Free fiction Kindle books for 22 Oct 18

Rescued (A McKenzie Ridge Novel Book 1)

by Stephanie St. Klaire

Just as the walls start to come down, boundaries redefine, and things heat up, tragedy hits the small mountain town of McKenzie Ridge.

Sexy EMT Dawson Tayler made hearts break, and panties melt with a single look. Far from home, in the charming tourist town, he lives a simple life his family would be appalled by – if they were alive. Dawson suddenly finds his satisfying life, emotionless as it was, changing the night he nearly loses her.

The storming ball of fire, that is Nurse Sam Taylor, defined the word fighter. At five feet and a handful of inches, beautiful Sam was kind, giving, and a complete hard ass. Abandonment was a lesson Sam learned early on, leaving her with a hardened heart as a result. Men were as necessary as a hang nail and weren’t part of her plan, until him.

After months of shameless flirting, and generating steam everyone in their circle could see but them, the unlikely couple agreed to a friend’s only breakfast that turned into every morning – for weeks. Committed to the single life, this was not a relationship, and they definitely were not dating.

Does Dawson’s past and present collide and ruin what they have built? Will her secret be the deal breaker that ends this affair, before it even begins? Their steamy romance rushes through suspenseful twists, turns, and malice. Will Dawson and Sam find a happily ever after, or, is there someone else lurking in McKenzie Ridge trying to destroy it all?

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 22 Oct 18

Tiny Letters: Letters to Some Folks I’ve Met

by Michael Scott

We meet a whole bunch of people in our lives, and we don’t always get to say everything we want to say. Here, Michael Scott has tried to say everything to everyone he can think of to say anything to in three lines or less.

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Free philosophy Kindle books for 22 Oct 18

O ano de 1961: Excerto do livro Desobedecer (Coleção Exit) (Portuguese Edition)

by Frédéric Gros

Capítulo 7 do livro Desobedecer. Sinopse do livro completo:
Negar-se a obedecer às ordens de um superior incompetente ou a leis injustas, resistir ao professor, ao padre, ao policial quando abusam de seu poder. O que torna a desobediência tão difícil? Frédéric Gros faz neste ensaio uma reflexão sobre um tipo de desobediência que exige esforço, que provoca o questionamento das hierarquias, mas também dos hábitos, do conforto, da resignação, para defender o que ele chama de democracia crítica.
Retomando uma trajetória que parte do pensamento antigo e do clássico Discurso da servidão voluntária, de La Boétie, passando por Thoreau e sua Desobediência civil e o caso Eichmann comentado por Hannah Arendt, entre outros, o autor nos faz descobrir que a verdadeira reflexão sobre a desobediência política depende da resposta à pergunta primordial: Por que obedecemos? A obediência busca estabelecer, sem limites, o domínio político, mas cria principalmente a cegueira e a aceitação do mundo, o medo da desordem sem julgamento. A desobediência só pode ser construída com a resistência ética e a democracia crítica.


“Há muitas formas de desobedecer – e também de obedecer, cada uma com seu próprio teor ético e politico. O filósofo francês Frédéric Gros destrincha essas formas a partir de uma ‘estilística da obediência’, buscando a raiz da ‘ética política’ que dá sentido e razão aos atos de desobediência [â?¦]. Esse é o mote de Desobedecer.”

– Diego Viana, Quatro cinco um

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Free war Kindle books for 22 Oct 18

Oh-Three-Eleven (Oh-Three-Series Book 1)

by Christopher Bast

0311 is the United States Marine Corps designation for a rifleman, Marines who are the backbone of the fighting organization. Team Leader Nathan Carter and SAW Gunner Travis McGrath are two riflemen and brothers-in-arms in Afghanistan who try to find a balance between their personal lives and the battlefield. But no matter the hurdles they face, the loyalty they have for each other and their fellow Marines comes first.

Killian’s Rage

by K.L. Brose

In the CIA, the U.S. Navy SEALS, and work as a Private Security Contractor, Jonathan Killian had been there and done that. A true patriot that had shed his fair share of sweat and blood on just about every continent, he was driven by the men that stood on either side of him that he called brothers. Killian had given his all to his country and his men, and had watched the politicians take their greedy cuts from the backs and souls of those who fought and died for the red, white, and blue. Time and time again, he saw them make their greedy deals and shady calls. He was done with that, so he thought, undecided on where or what to do next. But Killian had no plans to go back into the game, that was, until they came for him and his men. One by one his guys were being executed, and he was top on the list. They came for him, and unleashed a furor that they couldn’t have imagined. Killian was hell bent on stopping the killings, finding those responsible, and finding the truth. What came next was borne in fields and beaches and deserts across the globe. It was what they should have known was coming, Killian’s Rage.

Blood Will Have Blood

by Oliver T. Spedding

After two years of military training in Brazil and Cuba, FRANCO CASTILLO, a member of the Chilean Revolutionary Left Movement (M.I.R.) returns to Chile in 1980 with the intention of contributing to the overthrow of the Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet and his military junta. He plans to build a bomb and detonate it at the Santiago Stock Exchange during a visit by the top military officers of the Chilean Secret Police.
While building the bomb Franco goes to watch a football match at the National Stadium of Chile in Santiago. At the game he meets an old friend of his, DIEGO MARTINEZ, who invites him to visit him and gives him his address on a piece of paper.
Franco builds the bomb but while travelling to the Stock Exchange to place the bomb, it detonates prematurely in the Santiago CBD, killing him and killing and injuring a number of civilians. During the ensuing Secret Police investigation the note with Diego Martinez’s address on it is discovered in Franco’s shack at the Raul Silva shanty town in Santiago. Diego is arrested as a suspected accomplice of Franco Castillo and brutally tortured by two members of the Secret Police, Captain ARMANDO CASTRO and Captain CARLOS ALVAREZ but is eventually released. Diego swears revenge on the two police officers.
But how can Diego possibly take on the might of “Pinochet’s Gestapo” and achieve the revenge that he needs?

“Nothing is more costly, nothing is more sterile, than vengeance.” – Winston S. Churchill

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 22 Oct 18

Saving Simona (Alone In The World Trilogy Book 1)

by Rebekah Blackmore


Mercy Porter was too young to appreciate the life that she had until she was kidnapped in 1863 and became Georgiana “Gia” Fletcher, the daughter of England’s most infamous prostitution ring leader. Now it is 1871, and Gia has just become wrapped up in the kidnapping of a young girl by the name of Simona Dickens.

Unfortunately, the kidnapping goes wrong, and Gia is left for dead in the woods surrounding the Dickens’ property. Once she is rescued, she finds herself on a wild adventure with Simona’s sister, Luciana, to bring Simona back home where she belongs.

52,000 words.

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Free world literature Kindle books for 22 Oct 18

Sundown Apocalypse

by Leo Nix

The end of days is approaching. Terrorist organizations have taken out all major superpowers, cleansing the planet of the ‘disease of civilization’.

In this radically changed world, small bands of survivors are forced to confront an overwhelming enemy. They fight back the only way they can – with sudden and savage violence.

One of them – a man only known as Sundown – is struggling with his inner demons. Together with an ex-IRA commander and a retired CIA agent, they lead a determined band of survivors to defeat their enemy – and to stay alive in the harsh, unforgiving Australian desert.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 22 Oct 18

The Bridal Train Murder (Mail Order Bride Cozy Mystery Romance Book 1)

by Terri Grace

1884, Pittsburg. When Betty Muller’s parents die untimely deaths due to the heartlessness of their employers, Betty is forced to take their place on the factory line or run away. She flees to find help from Mrs. Molly White, proprietor of the Cozy Bridal Agency.

Amateur Sleuth and champion of the underdog, Molly, organizes for Betty to marry a fine man on the Frontier.

When Benjamin Warner, the wicked factory owner’s son, turns up at the train station destined to travel on the same train West, Betty fears for her future. When Benjamin later turns up dead in his private carriage, all fingers point to the grieving Betty.

Can Molly, and Betty’s waiting husband, unravel the mystery and expose the real culprit before Betty faces swift Western justice? Or will Betty’s marriage to her intended never take place?

Bridal Train Murder is a Mail Order Bride Cozy Mystery Romance that will keep you guessing right to the end.

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Finding Love in the Blue Ridge Mountains Romance Box Set : Whiter than Snow Call of the Mountain Mountain Man Smoky Mountain Sunrise (Lost In Love Book 7)

by Yvonne Lehman

If You Like Clean, Wholesome Romances, You’ll Love “Finding Love in the Blue Ridge Mountains” !

(*__*) Read it for FREE with Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime

BOOK 1: Whiter than Snow

Jennifer Collins, with a broken arm and cracked ribs. is trapped in her home by the blizzard of the century. Without power or telephone service, and with gale-force winds threatening to tear the roof off her trembling house, she waits for help.

Assistance comes in the form of Rick Jenkins, a volunteer fireman with search-and-rescue certification. Rick seeks to take her to a shelter, but when a toppling tree crashes his truck, Rick and Jennifer must concentrate on simply staying alive until other help can arrive.

As Jennifer learns more about her unexpected guest, she recognizes the pain that has frozen his soul. She believes God has brought them together for a reason, but will Rick be able to acknowledge that? Can he face his wounds and forgive so that he can once again feel the gentle warmth of God’s love and a woman’s tender care?

BOOK 2: Call of the Mountain

Beth’s beliefs call her to act, but can she accept the risk?

When her younger sister offers an ultimatum, Beth’s life spirals into chaos. “Either adopt my baby when it is born, or I’ll get an abortion.” Will the man she is dating accept the responsibility of a son or daughter? How can Beth balance the demands of work and motherhood on her own?

An unplanned visit to the mountains of North Carolina gives Beth an opportunity to clarify her plans. But when the man of her dreams seems to fall for her younger, pregnant, sister, will Beth find the strength to sacrifice her desires so that good can come to those she loves?

BOOK 3: Mountain Man

A “Briskin” had dared to trespass on forbidden Maxwell landâ??and that spells trouble.

Meera Briskin is determined to find out for herself whether the Maxwells are the unmitigated rogues she has been taught to hate. The long-standing feud between the two families that began three generations agoâ??the result of a chestnut tree blight brought in from the Far Eastâ??is still very much alive.

Posing as a participant at a writers’ conference held at the famous Chestnut Lodge, run by none other than Elliot Maxwell, Meera soon is caught in the web of her own deception. Should she admit to being a Briskin and face immediate expulsion? Or should she linger, knowing that with each passing day that her feelings for her enemy grow stronger?

There’s madness in these mountainsâ??and in the heart of one Briskin daughter.

BOOK 4: Smoky Mountain Sunrise

He was King of the Mountain. Could he rule her heart, too?

When she agreed to be dashing Andre Doudet’s girl for a summer in the incomparable Smoky Mountains, Ramona Martin thought: What possible harm could it do?

Now caught up in a web of deceit, Rae finds herself face-to-face with some of the most challenging tests of her lifeâ??as an athlete, as a woman in love, as a Christian. Is posing as Andre’s girlfriend a game worth winning?

Finding Love in the Blue Ridge Mountains … Contemporary Christian fiction portraying real-to-life characters in search of lasting love in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Written for the General Market (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations, violence, or strong language. May also contain some content of an inspirational/religious nature. Similar romance novels in this genre may be categorized as: christian romance, inspirational romance, christian fiction, and clean, wholesome romance.

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Free horror Kindle books for 22 Oct 18

Sapphire, a Werewolf Love Story

by Devyn Dawson

Your heart can’t be broken if you don’t take a risk. Sapphire took a risk, and her heart broke in two.

Werewolves can’t disobey their alpha, and Parker, the ever loyal beta, obeys his alpha’s order. He knew it was going to hurt her, but he didn’t know what losing her was going to do to him.

“Sapphire, A Werewolf Love Story is a hypnotic, exotic and steamy read. Think Twilight with a little bit of 50 Shades of Grey.” – Beauty Brite Reviews

“The romantic plot was outstanding. This author has a knack for bringing characters to life. I definitely recommend this author’s books to anyone who likes paranormal Werewolf novels.” – Reviewer

Mature Content Warning 18+

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Free sports Kindle books for 22 Oct 18

.224 Kritzeck

by J.R. Kritzeck

A short introduction to a newly designed Cartridge for Semi Automatic Rifles.

Jiu Jitsu: Inside Guard Passing (Middle Distance)

by Ken Primola

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you will have to pass the guard from many different distances. When you drill down and get to the nitty gritty you will switch ranges. You have to understand the game in-depth to get ahead – especially today as the game is progressing rapidly. Inside Guard Passing will give you the edge you need when passing guard. You will learn how to pierce through guards that were once impassable. Everyone things they can just throw a persons legs by or do a bull pass. But what happens when you must engage on the inside? It’s a different ball game when you know the strategies and where to be in all situations. This book will help you get there faster.

Stoffwechsel beschleunigen: Der schnellste und einfachste Weg zur Traumfigur – Wie Du in kürzester Zeit deinen Stoffwechsel extrem ankurbeln und dauerhaft Fett verbrennen kannst (German Edition)

by Michael Frank

Die ultimativen und erprobten Methoden zum Erreichen deiner Traumfigur! Wie Du auf einfache Weise deinen Stoffwechsel beschleunigen und dauerhaft Fett verbrennen kannst!

Um den Stoffwechsel anzuregen und dauerhaft Fett verbrennen zu können, benötigt es das Wissen über die Grundlagen der Ernährung und die effektiven Methoden, um den Stoffwechsel dauerhaft auf hohem Niveau zu halten. Auch ich habe mir dies über viele Monate hinweg angeeignet und praktisch angewandt. Durch die erste Diät, der Anwendung der Ernährungsgrundlagen und der Methoden war es mir möglich bereits innerhalb von 4 Wochen 10 kg abzunehmen. Aber es benötigt nicht monatelange Recherche, denn alles was Du wissen musst, habe ich in diesem Buch zusammengefasst.

  • Kämpfst Du seit längerer Zeit mit deinem Gewicht, obwohl Du bereits viele Diäten durchgeführt hast?
  • Nimmst Du schnell an Gewicht zu und nur mäÃ?ig bis gar nicht ab?
  • Fühlst Du dich oft schlapp, erschöpft und ausgepowert?
  • Dann besitzt Du nun die Möglichkeit dies alles zu ändern! Mit dem Wissen in diesem Buch wirst Du dauerhaft und effektiv Fett verbrennen und deinen Stoffwechsel auf das Maximum stellen!

    Die folgenden Punkte lernst du unter anderem in diesem Buch:

  • Die genaue Erklärung des Stoffwechsels als Grundlage zur Fettverbrennung
  • Wieso unser Stoffwechsel so wichtig ist
  • Die Grundlagen der Ernährung
  • Wie Du diese Ernährungsgrundlagen auf dich anwenden kannst
  • Die Grundvoraussetzung zum Fett verbrennen
  • Die 7 besten Lebensmittel zum Stoffwechsel beschleunigen
  • Die 7 effektivsten Methoden zum Stoffwechsel beschleunigen und dauerhaft Fett verbrennen
  • und noch vieles mehrâ?¦
  • Fett verbrennen und Stoffwechsel beschleunigen muss nicht kompliziert sein. Mit den beschriebenen Methoden kannst Du einfach und schnell deine Fettdepots zum Schmelzen bringen!

    Für wen ist dieses Buch nicht geeignet

  • Menschen, die keine Disziplin besitzen
  • Menschen, die falsche Glaubenssätze besitzen und nicht offen für neue Dinge sind
  • Menschen, die auch zukünftig ihre Traumfigur nicht erreichen wollen
  • Menschen, die durch Ã?bergewicht weiterhin ihre Gesundheit gefährden wollen
  • Wie kannst Du dieses Buch lesen

  • Mit einem Kindle Reader das E-Book, den Du auf Amazon erhältst
  • Mit der Kindle App, um das E-Book auch ohne den Kindle Reader auf deinem PC, Mac, Smartphone oder Tablet lesen zu können
  • Als Taschenbuch mit 115 Seiten!
  • Welcher Bonus erwartet dich im Buch

  • Bonus #1 Ein auf dich abgestimmter Kalorienrechner
  • Bonus #2 Eine unfehlbare Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung zum Stoffwechsel beschleunigen und Fett verbrennen
  • Du erhältst eine 100% Geld-zurück-Garantie!

  • Innerhalb von 7 Tagen ist es möglich, dein Buch an Amazon zurückzugeben
  • Du besitzt somit keinerlei Risiko, das du eingehen musst
  • Starte also sofort mit deiner Verwandlung und erreiche endlich deine Traumfigur!

    â?¤â?¤â?¤Klicke jetzt auf den Button â??1-Click” und erhalte sofort dein Exemplar!

    Stimmen meiner Leser:

  • “Durch das Anwenden des Wissens aus diesem Buch hat sich mein Leben schlagartig verändert! Ich ernähre mich bewusster, mein Stoffwechsel ist super und ich bin auf dem Weg zu meiner lang ersehnten Traumfigur!” – Kathrin
  • “Ein super Buch im Bereich Stoffwechsel, Ernährung und Abnehmen!” – Peter D.
  • “Es gibt ja bekanntlich viele Bücher zum Thema Stoffwechsel und Abnehmen. Aber in diesem Buch wird es auf einfache und verständliche Weise erklärt, sodass es jeder verstehen und anwenden kann! Ich kann es nur jedem empfehlen.” – Sabrina

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    Free science fiction Kindle books for 22 Oct 18

    Tales from a fallen hand: The connected worlds of JP Thomson

    by JP Thomson

    Tales from the connected worlds of JP Thomson. A collection of stories, sometimes magical, sometimes brutal, but with a cautionary sting that captures the mind of this unusual author.

    Blood Grains Speak Through Memories

    by Jason Sanford

    In the distant future nanotechnology “grains” are fully intermeshed with Earth’s ecology, enabling enhanced humans to protect the lands they live on while forcing other humans to live nomadic lives. An enhanced human named Frere-Jones doubts her role in what she believes is a tyrannical system, yet sees no way to change her fate. But when a nomadic girl becomes infected with the grains, Frere-Jones is forced to finally confront her ultimate role in life.

    Finalist for the Nebula Award for Best Novelette
    Longlisted for the Hugo Award for Best Novelette

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