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Heart of Gold

by Serafina Lyndon

After the death of her troubled mother, Sienna Hart returns to her small, coastal hometown of Ruby Bay to help her estranged sisters with the estate. She is hopeful that they can mend their broken relationship, and it’s a chance to get away from her selfish, unreliable ex-boyfriend who is pushing to get back together.

Carter Palamo is a kind, handsome, yet bitter man. Burned by his last girlfriend’s cruel rejection of his proposal, he is hesitant to get involved with another woman. He runs his family’s hardware store in Ruby Bay and helps his grandmother with her Christmas tree farm, but makes no effort to bring his dreams of marriage and children to fruition.

When a new artist does a terrible job of decorating the hardware store’s windows for the holidays, Carter hires Sienna to do the work. Neither is open to love, but their fiery attraction to one another keeps bringing them back together. Yet their defenses are just as strong – both coming from tragic pasts and relationships with partners who refused to commit. Will they be able to take a risk on each other and stop the past from defining their future?

Heart of Gold is a sweet, heart-warming holiday romance.


by Wesley Caldwell

Is God real? Is He listening? Does He care? Why do bad things happen to good people? If you ever ask yourself these questions, then you are not alone. Join Justin Prynn on his journey to prove the existence of God by interviewing many different people from many different walks of life, and why it is that they believe there is or is not a God. The journey is an emotional roller coaster that will pull on the strings of your heart. Whether you believe in the existence of God or not, this book just might change your life!

The Amish Casket Case (Amish Mystery and Romance) (A Salome Saunders Amish Mystery Book 1)

by Ruth Bawell

This is a Clean Amish Mystery / Romance by your favorite Best Selling Author Ruth Bawell.

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A reluctant shunning and flour feud point to murder in this new cozy Amish mystery.

When the body of the local taxi driver and dwarf, the somewhat shunned Malchus Miller, is found in the coffin meant for Bishop Burkeholder’s grandson, a mystery turns to murder, and old feuds take on new energy in the quiet Amish town. Master carpenter (and sometimes coffin-builder) Simon Saunders has no idea how the body ended in up in his coffin, but now he and his sister are being considered as suspects!

The feud between the Burkeholders and the Millers runs deepâ??but does it run deep enough for murder? With an unfriendly deputy all too eager to solve the case, it’s up to Salome to determine the real killer, before an innocent boy goes to jail. But when the truth comes out, will it tear the family apart?

Cheylia’: Divine Love (Mythonian Energy Healing Book 6)

by Sho’Lin Dene

Cheylia’ “Divine Love”
A description of Spiritual & Channelled text belonging to Mythonian & Syraki Deliveries that were compiled originally for the teaching of Spiritual & Energy Healing, with the use of Divine Universal Energies and Crystalline abilities, which are part of our physical body’s capabilities. Healing others is possible once our crystalline aspect has been activated with the Ascension Activation Keys (mind exercises) a book we have released for this purpose. These Keys were Delivered through Shaman Eilee during a Channelling Session, when seeking union by way of Spiritual Divinity. Orion a Spiritual Guide of Cheylia’ was presented during this period, and so it was the gifts of Healing, Union and Divine Knowledge began to flow.
The Mythonian recognition of God’s name is Cheylia’. The Feminine Aspect of God is now being presented, as it is Cheylia’s desire to assist mankind. There has been so much information offered to us during the past several years that finally a book with Cheylia’ as the main focus has been presented. There is always going to be contention over this release, however there can be no denying that Cheylia’s presence has been received and Her Desires to assist with our continuance will be known through acceptance of Her Spiritual coming. Once this Delivery has been read with an open mind, one may then make their choice of how they wish to recognise God, for it matters not in what manner this is achieved. What does matter is your actions that reflect your faith and its acceptance. Reality of Her presence will eventually overcome those in doubt from Her wisdom and Codes offered and then gaining of acceptance will follow of Cheylia’s new Deliveries offered by Olah Syraki – one of Cheylia’s Mystic Goddesses from a past Viking era. It is not our intension to waiver ones faith already in place, but rather bring that faith forward to today’s world that we live in. This is explained in enough detail to help over come one’s concern or doubt, for the transition one takes is going to be a difficult journey for some and a welcome Path for many. Our future destiny is now possible to be guided through Cheylia’s Spiritual Guides, making Her presence now part of our reality and our future move towards Her desires, as is mentioned for you to aspire to. There is much more added to this Delivery of and from Cheylia’, it is for you to choose your future and to decide how you wish to share your thoughts and many journeys yet to present themselves. Duality of ones personality and ways to improve life in general will assist many, especially those that have not yet come to terms with feminine and masculine identities being interwoven into one physical form. The future offers all a place to enjoy, in time all will be recognised for their own personal beauty. Union of those you love is a Divine desire, and is accepted as presented before Cheylia’, betrothal is a sacred decision made between those in love, a ceremony to compliment the desires of such union is in place with Mythonian and Syraki literature of Spiritual Union, Faith and Holistic Ways. Cheylia’ welcomes you with Divine Love, if this be your choice. So Sha. Sho’Lin Dene & Shaman Eilee

One Man’s Psalms: Second Edition

by Brad Davis

A collection of 150 psalms and poems.

Comments from the first edition:
“5.0 out of 5 stars
A good devotional aid
February 19, 2016. From reading these psalms one would suspect they were not originally written for publication. They are too vulnerable, too honest, with the realization of man’s smallness in light of God’s greatness. There are psalms written for family members and occasions, but the majority proclaim man’s utter dependence upon God’s grace. One can easily picture Brad Davis writing in the hush of dawn on a mountainside, by a cascading fall of water, in the shadow of a golden oak in autumn, or in the tranquil peace of day’s end. It is obvious this man loves God’s creation.

There are psalms of solitude and reflection, praise and worship, and the cry of a soul hungering for more of God. The many word pictures reveal the depth of meditation and prayer poured into his heart’s offering to the Lord.

In the end, one can only echo the expressions contained and be grateful for someone with the ability to put our own feelings into words.
— Marian Raymond”

Stolen Future: Is Your Love Strong Enough? Third and Final Book in the Christian suspense/romance series on International Human Trafficking! (Stolen Series 3)

by Kimberly Rae

This book is an Amazon Bestseller!


Ahmad has the perfect plan, one that will punish everyone who had a part in exposing him. The ultimate revenge would be to see Asha become a trafficked woman herself. If he succeeds, will Mark sacrifice everything, even his integrity, to get her back? And what will happen to their future together if he finds her broken and abused?

Experience the exciting conclusion of the Stolen Series Trilogy, as Mark and Asha battle human trafficking and their own worst fears.

Kimberly Rae has lived in Bangladesh, Uganda, Kosovo and Indonesia. She now lives in North Carolina with her husband and 2 young children. Kimberly has been published over 300 times and has work in 5 languages.

Rae says the third book in the Stolen Series has become her favorite. “It’s the most romantic,” she says, smiling. Rae often speaks on human trafficking, and loves sharing not just the problem, but how people can be part of the solution.

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What Readers Are Saying…

LOVED it! It was the best one yet! Honestly they just kept getting better!
Mary Beth

It was amazing – I couldn’t put it down

LOVE these books!!!

My heart is racing. I have smiled, prayed, cried, held my breath, and rejoiced.

â?¦it was excellent.

â?¦absolutely LOVED it!

I am absolutely amazed at this book! I can’t wait to see what God will do through itâ?¦ This book makes me want to do more, to really make a difference.

â?¦an exciting romance with danger and adventure and dreams come true.

I have to say that this book is my favorite of all 3 in the Stolen series. This book brings you to many difficult places, places that we would rarely chose to go to on our own and shows that even in the darkest of moments that God’s Love is more powerful than all the evil in the world. The relationship between Asha and Mark is beautiful and is a shining example of Christ’s love for us. That He desires, protects, seeks us out and will never leave or forsake us. After reading this book I feel like I have taken a trip to India and I am already ready to go back!

â?¦an amazing ending to the series.

I love the book!!!!… What an awesome series! Full of hope and love.

Oh my, it was excellent!!

Scandal In The Pews

by Tracey T. Cooper

Scandal an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong causing general public outcry or outrage
We live in a society where there are scandals in Government, Corporate America, family and even amongst friends. But what happens when scandal takes place in your church, and leaders that you hold in high esteem are morally corrup
Enter the world of Bishop Gregory Fortune, a prominent Pentecostal preacher, father, and husband of almost thirty years. He has two children by the love of his life, Sheila. Though not a complicated man, he has big dreams to grow his ministry to a level of greatness. Then, unexpectedly, his simple life is instantly upgraded when a rare beauty walks into the doors of his small sanctuary. From the onset, an educated Nadira Horton is a quiet spirit, yet she has the aura of a Boss that Gregory recognizes almost immediately.
Hungry for success, Nadira takes the bull by the horns and sets her business plan into motion . At her direction, Gregory’s lofty dream of having a massive ministry materializes, and Sheila basks in the glory of their success without having put in any actual work of her own. Suddenly, Nadira finds herself in love with Gregory, who has also fallen hard for her.
All the while, Nadira’s best friend Myka is caught up in her own scandal. Dreadful secrets force her picture perfect marriage to fade in the most horrendous way imaginable.
The old saying, â??If the head isn’t right the body isn’t either,’ reigns true in this congregation. Exceeding Faith Ministries and its members are all experiencing scandal while occupying the pews. Who will be the one to remove their white gloves, slide on their gladiator suit, and clean up the mess that their choices have left behind?

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