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Oblivion Threshold (The Oblivion Saga Book 1)

by J.R. Mabry

An unstoppable alien army is coming. You discover you have powers you can’t control. Your next move will either save the earth or destroy the universeâ?¦

Every man under Captain Jeff Bowers’ command was killedâ??on his first mission out. Ever since, he’s been a shell of a man, only taking solo assignments in deep spaceâ?¦

An alien species called the Prox has destroyed one colony after another, and the search is on for somethingâ??anythingâ??that can stop them before they reach Earthâ?¦

Bowers is spying on the Prox when his ship crashes and he diesâ?¦kind of. When he wakes up in his Anchorage apartment he discovers he has a new bodyâ??and new powers that could win the warâ?¦or end all life as we know it.

Oblivion Threshold is the first book in the thrilling Oblivion Saga. If you love Star Trek and Starship Troopers, you simply cannot pass up this adventure. 

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The Belial Stone (The Belial Series Book 1)

by R.D. Brady

An innocent discovery on a Montana ranch two years ago, sets off a series of events that may very well change the world …if it doesn’t end it first. _______________________________

Professor Delaney McPhearson’s life is turned upside down when her best friend, archaeologist Drew Masters, is found dead. Before she can deal with the heartbreaking loss, she is viciously attacked in her home by a man with inhuman fighting abilities.

Former Navy SEAL and head of security for a global think tank, Jake Rogan drops everything when he hears his foster brother, Tom Jeffries, has gone missing. There seem to be no clues, no information about his whereabouts. He has just vanished. But Jake won’t rest until he finds him.

Laney and Jake join forces when they learn that the fates of their loved ones are intertwined. And somehow all the danger that dogs their steps, revolves around an eccentric archaeologist’s controversial work on Gobekli Tepe, and the search for an ancient source of power.

Their personal quest soon becomes a race to protect humanity’s very existence. But how can they defeat a foe who has been planning his moves for millennia?

To save mankind, Laney and Jake know they must succeed. But to succeed, they must live long enough to fight.

What Reviewers Are Saying About The Belial Series:
“I read well into the wee hours of the morning to finisha book. You’ll need a box of Kleenex or two to get thru all 14 books.”
Carol Vanover, ***** Amazon Reviewer
“I read books 1 through 13 in a marathon. I had a lot oftrouble putting them down. My family suffered as they had to eat their owncooking.”
Judy Flageolle, ***** Amazon Reviewer
“Rarely do I read more then two or three books in aseries. I usually become bored with the plot and/or the characters. This serieshooked me.”
Pat 7641, ***** Amazon Reviewer
“These books are amazing. Love all the characters and Icannot even imagine the research needed.”
Dodie, ***** Amazon Reviewer
“This series is ADDICTING!”
Book Addict, ***** Amazon reviewer
“Since my college days, I thought I’d never read a bookseries that excited me more than Harry Potter. Then I read the entire Belialstores and realized I was wrong! Just wonderful!”
Tracie C., ***** Amazon Reviewer
“I know a good action-fiction when I read it & thisis a good action-fiction.”
Hoben, ***** Amazon Reviewer
“If you haven’t read this series you are really cheatingyourself out of a wonderful experience. Thank you RD Brady, and get back towork on the next one please. I am waiting with bated breath.”
Frank Garner, ***** Amazon Reviewer

Tainted Blood: Complete Series Box Set

by Jeff Gunzel

This box set includes all six books in the Tainted Blood series by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Jeff Gunzel.

With red eyes, white hair, and no memories, Viola must discover who and what she is before her enemies catch her. She doesn’t know who or what she is. The only thing she knows is that everyone wants a piece of her.

With no memory of her past and no way to survive on her own, Viola is forced to live as a slave to a man she despises. Her life of involuntary servitude is all she’s ever known.

But everything changes the day she is followed home and captured by Lord Alaric. With her red eyes and white hair, Viola draws the attention of Liam, the town mystic. He’s determined to solve the mystery of her bloodline. But the more Viola learns about her past, the more danger she discovers. Her only hope is to trust Liam and the infamous, brutal Demon Hunter as she searches for the truth while running for her life. The world can be so much greater – and crueler – than she has ever imagined.

Some mysteries are better left unsolved…

Wolf’s Rising (A Gothic Fantasy)

by John Irvin

If you enjoyed Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien or William Morris’s Well at the World’s End or even the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes then you’ll enjoy this high fantasy with a dark theme.

Set in the world known as Kyn, there is a Master Race and its slaves. The Wolf-Born have been enslaved to the Dark Elves for over a thousand years. But all that is about to change.

Duncan Hur awakens in a damp dungeon to find his memory not intact.

Grace Malcolm, daughter of the Commander of the Lupine Liberatorsâ??a rebel group recouping from a failed revoltâ??allows herself to be captured in order to break into the dungeon.

Duncan’s mind is sent into a major upheaval at first sight of Grace. They are lovers, come to find out. The two of them break from the cell and plan an escape. Duncan is distracted by an ancient Pendant and discovers it is encased in a dark spell. Trying to steal the Pendant, he is sent to the Otherworldâ??an ethereal place of haunting Shades and drooling Ghouls.

There is one Shade, Bezarnok, who informs Duncan of a way he can escape: kill the Master Sorcerer, Morphanoâ??the Dark Elf leader. But is there a catch? Does the Shade have ulterior motives? Will Duncan be able to escape from the Otherworld and return to his love and his people? Will Bezarnok unleash his hordes of Ghouls and Shades on the world?

For the lovers of dark fantasy and high fantasy, this is one you don’t want to miss! Intertwining the two subgenres, this tale takes the reader from one plot twist to the next.

Arty Grape and the Ramblings of a Mad Man

by Darius Z Sutherland

â?¦She gave her children to him without any hesitation, it was like she was glad to be rid of them. They didn’t know who the tall thin man was but everyone seemed happy to see him. It was seven years before the children were returned to her

Follow Arty Grape on one of her many strange adventures.

Arty Grape wants to discover what everyone else wishes to deny. Travel with Arty Grape to the tower on the hill, where her journey ends and mine begins.

Threats of Sky and Sea: An Elemental Epic Fantasy

by Jennifer Ellision

In a kingdom of Elementals, she thought she was ordinary. She was wrong.

Sixteen-year-old Bree is happy to be powerless in a kingdom where Elemental abilities mean a life sentence waging the King’s war. But everything changes when Elemental soldiers recognize her father as a traitor to the throne and he’s thrown in jail–along with the secrets from his last mission as the King’s assassin.

Now, she’s coping with powers she never expected. She’s under the thumb of a king she despises. Her father’s in prison; his past, a mystery.

And the King? Wants to weaponize her for war.

To save her father’s life, Bree must unravel the knot of his past before the King takes his life- and uses her to bring a kingdom to its knees.

And time is running out.

Throne of Glass meets Avatar: The Last Airbender in this epic YA fantasy perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Leigh Bardugo.

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