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On Unfamiliar Grounds: A North-eastern football journey

by Mark Cowan

For 15 months Mark Cowan meandered and wandered around football at almost every level in the North-east of England. His journey takes in the Teesside League, Wearside League, Northern League, Northern Premier League, National League and Premier League, covering all tiers of England’s professional leagues. From packed out stadia at St James’ Park and the Stadium of Light to virtually empty grounds where the players and officials almost outnumbered the paying public, the story muses over the role that football plays in a former industrial landscape where the ghosts of heavy industry are still present, if not physically then still in the psyche of locals and the settlements they inhabit.

“Imaginative, entertaining and carefully measured. Mark Cowan has done his history homework and enjoy the rich possibilities of the English Language” (Mike Amos, Grass Routes blog)

“A richly entertaining book about a season in North-East football” (Northern Echo)

RESPECTING THE LORD: The True Beginning of Knowledge (Hiking the Trail of Truth Book 9)

by Mark Stephen Taylor

There does not seem to be a predominant amount of respect for the Lord in these current times in which we live. Let’s face itâ??it’s a chaotic world out there, is it not? I would blame most of that on a lack of both teaching and understanding regarding the Creator of the world. However, the existence of God can be clearly seen through the things He has made, which things are quite obvious all around us Yet, it appears that many are not really looking. Why is that, I wonder?
It is written that a fear (respect) of the Lord is truly the beginning of knowledge (Proverbs 1:7). Here, Solomon is clearly teaching that belief in God is the necessary prelude to the understanding of solid truth and the acquisition of any knowledge. Beginning is literally first in order of importance; the first principle. In many Biblical passages the fear (respect) of the Lord is to be taught and learned. The beginning (foundation) of all true knowledge is grounded in this respect.
The purpose of this particular writing is to teach one how and why to respect the Lord. It is an eye- opening hike along the trail of truth which can give understanding to the simpleâ??to those of contrite heart. To anyone who has the ability to reason this journey will be quite profoundly informative. This journey requires courageâ??the personal will to reach the summit of the mountain of believing. We are hoping, dear reader, that you are one of those rare persons…

Aikido A beginner’s guide to traditional aikido: Aikido manual for beginners – color (Aikido – Traditional AIkido Tai jutsu & Buki Waza Book 4)

by Mats Alexandersson

Traditional Aikido originates in Iwama, Japan. Aikido was founded by O-Sensei, Moreihei Ueshiba in 1942 in the village of Iwama. Traditional aikido is often refered to as Takemusu Aiki and is a martial art that com- bines empty handed techniques (tai jutsu) and weapons (buki waza), the sword and staff. This volume is a collection of excerpts taken from the three previous volumes on Traditional Aikido by Mats Alexandersson. This volume is a beginners guide to Traditional Aikido for students just embarking on their journey to learn Aikido.

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