Free horror Kindle books for 03 Oct 18

Immortals Of Inferno: Volume 1.

by Amit Sagar Verma

After more than two thousand years, Rebecca Calden thought she was unique in the world. But shifting forces beyond her awareness have finally made themselves known as each faction competes to gain the ultimate prize: Rebecca’s immortality.

Dark Tales of Horror

by Cassandra V. Wyatt

It Waits
Children in Castlebury mysteriously disappear.

You’re Not Alone
A lonely woman craves company and finds it.

The Ravine
A camping trip turns into a nightmare for a group of friends

She Came Back For Me
รข??Til death do us part takes on a whole new meaning.

Dead Things
A sense of foreboding culminates in a night of terror.

The Rose Lake Killer
A man’s quest for a crime-free environment goes left.

The mysteries that lie beyond the veil of shadows captivate our imagination until the ordinary and the mundane horrifically morph into a landscape of stomach-churning fear and horrific nightmares leaving us shrieking in terror.

These tales are just a taste of what can happen when that veil is lifted and what was hidden is revealed.

The Shepherd of Fire (The Soul Stone Trilogy Book 2)

by Matt Moss

The exciting, action packed sequel to The Path of Man continues in The Shepherd of Fire – “This book takes sequels to a whole new level.” – Amazon review

Through the ashes, Victor rises to power and seeks to take control over the kingdom. He establishes the Religion and encourages new believers to join him from all over the land, offering them security and prosperity for their faith. Anyone who doesn’t convert is labeled a heretic and an enemy.

Lucian is still Victor’s right hand man and the most gifted killer in the realm. But he’s growing tired of doing his master’s bidding. He knows that Victor has been lying to him about the past. And seeing that his long lost love is the Oracle, it’s just a matter of time before he does the unthinkable.

The Oracle still stands by Victor’s side and prophesies destruction upon all who oppose him. But she’s starting to question Victor’s motives in his quest for power.

Arkin and the remaining members of the Order rally for one final mission. If they fail, the kingdom, and possibly all of mankind, will surely bend to Victor’s will.

Death and flames are left in his wake, for no one dare deny the Shepherd of Fire.

Grab your copy of the action packed, Epic Fantasy Adventure today and join the fight!

The Soul Stone Trilogy:
Book 1 – The Path of Man
Book 2 – The Shepherd of Fire
Book 3 – The End of Days

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