s made. However, her delay or departure from her agreement to turn could get her and her whole family executed for treason.

Her best friend is a vampire. Her worst enemy is a vampire. And her allies are few and far between. Who can she trust?

When the family’s feeder human becomes worn out and is replaced by a handsome young man with the kind of strength she’s never seen in anyone, her heart tries to rule her head. Complicating matters is a male friend whose romantic pursuit of her is one week from his own scheduled turning.

She’s torn asunder by the strict laws where vampires rule humans, spies are everywhere, and punishment for lawbreakers is swift and final.

As Ariana encounters dark secrets about vampire society, time is running out before her turning ceremony. Will she find a solution to her dilemma, will she turn, or will she destroy everyone she loves?

It’s not just her own life at stake…

La otra Bogotá (Spanish Edition)

by Andrés F. Ramírez Gómez

Camilo, un estudiante universitario, viaja en el tiempo a la Bogotá de 1800 gracias a un proyecto de su institución educativa. �l tan solo es un observador de la historia, pero sin quererlo, puede convertirse en un personaje de la misma, poniendo en riesgo su propia existencia y la de la Bogotá que conocemos.

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Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 31 Oct 18

Susan’s Rumspringa: A collection of Amish romance

by Sabrina Vicks

An anthology of Amish romance stories…
Amish girl Susan runs into all kinds of trouble as she begins his Rumspringa. Her antics make her into a social media sensation and she catches the eye of a handsome Englischer named Robert. But word gets back to her mother about her exploits during Rumspringa and she is immediately called back home. Will Susan stay and enjoy her newfound freedom or will she return home to the community that raised her?

Intermittent Fasting For Beginners Guide : The #1 Weight Loss Guide To Start Losing 20 Pounds From Today , While Having The Food You Loved (Bonus : 10 free recipes)

by Owen Woods

Are you tired of weight loss?
Are you fighting with food you love while diet?
Would you like to never need to lose weight again?

If you answered “YES!”, then you need to look no further than this book!

If you have ever thought to yourself :

  • Feel guilty when you look at yourself in the mirror?
  • How can I put on those sexy swimsuit on the beach again?
  • When will it be my turn to lose weight and regain my confidence?
  • Imagine how your life would become if you have a sexy and healthy body that you have ever dreamed possible.

    For instance, can you imagine that…

  • Your friends are stunned and envy your body?
  • Have the authority to wear every clothes you want?
  • The man/woman you craving about is amazed by your big change?
  • Comfortably Lying on the beach and never feel shamed again?
  • In this no-nonsense, no-holds-barred guide, this book will show you exactly how to live the lifestyle you really want, have the food you love, and never need to lose weight again.

    Mermaid’s Destiny: A Mermaid & Dragon Shifter Romance Series (Meragon Book 1)

    by Mira Crest

    Mermaids. Dragon Shifters. A tale of adventure and magic. A love that transcends all bounds.

    Cirona’s the royal heir of the Merfolk, locked up in a dark prison. The last thing she recalls is a strong and handsome man falling into the sea from above before the ominous black clouds close in. In the prison with her is a large and mighty black dragon, Argun.

    Argun is the mighty prince of the Dragons, whose strength are as legendary as their pride. But even strength alone is no match for the evil that has arisen. When Argun is robbed of his powers, their only chance at survival hinges on both utilizing their own strengths and their ability to iron out differences that have plagued both races for countless ages.

    A must-read for fans of:
    *Action Adventure Fantasy
    *Dragon Shifter Romance Books
    *Mermaid Fantasy Books
    *Mermaid Tales
    *Dragon Epic Adventure Genre
    *Epic Adventure Fantasy Genre
    *Mermaid Romance Books

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