Free reference Kindle books for 01 Oct 18

All About IELTS: Step by Step Practical Guide to Crack IELTS

by Joshin Cherian

Very concise yet comprehensive guide.
IELTS Practical Guide to Score 8+: Tips, Grammar, Vocabulary, Usages & Expressions, Explanations, etc. + Brain Training for Better Score.

Super S: Learn words starting with S with fun rhymes and pictures (Learning the Alphabet Book 19)

by Desiree Low

Learn words starting with S in a fun way using rhyme and colorful pictures to stir imaginations. Explore the rest of the alphabet in this series

Find Your Future-Issue-17th: A Weekly Career Magazine

by Sinsera Says

We stopped because things were delaying simultaneously. We have been continuously trying to start again, but failed to do so. The time we took to come back was the time when we were preparing for the better. We were continuously working on how we can make the content better for our readers. And now, we are again here with the 17th issue of our weekly Career Magazine “Find Your Future”.

APP FLIPPING: Amazing App Flipping Tactics That Work

by Adwin Ang

However, there is a key point in the entire process. Because of thousands of similar competitors in the market, it is not only very difficult to get yourself recognized but it is almost entirely impossible to make anything more than average profits just enough to cover your costs. Also, since common mobile software app stores do not sell apps for a high price, it can take a very long time to even cover the initial costs of the project. The idea of this app flipping process, therefore, is to go for unique market that is not only more profitable but also has the potential to become more popular. They key is to realize that you do not necessarily need to conform to common rules and follow popular app stores. Instead, you can make use of the benefits of operating alone, if planned well and done correctly.

Discover the tactics in this book today.

The story behind the Dark Disease â?? â??Depressionâ?

by Sanjay Singh

It is a short book based on ongoing life stressors especially in respect to youngsters. It is written by a doctor.

How To Host A Garden Party: A Guide

by Jeffrey Mueller

A fascinating resource that is absolutely essential for hosting a Garden Party. Complete with 10 chapters and invaluable insider information.

Flash cards of Flags of Nations: Snehal Nagotkar (Flag Flash cards Book 8)

by Flags of Nations

Flag Flash cards book contains flags of various countries in the world with its digital picture and name of its country. It is very helpful to improve general knowledge as well as vocabulary.

Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews for Educators: Market Yourself Well and Get the Job You Want, Faster

by Dr. Karen M. Whiteman

Are you searching for a teaching or other school-based position? Would you like to ensure that you present yourself in the best light possible to school districts and administrators? Do you want to be employed and working with children sooner rather than later? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you!
As a seasoned educator, I have been where you are many times; trying to get a job. It is frustrating, exhausting, stressful, and time-consuming, to say the least. But I believe this book can help you make your job search much shorter. How? The key is preparation. Your resume, cover letter, and application practices need to be well-thought out and perfected so you get noticed and called for an interview rather than someone else. Your interview practices need to be strong and make you shine like a star. Overall, everything you do in the application process needs to be nothing but professional. This book will give you all of the information you need to achieve those goals. In easy to read and understand language and in simple steps, you will take your resume, cover letter, and other application processes to the next level. Let’s do this together and get you the job you’ve been waiting for!

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