Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 02 Oct 18

The A to Z of Digital Photography: Learn How to Take Amazing Photos

by Dmitriy Buslovich

Are you interested in digital photography?

Would you like to get more from your digital camera?

Are you to take your photography hobby to the next level?

Many people think that having a digital camera means that it will do all the work for you. In some cases that’s true. Your camera is designed to take great photographs with minimal effort on your part. But there are many ways to take even better shots that will enhance your experience even further.

With this book, The A to Z of Digital Photography, you have the perfect guide to taking great shots every time, with detailed information on things like:

– What camera to buy
– Making full use of all your camera’s functions
– Exposure
– Lens selection
– Automatic operations
– Composition
– Lighting control
– And lots moreâ?¦

Primarily aimed at beginners, this book is also suitable for intermediate photographers. Some professionals may find information that is of value to them as well, but whatever stage you are at in your photography hobby or career, The A to Z of Digital Photography will have you taking better photographs.

Get a copy today and improve the photographs you take!

The Art of Practice: Twenty Waterscapes to Paint in Oil or Acrylic (Landscapes: Waterscapes Book 3)

by Jacqueline DeBusk

Use this book to inspire practice painting with oils or acrylics. Create near exact copies of the renderings in the book or alter the copy by adding your own elements, colors, and style. Use the pictures in the book to help you become more proficient at oil or acrylic painting, or use it to help you build a portfolio.

This book is part of The Practice of Art series titled Landscapes – Waterscapes. The series offers pictures for practicing both sketching and painting.

Japaneseã??festival DASHI PHOTO BOOK: 59 beautiful images and all color . (japanese photo book )

by ouji fukumaru

59 beautiful images and all color .


by Hina Gupta

A story of a squirrel and the awful truth berry.

Loopy Hearts Book: Heart and Shape Drawings with Automatic Writing

by Steven Yessick

Traverse fields of hearts and dynamic drawings with this book that includes a visual display of Steven Yessick’s Automatic Writing technique. Automatic writing is a subconscious way of communication where another higher force takes control of the pen. This is a compilation of three types of drawing: therapeutic loops, form combinations, and automatic writing, all drawn in pen. Loops usually form heart shapes while the automatic writing is loose and unrefined. The form combinations usually surround a heart, and are reminiscent of tagging, or street art. The book is in it’s purest state, and is a complete visual display containing the complete drawings from Steven’s travel to a mountaintop in Utah to see his sister’s wedding. This is a fun and interesting read quite unlike many books you have ever experienced of yet. Enjoy!

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