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All Things Shining:: An Oral History of the Films of Terrence Malick

by Paul Maher Jr.

All Things Shining: An Oral History of the Films of Terrence Malick is a collection of interviews, part history, part anecdote that details the journey of American film director Terrence Malick, from his boyhood in Oklahoma and Texas to the filming of Song to Song in 2017. The cinematic world of Malick is explored by those that have known, worked with or experienced Terrence Malick’s private universe up close and personal. Using previously published interviews and articles, as well as material researched by the author, All Things Shining promises to be an instantly readable and informative account of one of the world’s most reclusive and enigmatic filmmakers.

Life after death

by Jaysing Valvi

This book can change your life because the after death many people thing that our life is end ,but not like that there is peace in the heaven life after death energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transferred from one substance to another therefore your soul is that energy and you body is a substance , so substance gets destroyed and your energy passes to another that is life after death .

The Life of Mikey: A Memoir

by Michael K. Willis

Michael “Mikey” K. Willis spent his most impressionable years in southern Appalachia. In his eye-opening new memoir, he perfectly captures the local culture of 1960s rural North Carolina. Willis’s memoir shows both the unique heritage of the region and his personal struggles as a young man growing up in an abusive family.

The mountains of North Carolina serve as a deterrent to outsiders, but the locals embrace the beautiful scenery and rugged isolation. This isolation serves to make Mikey’s life a living hell. Even in the wild beauty of the mountains, he can’t escape the violent actions of his parents. If his father isn’t missing, he is beating young Mikey. But his neighbors know Mikey’s father only as the pastor of the local Baptist church. As Willis explores this early-childhood trauma, he also chronicles his encounters with southern gospel music, baptisms, and revival meetings.

Things change for his family when his father accepts a position at a church in Asheville, North Carolina. Mikey suddenly finds himself in the big city. As he makes new friends and encounters the pangs of first love, he finally stands up to his father and plans a better future for himself.


by Anna Revell

Josef Mengele Angel of Death: A Biography of Nazi Evil

Better known as the Angel of Death today Dr. Josef Mengele is best remembered for the series of grisly experiments and murders he carried out during the Holocaust.

Born in 1911 to a wealthy family in Ulm in southern Germany the young Josef Mengele studied both medicine and philosophy at university, whilst there he became particularly interested in the field of eugenics. The science of eugenics was at the peak of its popularity during the early decades of the twentieth century. Mengele’s interest in eugenics was developed further when, as a young practitioner, came under the guidance of Dr. von Verschuer, a prominent German eugenicist.

During the following chapters, we shall look at how Germany’s turbulent, racist and anti-Semitic society, which was particularly virulent in the post World War I Weimar Republic period, shaped the views of the young Josef Mengele. This ultimately led to him joining the Nazi party, an organization that held similar views to Mengele on the subject of eugenics. The Nazi party would also allow him free reign to conduct his ghastly experiments.

This Josef Mengele biography details the life and crimes of the Angel of Death

The Prom Mom and other stories: A Collection of True Crime

by Pete Yoder

An anthology of True Crime detailing the exploits of murderous women, young and old. This anthology is headlined by “The Prom Mom”. If ever there was a case where the facts tell just a fraction of the story, then it is the one of Melissa Drexler.
The bare details -teenage woman attends the school prom, gives birth to a baby, murders it, and returns to the dance floor – suggest a woman of such callousness that she should still be incarcerated twenty years after her crime. But there is so much more to this story than the tip of the iceberg presented above. Below the surface exists a body of deadly details that suggest such a crime is deserving of forensic examination, not just of the bloody and tragic evidence that was tried in court, but in a way that might offer us a deeper insight into the reasons why such horrors can occur.

A Kevin Smith Scrapbook

by David Gati

Before Kevin Smith was a comic book writer, podcaster, actor, author, and raconteur, in 1993, he made Clerks for $27,575. Twenty-five years later, there is a book which tells his story, in his own words, of the making of Clerks, as well as his 11 other films.

A KEVIN SMITH SCRAPBOOK is an anthology of stories, pictures and art related to the same down-and-dirty Kev his fans have grown to love. Compiled and edited by David Gati, it is a humorous and insightful book about Kevin’s filmmaking journey, with Kevin letting us in on his process of writing, directing, casting, shooting, and editing his films including:

Chasing Amy
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Jersey Girl
Clerks II
Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Cop Out
Red State
Yoga Hosers

For those who love independent film, they can read his honest and uncensored thoughts, as well as see on-set stills, candid photos, memorabilia, reviews and over 40 pieces of fan art from around the world. It was his creating of an interconnected universe, the “ViewAskewniverse”, which really adds to our understanding of present-day popular culture. Starting off as a lower middle-class New Jersey kid and never abandoning who he was, Kevin is able to say something powerful that gives people permission to do their own thing, to live out their own dreams. It’s time to celebrate Kevin.

El Loco Emprendedor (Spanish Edition)

by Melvin Escobar

El libro se llama “El loco emprendedor” porque sus ideas siempre fueron locas para los demás, hasta que se convirtieron en prósperas y lucrativas realidades.

El autor es un empresario innovador y muy humano, sus éxitos empresariales se dan principalmente por formar equipos de trabajo eficientes con excelentes condiciones laborales, que enfrentan día a día con entusiasmo y enfocados en solucionar problemas de la empresa o buscando nuevas oportunidades para la misma. “Cuando los emprendedores tenemos al mejor socio de todos, a Dios y seguimos el camino correcto, el ser auténticos, creer en nuestros productos y servicios, podemos dejar de lado los paradigmas de las puertas cerradas o los necesarios â??conectes’ para triunfar”.

A través de sus experiencias, algunas divertidas otras con mucho drama, proporciona enseñanzas prácticas para no desfallecer en la búsqueda del éxito. Volviéndose una guía para volver lucrativas tus ideas por muy locas que parezcan.

â?«Ù?عاÙ?Ù?Ø© بÙ? أبÙ? سفÙ?اÙ?â?¬ (Arabic Edition)

by عباس Ù?Ø­Ù?Ù?د اÙ?عÙ?اد

Yamatodamashii: Unter dem Zeichen der Kirschblüte (German Edition)

by Peter Angerer

Im Alter von nun 50 Jahren blicke ich auf eine bewegte Karriere im Vollkontakt Kampfsport gegen Athleten aus allen Ländern der Welt zurück. Ich bin der Ansicht, dass die Kämpfe eines Kriegers auch Spiegelbild seines Schaffens, seines Lebens und seines Charakters sind. Ich möchte in diesem Werk einige meiner wohl (für mich) bedeutendsten Kämpfe schildern. Doch nehmen Sie bitte nicht an, dass ich hier selbstherrlich über meine Siege als Heldentaten schreibe, denn zumeist werde ich hier über Kämpfe berichten, die ich verloren habe.

Die Niederlage zeigt einem unverblümt die eigenen Fehler und Schwächen, den Mangel an Konsequenz. Aus Niederlagen lernt man; zumindest habe ich jede einzelne Niederlage von mir als Anlass genommen, mich weiter zu entwickeln, mein Wissen und Fähigkeiten zu erweitern und damit einen weiteren Meilenstein auf meinem Weg als Kämpfer zu legen.

Aber natürlich sind auch Siege von mir an dieser Stelle erwähnt. Siege, die das Ergebnis von Flei�, Mut, Ehrgeiz und Hingabe an den Sport sind. Das Resultat von zahllosen Stunden im Dojo, dem unermüdlichen Training und den Entbehrungen, die ein Kämpferleben einfach mit sich bringen.

Anhand dieser Schilderungen sollen Sie sich ein Bild über mich und meine Einstellung zum Kampf machen können und ich hoffe aufrichtig, den Einen oder Anderen durch diese Schilderungen zu inspirieren.

“Kämpfen” ist meiner Meinung nach etwas, was jeder von Ihnen jeden Tag macht. Das Aufstehen morgens vor einem harten Arbeitstag, die Vorbereitung auf eine bevorstehende Prüfung, das Sprechen vor einer Menschenmenge bei Vorträgen… Vieles im alltäglichen Leben ist ein Kampf. Ein Kampf in der vollen Bedeutung des Wortes, wie ich es verstehe. Egal, ob als Schüler, Arbeitnehmer, leitender Angestellter oder echte Führungskraft in Wirtschaft oder Politik. Sie alle kämpfen jeden Tag. Und meist versteht man das eigene Handeln oder Denken erst, wenn ein anderer davon berichtet. So wie ich es hier tue. Der Stress, dem Sie in ganz alltäglichen Situationen ausgesetzt sind, wird oft falsch interpretiert oder wahrgenommen. Lesen Sie hier, wie es mir in echten Kämpfen “Mann gegen Mann” auf der ganzen Welt ergangen ist, erkennen Sie die Parallelen zu Ihren Kämpfen und ziehen Sie Ihre Lehren daraus. “Yamatodamashii – unter dem Zeichen der Kirschblüte” ist weit mehr als nur eine unvollständige Biographie. Es ist ein Leitfaden zur Selbsterkennung und -findung unter extremen Bedingungen. Ich danke Ihnen, dass Sie zum Lesen dieses Buches Ihre wertvolle Zeit investieren und kann Ihnen nur versichern, dass der Nutzen hierin nicht in Unterhaltung oder Zeitvertreib gemessen wird, sondern in echten Erkenntnissen über sich selbst.

JEFFREY DAHMER: MILWAUKEE MONSTER: The Shocking True Story of Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

by Roger Harrington

Jeffrey Dahmer Milwaukee Monster: The Shocking True Story of Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Known as the Milwaukee Monster and the Milwaukee Cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the most well-known and prolific serial killers in history. Dahmer terrorized the Wisconsin city for thirteen years murdering seventeen known victims from 1978 until his capture in 1991.

The name Jeffrey Dahmer is synonymous with the phrase serial killer and stands out due to his victim profile, M.O., and the excessively violent and bloody nature of his crimes. The homosexual Dahmer was different in the sense that all of his victims were men compared to the vast majority of male serial killers who tend to be heterosexual with female victims.

This book charts the story of these brutal murders, and of a serial killer who personifies pure evil.

Hotel California (Japanese Edition)

by Ken Yoshida


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