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Dark Dream (Love in Illyria Book 1)

by Adalind White

She always loved his music. Now she falls for the man.

Dark Dream is not Andrew King’s best song. It’s not his band’s most popular hit. But it’s Vy’s favorite song and she pours her heart and soul into it each time she sings it.

Instead of following in her parents’ footsteps attending the prestigious Salona university, Vy Cesara auditions on the most popular talent show in Illyria. In front of Andrew King…

Needing to numb the pain of his divorce and the separation from his only child, Andrew King throws himself into the most challenging project he can find. He goes back into the world of television, fifteen years after he walked away from his teenage fame and the ugliness behind the cameras.

Instead of clearing out the chaos from his heart and mind, Andrew meets someone who stirs the darkness he thought long buried.

He sees the desire in her eyes but is determined to conceal the fire burning inside himself. He can’t show her what he feels. He struggled too hard, for too long. He will not become the type of man who takes advantage of his power.

But when she looks at him…

The longer Andrew and Vy work together on the show, the attraction between them grows stronger. Irresistible. Overwhelming.

How long can the mind overrule the heart?

“Dark Dream” is the first part of the “Dreams Duet” which starts the “Love in Illyria” series. The BOOK ENDS WITH A CLIFFHANGER, which is resolved in a HEA in “Light Dream”

This is a slow burn romance. Both characters fight very hard to contain the intense sexual attraction. Sparks fly, but the sheets don’t catch fire. The vivid sexual fantasies they have during this time will be available separately, in short stories exclusive for my Reader Group.

This book is a new adult romance, about a nineteen-year-old girl’s first crush on a rockstar in his mid-thirties.

LAS CIGÃ?EÃ?AS DE YENNÃ? (Spanish Edition)

by Francisco de Paz Tante

En esta novela palpitan las emociones que al narrador, Alcaén, se le quedan inoculadas para siempre en la memoria durante los años de su infancia y adolescencia, junto a su vecina, y amiga, Adela, cuando descubrieron la magia de los zahoríes y de las ninfas inmortales. Luego llegarían las despedidas y los sueños pendientes, cuando ella se fue a ejercer de guía turística al corazón de África, a Yenné, donde conoce la devastación del hambre, de la ignorancia, y la resignada sumisión con que las mujeres se enfrentan a un mundo mísero y cruel, a los atroces rituales que les amputan el sexo y la vida.
Esta es una novela de los recuerdos de la infancia, de los amores eternos de la adolescencia, y de algunas vidas en que se entreveran la realidad, durísima, y la fantasía. Y es también un cuento de hadas, de ninfas inmortales que habitan en la memoria de quienes las preservan del último dolor llamado olvido; y de cigüeñas y sus vuelos lejanos, que, al regresar a su nido, traen recuerdos y nostalgias tan viejas como la vida misma.

Esta obra obtuvo el XXVII “Premio Cáceres” de Novela, que se suma a los más de cien premios literarios de narrativa obtenidos por su autor.

The Earth Bleeds Red

by Jackson Baer

Scott Miller has everything he’s ever hoped for. He has a successful marriage to Jessie, a stunningly beautiful, creative woman. His seventeen-year-old daughter, Ashley, is both gorgeous and intelligent, and has just been accepted to the University of Notre Dame, where Scott received his PhD. He has a comforting home in the woods, and a fulfilling career as a college professor at Oregon State University in Corvallis. He’s blissful, and at peace, until it all comes shattering down.

Ashley is kidnapped. The scene of the abduction is horrific and bloody, and the police are convinced she couldn’t have survived. They accuse her boyfriend, Brandon, of Ashley’s murder. He declares his innocence, and claims that a masked man who entered his house and overwhelmed them both took Ashley. No one believes Brandon.

Then the bodies of three other missing girls are discovered, all bearing the mark of a known serial killer the FBI has been hunting for years. Evidence mounts. As Special Agent James Duncan tracks the Hail Mary Killer, Scott and Jessie try to move on with their lives. But they can’t shake the feeling that Ashley may still be alive, and that the time for saving their only daughter is quickly running out.

In the best tradition of literature and suspense, Jackson Paul Baer has weaved a heartfelt tale of one family’s struggle to survive after a despicable evil wrenches them apart.

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