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Songwriter Trivia: 101 Quiz Questions About the History, Craft, and Business of Songwriting

by Robert W. Valenti

Learn about songwriting while having fun! Songwriter Trivia is a celebration of the music makers that paved the way.

Featuring 101 multiple-choice questions about famous songwriters, producers, and lyricists, this fun book is an entertaining way to learn music history. It examines the songs of legends like Carole King and Isaac Hayes, while referencing popular music industry career terms and techniques.

Whether you are looking to become a professional musician, or are seeking tools and tips to help write better songs, this trivia will refresh your creative mind. Learn about writers that defined musical genres and eras, while getting a review of performance rights organizations, royalties, and songwriting terms.

Sample Question:
When a song is used in a TV show or movie, this is submitted to a songwriter’s performance rights organization to make sure royalties are paid to the interested parties and owners.

A.Song Register
B.Cue Sheet
C.Tune Log
D.Music Report
“Hound Dog” was written by:

B.Buddy Holly
C.Big Mama Thornton
D.None of the Above
Famed lyricist and long-time writing partner alongside Elton John.

A.Jeff Barry
B.Bernie Taupin
C.Burt Bacharach
D.Don Kirschner


by David Walker

A single vibrating string can make a sound. But the many vibrating strings of instruments in an orchestra can make music.
But is music simply a sound?

What is music? We know that music can thrill us, sadden us or inspire us. We feel goosebumps rise on our skin as we listen to a favorite melody, and we are whisked back to old memories by hearing the opening bars of a song.
Why does music affect us in such a way?

The Book, through reaserch, aims to understand everything about music: it’s basic structure; it’s biological, emotional and psychological effect on humans and the brain; it’s healing and altering potential; and its function in the evolutionary process. Why can a person relate to music without learning it first? Why does music evoke such an emotional response? How did music come to be?

Wiggle: Super Powers You Never Knew You Had: Develop Resilience, Build Confidence, Trust Yourself, Be Creative, and Take Action to Achieve Your Goals (Lessons Learned From Positive Psychology)

by Dr. Carolynn Cobb

Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like To Have Super Powers?

What would you do if you had the Self-Confidence of your favorite Hero?

Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Carolynn Cobb shows you how to crush life’s obstacles with this 7-step method of navigating life by using your super powers. Yes, you have Super Powers! It’s time to dust them off and start living the life you were meant to live.

Learn how to Trust Yourself, Make Good Decisions, Build Your Self-Confidence, Be Resilient, Creative, and Grounded. Take Action like a Super Hero. You don’t have to Look Like a Super Hero to BE ONE!

Katy Perry: How a Conservative Musician Turned Naughty!

by Douglas Parker

The “Roar” singer is the richest among all the young musicians. She’s has been married once, has learned hard lessons, has tried ever harder and has proved that talent knows no limits. Her controversial lyrics have got her extraordinary success. This book contains the facts and information that every Katy Perry fan must know.

KISS SAKURAIAYU (Japanese Edition)


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From symbolic temple to dematerialization: a journey through library architecture from the 20th to the 21st century

by Daniel Gil-Solés

This book is the result of the extension and improvement of the article that, with the same title, was published in issue 38 of June 2017 of the digital journal BiD: textos universitaris de biblioteconomia i documentació. This expansion and improvement has consisted in the addition of new sections that complement and deepen the argumentation already expressed in the article, together with the inclusion of new bibliographical references, as well as the presence of an epilogue that, as a kind of philosophical and professional reflection, serves as a conclusion. In addition, a prologue has also been included, by the architect Josep Maria Miró i Gellida -responsible for the Nitidus studios- and who is the author of the future Provincial Public Library of Barcelona, which has yet to be built (and which is one of the oldest and most persistent demands of the librarian collective in Catalonia). As with the publication of the article, the book also aims to establish an evolution in the architecture of libraries throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. This evolution highlights the different transformations that the library buildings have undergone, adapting to different forms, but above all to respond to the different social and cultural realities and also changing characteristics of each period and each historical moment. It proposes an evolution divided into 5 major architectural transformations. For each of these five transformations, one or more paradigmatic libraries from around the world are presented, clearly exemplifying the transformation to which reference is to be made. Each presentation is accompanied by an explanation of its main characteristics in terms of spaces and architecture, to finally argue this decision based on quotations from external sources and also with its own argumentation. It should be noted that quotations from other languages have been translated into Spanish. The result is a chronological and historical evolution that serves to frame and contextualize, ultimately, the fifth and final current transformation of libraries. The book also includes an extensive bibliography that should serve as a starting point for future and new studies on the subject. This book talks about the libraries of the Mancomunitat de Catalunya; of the Stockholm Public Library, the work of Erik Gunnar Asplund; from the Viipuri Library of Alvar Aalto; of the Exeter Library, work of Louis I. Kahn; of the Media Library of Sendai, work of Toyo Ito; from the University Library of Amsterdam, the work of Ira Koers and Roelof Mulders; from the Library of the Art University of Mushino de Sou Fujimoto, among many others.

Pinhole Photography

by Nick Papadakis

This e-book is a 49-pinhole photo album published on The target of this publication is the promotion of PLC* as well as the chance for those photographers who have never got pinhole shooting experience to try and why not, be more creative and artistic.

* PLC is the simplest and cheapest way to transform your dSLR to a pinhole camera.

Outdoor photography without a photo camera

by Nick Papadakis

The aim of this manual is to describe and suggest ways for the development of pictures without the use of a camera (compact, dSLR, mobile). If you follow the instructions you will have fun, you’ll feel creative and maybe joyful.

Many of the described ways could be applied to the interior part of a place as well, but I encourage you to apply them outside. Outside in the open space offers much more opportunities. Not to mention that every attempt turns into an adventure. As you move far from the supposedly civilized world to the wilderness of the countryside you realize how your stamina and potential develop.

It doesn’t have to do with your age group. Pretend this manual is your new toy or board game. Let’s play!

Social Media Superstar

by Theo Sosa

Social Media is replacing the real world as a way to interact and gain followers and an influential social media presence is necessary for any business as well as to create added value to any real world relationships. In this book you will find how you can move your social media presence into the next level.

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