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Stem Cells – The Healing Revolution : Chronic Pain Relief and Regeneration Without Drugs or Surgery

by Dr. Raj Banerjee

Bringing new hope to chronic pain and chronic condition sufferers! This book is about you and getting your life back. If you or a loved one is suffering from chronic degenerative knee, shoulder, or hip pain due to arthritis; or you have chronic inflammation or autoimmune issues, you owe it to yourself to see how Stem Cell Therapy can offer hope and healing!

The book answers the most common questions that people have about stem cells therapy. Can stem cells help with a serious medical problem? Are the treatments safe? How many treatments you may need? How fast will you see results? How to get 95% success rate? These questions and many more are answered here.

This is a complete easy to read guide for anyone interested in stem cell treatment. Dr. Banerjee reveals how this cutting-edge therapy can rapidly replace damaged cells in the body with no side effects or downtime. Stem Cell Therapy is one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in natural healing!

Stem Cells are master cells that have the capacity to develop into any other type of cell in your body. They are tasked with healing injured tissue, bone, ligament and tendon. Your body is continuously rebuilding with the help of stem cells. These cells repair your body in the same way your body naturally heals itself. The book, Stem Cells the Healing Revolution by Dr. Raj Banerjee, will provide key insights on how using stem cell therapy can help reverse chronic pain and disease, and help you or your loved ones get back to the life you love.

Vaccines: Shot Myths and Medical Guide To Nursing Moms and Young Parents

by Andrew Langton

Vaccine Guide for Nursing Moms and Young Parents and Shot Myths

This book offers parents and moms a fair, factual and impartial resource on about one of the most controversial medical practices – Vaccination.

Mothers and fathers are scared into vaccinating their kids every day. Most new parents are not experienced enough to push back and ask the right questions. That’s where ‘Vaccines: Shot Myths and Medical Guide to Nursing Moms and Young Parents’ e-Book comes in. The book is extremely balanced with no agenda except educating parents. It stands neutral ground book that gives information and research on Vaccine and their importance. The medical information is presented in an easy format and will be invaluable for young dads and moms in determining which route to go with vaccines for their baby.

Each chapter discusses one disease and its corresponding vaccine. To make things interactive, series of Question-Answers are included that discusses on:

“What is (the) disease?”
“Is the disease common?”
“Is it serious?”
“What is the vaccine for the disease?
“When should I vaccinate my baby?”
“Is the vaccine safe?”
“What are the ingredients of the vaccine?”
“What are the possible side effects of each vaccine?”
“Who should not receive the vaccine?”
“Do the benefits of the vaccine outweigh its risk?”
…and much more!!

Also covers why the Vaccines are safe, why it is still necessary to give shots to your child and the ways to improve the immunity of your child to fight the disease germs.

A must read for the parents who are clueless about the health related issues of their children.

Cancer Fighting Kitchen Cookbook: Nourishing and Flavorful Recipes for Cancer Treatment

by Martha Stephenson

This cancer fighting cookbook helps to bring forth the healing power of nutritious meals to those who needs a revitalizing treatment after cancer treatment.

With the help of this cancer fighting kitchen cookbook, you will learn how to make delicious cancer fighting recipes such as:

– Spaghetti Squash with Pesto and Shrimp
– Oven Roasted Chickpeas
– Ginger and Turmeric Rice
– Spiced Apple Muffins
– Moraccan Vegetable and Chickpea Tagine
– Vegan Pecan Pie
– Sweet Potato and Tomato Paste Bake
– and even more!

So, what are you waiting for?

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The Self-Evident Truth

by Jared Benjamin

In the endless debate of Science versus Religion, The Self-Evident Truth explores how science works, what science actually knows and how both science and religion need faith in order to be accepted as the absolute truth. The Self-Evident Truth debunks many science “facts” and utilizes logic and mathematics to show the Bible’s accounts are actually more plausible than science’s. Further, by utilizing the scientific method, The Self-Evident Truth builds a case of proof that Heaven and Hell are real, and there are eternal consequences depending on where we place our faith.

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