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131 Connecting Conversations for Parents and Teens: How to build a lifelong bond with your teen!

by Jed Jurchenko

Engage your teenagers and help them to connect, and grow! This Christian parenting book is packed with creative conversation starters and practical parenting ideas that will guide you on the journey. 
Parenting Ideas In 131 Connecting Conversations for Teens, parents will discover why proactively connecting with their teenager matters, and how this equips teens and tweens to live a healthier, happier, and more prosperous life. Then, discover four dynamic, connection building ideas that will help you to grow closer than ever before.
Practical parenting ideas include:

  • Simple strategiES for arguing less and connecting more.
  • Practical tools for increasing empathy and understanding.
  • Tactics for helping your teenager grow from his or her mistakes.
  • A powerful metaphor that will endow your teenager with the secret of lasting relationships.

Creative Conversation Starters

Next, put these dynamic relationship building tools into action, using the connecting conversation starters in this book. Finally, find practical steps for keeping your teenager engaged in face-to-face conversations in our increasingly virtual world. Parents will discover how the recent increase in electronics use has led to a decline in face-to-face conversations as well as to an overall rise in teenage mental health issues. Fortunately, there is much that parents can do to combat this trend. This parenting book offers hope as well as specific action steps that parents can take today!

Don’t merely read about positive parenting strategies. Instead, take action with this Christian parenting book that provides practical strategies for parenting teenagers and parenting tweens. 
This is more than just another parenting book. It will help you to take action and connect with your teenager like never before!

Divorce and Separation: A Guide to Making Smart Decisions: Florida Edition

by Michael Lang

Divorce and Separation in Florida is a commonsense guide to divorce in Florida.

You decided your marriage cannot be fixed. So where do you go from here?
The end of a relationship can be painful, scary, complicated, and confusing. Lives are turned upside down. Emotions run high. Nothing is the same.
So what do you do next?
If you have children, you will need to make a plan for them. Child support and possibly alimony need to be determined. Decisions need to be made about property and debts.
It can seem overwhelming and impossible. You need help, you need information, and you need Divorce and Separation in Florida.
It’s the one book about divorce designed to give you information you need to make your own decisions and choices. After all, who knows your family and what is best what’s right for you? A friend who’s been through divorce, a judge, or you?
The goal of Divorce and Separation is to help couples make smart and practical decisions about their next steps.
Divorce and Separation is NOT pop-psychology. It does NOT offer pre-packaged answers or one-size-fits-all solutions. And, it will NOT offer advice on how to beat your spouse in court.
Divorce and Separation WILL point you to the topics you will need to discuss. It WILL point you to sources where you can find materials and information you will need. It WILL provide forms to help you organize information. It WILL point to a number of helpful options. And, it WILL offer practical tips on negotiation and problem solving to help you and your spouse decide what is best for your family.
There is no road map to a successful divorce. There is no easy fix. There are no solutions that work for every family. What’s right for one family won’t work for another. Divorce and Separation shows you how to take control of decisions and manage your divorce. It’s your marriage; it’s your divorce; it’s your life!
Divorce and Separation will give you tips for “mutual problem solving.” Using these methods, even couples who are really angry with one another can develop smart decisions about separation, children and finances.
Confusion, doubt, fear and uncertainty can make it difficult to know what to do. You’re not sure where to turn or who to trust. You want to know what is fair, what decisions need to be made and how the divorce process works. Anyone who is thinking about separation and divorce needs level-headed and practical advice. They need accurate and reliable information. Divorce and Separation is all of that.
Divorce and Separation in Florida is a practical book with many hands-on tips and resources to help couples find their way through the jungle of divorce. Included is a guide for handling direct talks, called “kitchen table” negotiations, including tools for making financial decisions. You will learn about mediation, litigation and other methods for resolving differences; and help for knowing how to use professional help. The authors provide useful guidelines for talking with children about divorce, and with family members who are also worried and upset. There are forms for creating budgets and parenting plans and for understanding pensions and retirement plans. In the Tool Box, there are links to more than 70 web sites with information, court forms, and other helpful tools and resources in Florida.
Together, Michael Lang and Fiona McAuslan have more than 70 years’ experience helping people who are separating and divorcing. They have seen it all. They are familiar with the pain, anger, fear, and uncertainty that come with divorce. They know the process can be confusing and frustrating. They understand how to help couples make smart decisions. They have written this book to help couples deal with the uncertainty and complexity of divorce.
Read the book at your own pace, when you need advice or help making decisions. It won’t make the pain or hurt go away. It will help you find ways to deal with every situation you may find your self in.

Your Body Talks to You : Learn to Listen to Your Body

by Lindie Taylor

The body has a simple language that children and adults can understand.

Many adults and children experience some kind of discomfort in their bodies at some point in time. Many of these discomforts is not quite understood. These discomforts is the bodies way of talking to us telling us that something is not quite right within the functions of the body.

Statistically it has been shown that children are now being diagnosed with adult chronic illnesses. When children suffer discomfort they do not know how to express these discomforts due to a lack of understanding how the body talks to them. In turn these discomforts can affect their lives on a personal level and even their future.

This book aims to introduce the simple language of the body to help children and adults to make better decisions regarding their health by understanding the language of the body.

This book is filled with fun and colorful pictures for adults and children to enjoy.

The information in this book has a simple yet powerful message to bring awareness to the language of the body preventing chronic illnesses later in life.

The Redhead Murders

by Jane Carlisle

The Redhead murders may have involved up to eleven women officially, and there are many separate accounts that claim that this number could be almost as high as twenty or thirty women. The main six murders were committed between October 1978 and the 1980s, but it is thought that the murders might have continued through up until 1992 or beyond. The murders occurred throughout the United States, officially including Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania, but the movement of the killer has caused many to suggest that his mobile nature implicates him in several other cases with similar circumstances all across the nation.

He Loves Me Not: Coping with Obsession

by Elaine Numan

He Loves Me Not: Coping with Obsession by Elaine Numan will help any reader obsessed with another person break this painful emotional cycle and find a new bold independent sense of self

The â??mechanics’ of obsession work very similarly, in principle, to that of an addiction; we are â??bound or devoted’ to something or someone, and a real or imagined need is not being met. This in turn causes us to go into a state of emotional withdrawal. And it’s a painful state to exist in. It can cause us to act in harmful and damaging ways, both to ourselves and others.

When we obsess about someone, we keep it – and them – current in our minds. But that’s a cruel trick, an illusion that we create to deceive ourselves. There is part of us that doesn’t want the intense pain of loss to become a part of our past; it doesn’t want us to move on, because then we would have to face the fact that the relationship was really over. So, by keeping it current inside us we avoid letting it go.

This book will help the reader understand what obsession is and offers a practical step-by-step self-help program like no other in its field to achieve freedom from obsession with another person.

The Lexicon of Love?: The A to Z of Surviving Domestic Abuse

by Jasmine Belmont

A book for every home! A handbook for anybody who is uneasy about a relationship. Either their own or that of others for whom they care about.
In clear readable language, it allows you to identify behaviour patterns and understand the thinking behind them, putting you back in control.
Are you dating a narcissist?
Am I being abused?
How can you escape an abusive relationship?
What is gaslighting?
Who are flying monkeys?

People Who Hurt: abusers and codependants – looking for answers

by Celia Micklefield

Everybody hurts. There are times in our lives when pain is unavoidable. Sometimes the hurt is physical and our bodies may heal but there is hurt that is psychological or emotional. Usually we learn how to deal with it and find our own ways to heal. Sometimes we don’t.
Most of us choose not to hurt others deliberately. Our sense of morality forbids it. Our empathy for others’ feelings prevents such cruelty. But there are people who do not possess the same conscience. They strive for what they want no matter who it hurts. Unable to truly bond they repeat patterns of behaviour that may become abusive.
While experts in the field look to ‘celebrate our differences’ rather than label people as narcissists or sociopaths, I wonder who is caring for the victims of their emotional, psychological and oftentimes financial abuse.
Passive aggressive, covert manipulation is hidden abuse. Many victims don’t realise they are being abused by controlling partners. People Who Hurt is part memoir, part informational. It describes how victims are deceived by their partner’s intermittent reinforcement of the relationship and the tools abusers use to keep their victims under control.

The Conversation Primer

by T. Ma

Understand conversation.
Know what to say.
Improve your conversation skills.
Build relationships.

How To Overcome Divorce: By Nourishing Your Marital Vow Always

by John Pattson

How to overcome divorce… By nourishing your marital vows always is book every household needs to keep abreast with what marriage entails. It is a master piece in getting to the root of marital crisis. For prospective partners, it gives you the ideal pattern in handling issues in marriage.

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