Free horror Kindle books for 02 Oct 18

Daddy vs The Dark

by Mark Alan Breedlove

A short story of when a daddy fight’s back from beyond the grave.

Telepath: Psychological Mystery and Suspense Thriller

by Mike Al-Amiry

Telepath is a roller coaster ride through the labyrinthine mind of a psychotic serial killer…
Father John Anderson suffers a series of horrific nightmares that take him back 10 years, to the time before joining the priesthood, and to the reason why he did.
His fiance Carla was throttled to death in the unlit doctor’s parking lot at the hospital where they both worked, only minutes before he arrived for their rendezvous…
In his dreams Fr. John Anderson sees, feels and hears himself frenziedly strangling young women resembling his long deceased fiance Carla, but then his dreams turn into living nightmares when he finds that they tally with actual incidents in every detail, and he cannot place himself away from the scenes of the murders or the times they are committed.
Is he trespassing into the mind of another, or falling into the darker recesses of his own?

The Fall of Night’s Blood – Part 1 (Nocturnal Supremacy)

by Al Hawkins

An Endless Evil Stirs…

When the ancient Akakharu, the pure vampires, awake from their slumber to attend the bi-centennial Council Meeting of the Four Houses, they find that one of their number is unexpectedly missing. Romeo, an outcast at the Council, is sent to investigate the absence. His investigation leads to an encounter with a mysterious mortal, triggering a string of sinister events and uncovering a plot that not only threatens war, but the resurrection of an evil bloodline and an ancient prophecy, long since thought laid to rest… the end of the world.
But in a world now changed beyond recognition for most of the Akakharu, what might ‘the end of the world’ actually mean? The end of their time on this world? The end of mankind? Or the start of a new world… one which they can rule?

What’s at stake?

The Fall of Night’s Blood is an epic, dark fantasy adventure spanning seven nights in which love, friendship and loyalty will be strained, broken and betrayed; in which faith and fate will be tested in the face of an age old vampire war. At night’s fall whose blood will be spilled? And what else might be lurking in the deepest timeless shadows of a terrible and bloody past?

This is a dark tale about an age old war between evil and even more evil forces – where good is just a minor inconvenience to both parties.

The Fall of Night’s Blood [part 1] introduces the reader to a new vampire series; a gripping tale that will wrap you in suspense, intrigue and mystery. Begin your journey here, complete book one of this epic new series with parts 2 &3.

MH240: El vuelo fantasma (Spanish Edition)

by Waldo Lydecker

En una noche cualquiera, el vuelo MH240 desaparece de los radares aéreos y nunca más se sabe nada de él. El vuelo MH240 se convirtió en un vuelo fantasma, en el que no se sabía ni quien lo pilota ni que pretendía hacer con él. La extraña desaparición provoca serias dudas a las autoridades: ¿Que motivó al vuelo para desaparecer? ¿Que tipo de pasajeros volaban en el avión?. Estas son algunas de las cuestiones que se irán resolviendo en uno de los mayores enigmas de la aviación. ¿Quién miente? ¿Se está diciendo toda la verdad respecto a la desaparición o se está ocultando información?.

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