Free romance Kindle books for 02 Oct 18

Whiskey River Rescue

by Justine Davis

Still reeling from the unexpected sale of the land she and her horses live on, horse rescuer Kelsey Blaine is frantic when she comes home to find her possessions already boxed up and her house being bulldozed without any notice. Normally calm and kind, Kelsey becomes furious and impulsively cuts a privacy fence to confront the culprit-her mysterious neighbor, Joe.

Joe Kilcoyne is in a desperate place. He guards his secrets and hides from the world for a reason. He’s the hottest topic of speculation around Whiskey River, but no one has ever dared to get close to him. That is, until fiery Kelsey comes barging straight into his life.

The last thing Joe needs is for Kelsey to breach his defenses and make him confront his past. But when her sunny, open, and determined personality collide with a haunted man with no idea how to reconnect with the world, the sparks that ignite shock them both.

VIP: Taken By the Billionaire

by Tasha Fawkes

Daniela Caldwell’s day is bad, and getting worse. Work accident, emergency room visit and now this; finding her longtime boyfriend in bed…with a guy. Can it get any worse?

When a kind stranger, Aria, invites her on a weekend trip to Florida with the promise of hot guys and parties, she goes along. Nothing like a fun weekend to help take her mind off things.

But this is not just any party. A stable of hot guys was an understatement. And then, there’s Club Bliss – VIP’s only.

It’s anonymous, it’s hot and it’s a club unlike anything Daniela has ever seen. Tempted with an offer she can’t refuse, she indulges in activities with a mysterious stranger in a pitch-black room.

Jase Tyler is a billionaire. He has a stable of women at his beck and call. He has a rule. No relationships, ever. Then he meets Daniela, and for the first time ever, he’s tempted to bend his rules.

But it’s more complicated than that. Other forces are at work. Old habits are hard to break.

It was just casual, wasn’t it?

Witch Light

by Angie Derek

Lily Conner is a witch with an unusual side effect to her powers – she glows like a neon white light to all supernatural creatures. A vampire who kills her will absorb her light gaining the ability to use magic. Two years ago her family was killed when a pack of vampires followed her home. She barely escaped with her toddler sister in tow. Now she lives on the run with her four-year-old sister and a vampire bodyguard.

Reyes Vega lost his white light witch sister to vampires several years ago. When he meets Lily and her sister he knows he can’t let another white lighter fall victim to the vampires and sets out to protect her from the same fate as his sister.

A steamy paranormal romance.

*Previously published under the title Whitelighter.*

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