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by Renato Esposito

Il cattivo di questa prima puntata è Marco Zara, un ipotetico ministro dell’Interno con tendenze xenofobe, che dopo aver ricevuto sul cellulare un messaggio dalla misteriosa ANTISTRONZO app, si risveglierà in Africa, e per tornare in Italia dovrà vivere sulla propria pelle, ora nera, il calvario di un infernale viaggio clandestino.

ANTISTRONZO è una pubblicazione a puntate mensili autoconclusive. Ogni mese un malvagio diverso, alla ricezione del fatidico messaggio, si ritroverà catapultato in un incubo.

Questa edizione deluxe, oltre alle cinque illustrazioni di Luciano Carrera, contiene altre cinque grafiche a tema dell’artista Art Is Now Illegal, e un link per scaricare gratis la colonna sonora originale di accompagnamento, composta da Amrit Paolo Srivastava, per rendere ancora più coinvolgente la lettura.

Renato Esposito, regista e scrittore, ha all’attivo diversi romanzi cult di successo, tra cui Il killer di Ikea e Pizza al taglio.


Luciano Carrera è grafico, illustratore e animatore. Vive a Perugia dove lavora freelance per aziende e privati.

Art Is Now Illegal è un artista multimediale, realizza dipinti digitali, animazioni, illustrazioni e video, mantenendo sempre un ambiguo distacco ironico.

Amrit Paolo Srivastava è un musicista eclettico, studia il jazz da quando è adolescente, i sui idoli sono John Coltrane e Charlie Mingus, ma esplora anche la grande tradizione europea dell’apertura, i classici della musica dodecafonica, mantenendo un orecchio aperto anche alle nuove tendenze dell’elettronica.

Cup And Sorcery (Skullenia Book 2)

by Tony Lewis

Ollie and his crew are back!

The Fibulan Museum has been burgled and our intrepid detectives are appointed to solve the mystery, but this is no ordinary crime. During their investigation, they find themselves undertaking a quest of quite literally epic proportions, while hoping that they can stave off disaster and avoid seeing Mrs. Ladle’s legs.

Can Ollie and his friends defeat the forces of darkness?
Can they survive their treacherous journey?
Can Flug have an intelligent thought without having a stroke?

Of course he can’t, but at least it builds up the tension.

The Glory: A Gripping Urban Fantasy: Berkeley Blackfriars Book Three

by J.R. Mabry

Berkeley is a smoldering ruin.

Bloodthirsty demons prowl the streets.

A revenge-crazed magician ascends into heaven, vowing to bring it down in flames.

Ë?Ë?Ë? When Brian discovers Terry has cheated on him he is utterly devastated, and flees to San Francisco to sort through the rubble of his life.

When magicians open the gates of hell, the Blackfriars scramble to stop them from turning the East Bay into a nightmarish wasteland of torture and mayhem.

Ë?Ë?Ë? While everyone is looking the other way, a lone magician ascends through the planes of heaven with one mission in mind: kill God and bring the Kingdom of Heaven down in flames.

Wounded, bickering, and utterly incapable of handling the situation, the Blackfriars call on Brian to put things right. But if he’s not capable of even holding onto a boyfriend, how can he possibly muster the confidence needed to save heaven and earth?

Ë?Ë?Ë? The Glory is the third book in the Berkeley Blackfriars series, but it is a standalone adventure and can be enjoyed all on its own.

If you love supernatural suspense laced with humor and danger, you’ll love J.R. Mabry’s Berkeley Blackfriars’ books. Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Preacher, The Dresden Files, and the Mercy Thompson series will thrill to this new paranormal fantasy adventure.

This book contains adult language and sexual situations. Not appropriate for children or people who are easily offended!

Buy this book and get The Glory today!

In Bed With Cows (Hilarious tales from a travelling stockman)

by Andy Frazier

“Another near-orgasm experience happened when I saw Cindy from 200 pacesâ?¦..The year was 1993 – I know that because I have a picture of Cindy on the wall in my study – naked!”


At the tender age of 15, Andy Frazier was inadvertently immersed into a whole world that he – or few others on this planet – knew anything about.
That world contained cows – many of them going on holiday.
From then on, his was a world of alcohol, sex and travel along with an entire catalogue of shenanigans that kept him on the move for 25 years, visiting, exhibiting and generally participating in cattle events throughout the world.
Whether you are a complete novice to all things bovine or a leading expert in cattle behaviour, this book with entertain you, insult you and generally have you in hysterical laughter from start to finish, as Andy recalls tale after tale of his exploits – each and every one of them true.
If you were ever involved in that business, you may even get a mention – especially if you were that bloke Andy once shared a room with in 1984.

“â?¦they can’t stop us laughing. It’s all we’ve got leftâ?¦”
Bernard Manning.

“It made me laugh from start to finishâ?¦except for a few minor insults to the Royal familyâ?¦”
A Welshman
“PS, cant wait for the sequel, about sheep.”

‘An excellent memoir for all cattle showing enthusiasts,”
Angus from Aberdeen

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