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Entrena tu Memoria y Aprende lo que quieras (Spanish Edition)

by David Flores Navas


Cuanto más fuerte es la imaginación, la visualización, y las sensaciones a la hora de aprender, más fuerte es el aprendizaje y el recuerdo de tal aprendizaje. En realidad, lo único que hace falta es un método, pues esa tecnología está en nuestra naturaleza humana, y por supuesto, este método se desarrolla creando pistas de comunicación entre las neuronas.

Siguiendo los métodos descritos en este libro, podrás aumentar desde el primer capítulo tu capacidad de memoria, tu rapidez de lectura y tu comprensión. Se incluyen métodos y técnicas de aprendizaje, además de habilidades y competencias en el mercado de trabajo actual. 

Este libro está dirigido no solo a aquellos estudiantes que esperan obtener un alto rendimiento en sus estudios, sino a todas las personas que deseen multiplicar su fuerza mental y aprender métodos de optimización en el mercado de trabajo. 

Si llegas a conocer la forma en que trabaja tu mente, podrás superar muchos problemas de tu vida cotidiana y erradicar gran parte de tus preocupaciones.

Captain Napalm vs. the Grungious Gundabad

by Luke J. Morris

The saga of Captain Napalm begins!

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Who cares! You’d rather know what happens when a bow-and-arrow-wielding immortal comes fist-to-face with an army of mythological monsters. Wouldn’t you?

Of course you would. And you’re in luck, because Captain Napalm vs. the Grungious Gundabad is that story.

It all starts when Gundabad comes to town…

When a giant troll-monster man-thing invades Metropola City with his army of fish-men and snake-women and vicious harpies and flying monkeys, they set up shop in a downtown hotel and start eating people.

What can the good citizens do? To whom can they turn?

Luckily, on the other side of the world, Captain Napalm and his phoenix sidekick, Samael, are just clearing up a minor misunderstanding with a Greek god. Concluding their negotiations with only minor fatal wounds, they soon arrive in Metropola City to save the day!

But are the heroes in time to save the day? Does the day even deserve to be saved?

Armed with a magic bow, a smart mouth, and a complete lack of self-awareness, Captain Napalm bravely puts his friend’s life in danger again and again in defense of people he doesn’t really care about. The evil man-eating monsters cannot win! Good must prevail! For the good Captain fights for truth, justice, and a hefty paycheck!

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will get blown to smithereens?

Pick up Captain Napalm vs. the Grungious Gundabad to find out!

It’s a children’s adventure book for kids of all ages. A young adult fantasy for adults who fantasize about being young. It’s the start of a fantastic new superhero series that you do not want to miss!

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Paul the Naughty Beach Ball (Alice’s Adventures Book 1)

by Alexis Gotera

An entertaining and relaxing bed time story, for children 2 to 6 years old, based on a real experience of a really sweet little girl named Alice

HEROBRINE Episode 13: Minecraft Skeleton Army (Herobrine Comic Book Series)

by M.E. Martin

Aella seeks out her friends Herobrine and Jack to tell them some bad news.

It appears that their old foe, Skullbone, did not die when they defeated his evil Minecraft Skeletons in Herobrine and the Minecraft Creeper Adventure.

But the news gets worse…

Since they last saw Skullbone, he has managed to raise a Minecraft Skeleton Army – far bigger and more evil than the one before.

Now Skullbone’s Minecraft Skeleton army is on the move, sewing death and destruction wherever they go in the Overworld.

Herobrine, Jack and Aella know that only they can stop the lethal Minecraft Skeleton Army, but how are the three of them going to defeat a whole army of deadly skeletonsâ?¦

Ducks and What They Can Do

by Ann Thompson

A down right ducky book about ducks for curious pre-readers and early readers. With vivid pictures of ducks in natural settings, this book provides early learners with an opportunity for success in reading. Strategies for learning and engagement include repetition, the use of high frequency words, and colorful visuals.

Book of Stories for Kids

by Sophe Antoine

This book contains 3 stories
1. Monkey See Monkey Do
Kevin has a lot of fun copying other people until it gets him in a lot of trouble.

2. Dirty Harry
Harry likes to be dirty. However, all that changes when a new girl joins his class. He then decides that he no longer likes to be dirty.

3. My Invisible Friend
A cherubin ( a chubby, healthy-looking child with wings) befriends a little, lonely boy. The cherubin is invisible and only the boy can see him. His family thinks that he is crazy until one day an event changes their perception

Fortnite Memes: The COMPLETE Collection of EPIC Fortnite Battle Royale Memes and Jokes

by David Walters

The COMPLETE collection of ALL the funniest Fortnite memes 2018.

Featuring hundreds of the most popular Fortnite Battle Royale memes as well as EXCLUSIVE memes created JUST FOR YOU. Laugh for hours and hours with this Fortnite book of jokes and memes!



Bozo is a 9 year old stubborn and disobedient girl. She leaves home early one day to play with her friend Amira. They wander off far from home, one returns home, the other does not. Find out what happened in this suspense filled book “Lost in the African Forest of Zuki”

Hummingbird: A Bird Book for Kids

by Novare Lawrence

Hummingbirds are among the smallest birds in the world but they make up for their small size with unique talents and fearless flying. Learn all about hummingbirds, what they eat, how big they are, what makes them so unique among birds. Hummingbird: A Bird Book for Kids is illustrated with full color photos that lets you see these small, beautiful birds up close and in action.

The Disenchanted Wizard

by Mike Crowl

Della wants her missing father back.

Pity about that. Evan Hoyle, the renegade wizard, wants him kept in prison.

The prison, inconveniently, is located inside an old map.

With the help of an old man who’s apparently losing his marbles, Della breaks through into a magical world…where time runs to a different clock.

The task of rescuing her father seems straightforward enough.

But Hoyle is there to foil her at every step.

And then Della discovers he has other, bigger plans.

He wants control of her city.

Now she not only has to fight to save her father, but she also has to stop Hoyle from destroying everyone she knows and loves.

Which may be difficult, because Della’s best skill is with a soccer ball, not with magic.

Non-stop action and a strong focus on the child protagonists are combined to create a satisfying fantasy for readers of about 9 to 12. (Lorraine Orman, KidsbookNZ)


by Tyrion Jack Morris

Dolce is a cat, a cyborg, and a master criminal.

Or he would be, if only he could get those dang sea monsters to leave him alone.

But somehow, with the help of a robot named Rhubarb, an army of commando chickens, and a red Flyer wagon that actually flies, Dolce may just live to ruin the day.


Cybercat is the exciting debut work of Tyrion Jack Morris – author, illustrator, and middle-schooler extraordinaire. If you like weird and wild adventures, peopled with outlandish villains, insane heroes, and plot premises too twisted to be true, Tyrion’s tales are for you!

Go ahead and click BUY NOW. You’ll be glad you did.

Falling Into Darkness: The Loss Mission: Book 2 (Soulmates)

by Jay Dee T

Book 2, Falling Into Darkness. We learn the outcome of the avalanche.
Eva’s life is yet again thrust into darkness and she has completely given up all hope. Evan falls to Earth to be with her, but he arrives with no memories. The only soul on Earth that knows both Eva and Evan is Naomi. Will she help them or keep them apart?
Will Evan recover his memories in time to save Eva’s soul?

I was ready to give up. I was ready to give in. Lost and alone I retreated into the dark. There in my loneliness, in the night, I heard it, the fire within my soul, wanting to burn, wanting to live. I told it to stop, I told it to give in, but it whispered back, “You’ve been made special. I will never leave you alone. You have everything you need within you to survive, to make it beautiful. You can Arise again.”
When I fell into the darkness, I found my light.

The Girl Who Was Loved

by Annabelle Peep

What would life be like if you knew absolutely and without the slightest flicker of doubt that you were loved by everyone, no matter what?

Life can be hard when you’re six. You forget to feed the dog and your mother snips. You leave your toys on the floor and your father growls. You sing in class and your teacher sends you to the principal. And then, when you skip down the hall at school? A bully comes out of nowhere and tells you no one likes you. You can start to wonder if you’re loveable at all.

Don’t worry: You are. And as long as you keep believing it, other people will too, even if they don’t quite know it yet themselves.

The Coma Quest: The Journey to Return to Be

by Mike Damm

Sanae is confused, forced out of nothingness her eardrums throb to a siren. Her heart palpitates wildly. Ghostly images pass through her blurry vision. She is moving, levitating above the ground. Thousands of out of focus stars flood the night sky twinkling in place. The moon seems to be following her. Uniforms are everywhere. People appear to be shouting but the siren owns her ears. Paralyzed, she can only move her hands. The abruptness of a jolt surprises Sanae as her body lurches forward, rebounds backward, and the night recedes as she is slid into a box.

A young girl falls and ends up in a coma. She finds herself in an odd place, The Understanding, full of strange creatures. Her Journey takes her through challenges that she must face in order to earn her way back. Accusers and a trial threaten to hold her back.

Yapek (Spanish Edition)

by M. A. Bassili

¿Por qué mi padre cedió su reinado al humilde Taer-Māe, sólo porque el viejo Taer había salvado a su familia en una ocasión?
Ni siquiera había salvado a mi madre; simplemente había salvado a Têrimen la hermana pequeña de mi madrastra Lámilenka; que, además, murió al poco tiempo. Eso me lo ha contado cientos de veces la vieja. Mi tía Lámilenka era la princesa -ella y Têrimen eran del segundo matrimonio de mi abuelo-, y mi madre era la verdadera heredera del gran Atyapk, hijo de Yapek, rey del Llano de Harpetgenbenge, a los pies de la montaña Aemburebenge.
Todas esas habrían sido mis tierras, si el abuelo Taer hubiera dejado que la naturaleza siguiera su curso, y, simplemente hubiera permitido que el guogsne hubiera devorado a la pequeña Têrimen.

The Little Monster Under the Bed

by Lisbeth Antoinette

“It opens its eyes. They are large, round and dark, peering into the night.
It blinks, then yawns and stretches its ferocious feet.
Do you dare steal a peek?”

“I wonder what trouble it is brewing?
What mystery lies hidden when the rest of the city sleeps?
Only you hold the key!”

An essential bedtime story for children who are afraid of the dark. This enchanting book tells about a little monster under the bed whose identity is a scary mystery until courageously faced. The monster’s surprise reveal will delight and warm the hearts of all children and readers of every age!

Princess Daysi: Princesa Margarita

by Herbert Adolfo Soriano Garcia

Princess Daysi, is the first central american comic for kids, this beautiful and brave flower will live exiting adventures in different parts of central america. She will meet with native plants and animal of all other central american countries so the children will learn from the natural resources of this amazing tropical area of the world. Finally this comic will help your kids to learn spanish , the comic is bilingual English – Spanish . So enjoy this adventure every month , if you want any more information Follow us on Facebook, “Nosotros, El Origen” or in Twitter @hsorianohn for more information, games and orignal content..

Reesy The Unicorn: Meets The Dragons (Book For Kids) (Fantasy Friends 1)

by Curtis French

A family of dragons have moved into a mountain cave near Rainbow Valley. Reesy the Unicorn and her family go to visit the dragons. Reesy meets the young dragon Pip. They discover they share a common interest, and a great friendship is formed.

I hope you enjoy book one of the Fantasy Friends series. Reesy the Unicorn and Pip the Dragon will return in another adventure with more friends.

This is a great book for young readers or a wonderful bedtime story!

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