Free fiction Kindle books for 02 Oct 18


by Sabrina Rose

Meet Emerald Candace and Yasmine. Living their best lives with their career on the rise.
Everybody wants to be loved but are they just blinded?

Emerald constantly getting into it with her long time boyfriend Trey. Trying to work on their relationship to make it better but is it worth it? Is Trey as loyal as he claim to be? Will Emerald take a chance with her new love? Or stay with her confused love?

Candy and Nasir relationship always been glitter and gold. He’s her King and she’s his Queen. Will Candy secret push Nas away forever? Or worst into somebody else’s arm?

Yasmine never took men seriously. They were only good for one thing only, or maybe two. Would a newfound love change her perspective on men?

If you have a love for Urban Fiction Novels you would love this book. With a lot of twist and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat.

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