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King Of The Blind: A toast to music, mirth, storytelling and whiskey

by Caiseal Mor

In 1688 a plague of smallpox swept through Ireland. Like many others, eighteen year old Turlough O’Carolan was struck down. He was one of the lucky ones to survive. However, the sickness cost him his eyesight. Within two years of being blinded he’d learned to play the harp and taken to the road as a travelling musician. In time he’d be considered the greatest of all the Irish harpers. His music is still played all around the world today.
To the end of his days he always maintained that Otherworldly beings, known in Ireland as the Shee, had granted him the gift of music and were responsible for at least some of his compositions. This is a story from a time when the veil between the worlds was thinner and belief in the mystical “Good People”, was still strong.

TIEMPOS DE GUERRA: ¿Cuándo atacará Norcorea? (Revelaciones ultra secretas nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by J.C. Sanmond

Are you attending spanish classes at school, academy or university? Then you will enjoy this novel.

Danna Macrón viajó en el tiempo inesperadamente y despertó en el año 2.001. Como pudo, trató de evitar todo lo que habría de pasar en el futuro, ella advirtió los ataques terroristas más terribles desde la caída de las Torres Gemelas hasta la misión “Neverland” de Corea del Norte que aún está por verse. Nadie creyó en ella, nadie prestó atención a sus palabras, todo el mundo ignoró su historia hasta que la CIA la atrapó, después de ello, todo empezó a materializarse ante los ojos de la humanidad, cada fecha, cada hora y cada minuto han sido determinantes para cambiar el futuro hasta ahora. Sin embargo, la tercera guerra mundial aún está latente mientras viva el jefe supremo norcoreano.
Las fuerzas conjuntas de EE.UU. y la OTAN han decidido actuar y todo está planeado para ejecutarse 76 horas antes del día de la independencia. Si la tecnología de la Fuerza Aérea falla, la fuerza brutal de la Naval se hunde en el Pacífico y la inteligencia de la CIA es incorrecta, todos moriremos en medio de un ataque nuclear sin precedentes en la historia.
Las guerras del pasado nos han enseñado a sobrevivir y a obrar por el bien común, pero es hora de que el futuro nos diga qué hacer… y he aquí lo que ha de venir.

Shifter Mate Magic: Ice Age Shifters Book 1

by Carol Van Natta

A lonely bear shifter meets his mate. She’s running for her life and doesn’t have time for romance.

Pregnant Jackie Breton just escaped from a corrupt feline pack intent on selling her half-shifter baby to the highest bidder. She’s smart, independent, and has a desperate plan to keep her baby safe: Get away from the pride as fast and far as possible.

Trevor Hammond, prehistoric bear shifter, has been rejected by everyone in his life forâ?¦ being born, basically. Well, except for the beloved aunt who raised him. He’s built a career as an independent trucker, but life would be much better with someone he can hold in his arms and claim as his own.

When Jackie meets Trevor at a truck stop, his bear demands he help her. His aunt even calls with a dire warning: Get Jackie to the magical sanctuary town in Wyoming before she’s killed.
Jackie thinks he’s sexy as hell, but too good to be true. She doesn’t trust shifters. With the feline pride hot on her trail, however, Trevor and the quirky town of Kotoyeesinay might be her only chance for survival. Even Trevor’s indomitable bear may be no match for the dangerous enemy seeking retribution.

Discover the secret world of magic and true mates in Shifter Mate Magic, the first book in USA TODAY bestselling author Carol Van Natta’s fun, action-filled, steamy-hot Ice Age Shiftersâ?¢ series.

The Mango Thieves: New Beginnings

by Katherine Mellan

Set on the emerald island of Kaua’i, summer’s mischief forever alters the lives of five local teens. They battle destructive obsessions against the backdrop of the ancient Kalalea mountain range. Fate pries open their old beliefs and hurls them into a fourth-dimension of living and loving as radiant uncharted shores promise them adventure. New Beginnings is the first book in The Mango Thieves series that unravels the cunning grip of addiction, and tells the inspiring tale of what happens when freedom is chosen above all else.

Come, Before Evening Falls

by Manjul Bajaj

Jugni’s life changes the year she turns sixteen. Her grandmother begins a determined search for a bridegroom for her. Her uncle, a village elder, embarks upon an ambitious plan to open the very first school for their tradition-bound Jat community. Her cousin, a soldier in the British India army, is charged with sedition. In the midst of all this is her growing attraction to Raakha, the newly arrived schoolmaster, with a deeply troubled past and with radical ideas for social change.

Set in the year 1909, Come, Before Evening Falls is a gripping tale about the passion and perils of forbidden love, conflicting loyalties and devastating betrayal.

Sons of Africa

by Jeffrey Whittam

In a time when lands were forged of blood and conquest, farmers and prospectors looked north to new beginnings. Settler wagons in their hundreds left the safety of the Cape Colony; generations on, their descendants are still fighting to keep a land they love…

… “For that smallest of moments the two men stared at each other. Between them flew a hundred years, a thousand reasons. Ancient prophecies, the creak of wagons over rough ground and a woman’s yearning for infinite horizons, the strengthening of one man’s belief and the imminent death of another.”

From Rhodesia’s final years, the clock turns back to the windswept, dusty streets of Kimberley’s infamous diamond fields. For Catherine Goddard and her son, Mathew, their decision to cross the Limpopo as part of a settler wagon train is one borne of desperation and a boy’s need to be reunited with his father. For three months their ox-drawn trek wagon stands as their only defence against the African wilderness and the bloodlust of Lobengula Khumalo’s warring impis.
Throughout the passage of a hundred years, three racially divided families are fatefully drawn together. Dynasties are shaped and smashed by kings, warrior chiefs and the indomitable lust for power and wealth by men like Cecil Rhodes and the perpetrators of Zimbabwe’s chaotic new order.
From the latter part of the nineteenth century, Sons of Africa runs inexorably to the demise of Rhodesia’s white minority rule and the emergence of the new Zimbabwe.

The Rice Dragon

by Elizabeth Darrell

Torn between his desire and her dream . . .

A world of unconquerable desire is unleashed when the dashing Rupert Torrington walks into Harriet Deane’s life. Before Harriet can draw breath, Rupert sweeps her away from her cloistered life in London to the exotic brilliance of silk traders’ China.

But rumours of war haunt the fragile outpost of the British Empire, casting a shadow over their love. Inside the virile body of the man who is devoted to her burns the spirit of a soldier hell-bent on pursuing his savage destiny.

As the mysteries of the Orient entice Harriet deeper into the secret temple court, she is drawn ever closer to forbidden passion . . .

Praise for Elizabeth Darrell…

â??One of the very best historical novelists’ – Eastern Daily Press

â??A wonderful story, compellingly toldâ?¦the authenticity – both historical and emotional – really shines through’ – Sarah Harrison

Elizabeth Darrell is the pen-name of Emma Drummond, born in 1931. Her father was a member of the British Army stationed in Hong Kong, where Drummond spent the early years of her life. As well as writing books, she worked in the Women’s Royal Army Corps. She is the bestselling author of many historical novels, as well as the acclaimed World War II trilogy At the Going Down of the Sun, And in the Morning and We Will Remember.

The 14 Stations of the Cross

by Mimi L. Thompson

In this Christian fiction intended for the devotions of Lent & Easter the author, who is a biblical scholar, linguist and practicing Christian, creates real stories behind the pious fa̤ade. The heartache, the blood and the disappointment. In a series of frank and painful short stories, you will confront a new and Рat times Рupsetting Theology of the Cross.

One Dove: A Sebastian Becker story

by Stephen Gallagher

“Soiled Dove” (slang, British, coined in the nineteenth century for a woman of lost reputation) Standalone short story featuring Sebastian Becker, Special Investigator to the Lord Chancellor’s Visitor in Lunacy. This period mystery with an Edwardian setting includes the sample first chapter of THE AUTHENTIC WILLIAM JAMES.

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