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Small Boat Building: A practical – step by step guide – to building Plywood Boats

by Tim Weston

Building a plywood boat, using epoxy resin with a small amount of fibreglass-tape, is a method of construction that is quick, economical and easy to learn. A method ideally suited to home building.

A boat built from plywood is lightweight, fast and it will last you for years. When painted they can look as sleek and smooth as any fibreglass boat. There is nothing low-tech about building in plywood.

Written for the first time builder, but packed with detailed information and tips, this book will help you build a boat – from anybody’s plans. By the end of this book, you will have learned enough, to build a small boat for yourself and maybe even from your own plans.

Two chapters give an overview of the process of designing a boat showing the steps needed to arrive at a set of workable plans, from a sketch through to creating a 3D model with CAD programs, including suggestions on free CAD software and where to get it.

It is also a story. It’s the story how I built a 10 ft plywood boat in a small one car garage, with the help of my son Tobi, while living by the Noosa River in Queensland, Australia, back in 2010.

The book gives a step-by-step description of the build, with lots of tips so you can follow along too. Starting out from a sketch, through the design considerations, onto the build, and finally painting the boat. In the end, we look at how she performed and lived up to the expectations in the beginning, once on the water.

There is an in-depth discussion on the theory of planing and hull speed and the importance of a building a hull as long as we can make it, especially when using a small outboard. The book covers, materials used and the techniques you will need to learn, to build your own boat, safely. What epoxy is, it’s properties and how to use it. The different brands and where to get them.

Fillers to use with epoxy, what they do and how to mix them, the different brand names and where to buy them. A list of tools needed, safety gear to keep yourself healthy, and what to watch out for, when building at home.

The emphasis is on using commonly available materials where they are up to the job. Local timbers and plywood are good choices to keep the job simple and affordable. In keeping with the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle. Exterior grade plywood is perfect for the job, expensive marine grade ply is not necessary. Vinegar for cleaning up your tools after working with epoxy.

You can use the information in this book to help you to build wooden boats using other methods too, such as strip plank construction. And the techniques you learn inside are the same ones you will use to build a 40ft catamaran or similar later if you go on to build bigger. Just the scale of the job changes. Building a small boat is a great way to “cut your teeth” if you are thinking of tackling a larger project one day.

The way I build is similar to the stitch and glue way of building but without the need to perforate the boat with holes and without needing to wire it all together.

It is a method that I have used to build many boats with good results and I will explain it to you fully as we go. To put it in context, we will also look at the alternative ways to build and other materials that could be used, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Cristóbal Colón El Héroe: Defendiendo a Colón del Revisionismo Moderno (Spanish Edition)

by Rafael .

Ã?rase una vez, Colón un héroe fue … Tristemente, este no es el caso hoy: algunas personas ni siquiera saben quién era o qué él hizo; mientras que otros afirman que él era un villano, y están abogando por la abolición del Día de Cristóbal Colón y todo lo que él representó. Las acusaciones varían desde Colón siendo un racista, un violador, un maníaco genocida, e incluso que dirigió una red de esclavitud sexual infantil. La pregunta es, ¿estas afirmaciones son ciertas ? Y, ¿dónde están los eruditos corrigiendo la historia de Colón? Desafortunadamente, parte de la desinformación que existe por ahi proviene de “eruditos”, e incluso aquellos que defienden a Colón, no hablan de la historia real. En este libro, el lector sabrá quiénes son los revisionistas de la historia moderna y lo que afirman que Colón fue, y lo que él hizo, contra los relatos históricos reales, que provienen de las bocas de aquellos que lo conocieron bien, y escribieron sobre ello para nosotros. La conclusión será inevitable, es decir, Colón fue un Héroe, y su historia y legado deben ser redescubiertos nuevamente hoy.

Secret Labs and Mysteries of the Third Reich (Revised edition): Unique modern and old world war technology

by Dick W. Kerry

Secret Labs and Mysteries of the Third Reich
(Revised edition)
Unique modern and old world war technology

This revised edition contains some inaccuracies and editorial changes.
This book is created from two previous editions.
This is an extended edition, amended and supplemented. Here you can learn more about the several mysterious military buildings of the Third Reich.
This little book is devoted to the secret laboratories of Nazi Germany. In this edition, you are waiting for underground laboratories and the first German nuclear weapons research.
The Third Reich concealed many mysteries. We will try to take a closer look at some of them.


Object “Drake” (Bittenstadt, Germany)
Stand of super-guns “V-3” (Vitsko, Poland)
The object “Eel” (Tuxeg, Austria)
Object “Heydkraut” (Tuchol, Poland)
Research Area “Pletka” (Leba, Poland)
Center for Nuclear Research in Gottow
Hitler’s Secret Laboratory Koenigsberg 13
The island of Rügen and its secrets
Object “Schlier” (Zipf, Austria)

U-977, U-530, Antarctica and UFO
Secret transport operations of submariners of the Third Reich
Another “WunderWaffe” of Hitler
Search for the amber treasures of Rode
New old version of Hitler’s disappearance
Women-mediums in the service of Nazi Germany
Operation “Six Little Indians”
Tibet and the Third Reich
Secret SS weapons

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