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Eat Rich Live Long Cookbook: 50 Natural Treatment Meals That Slow Down The Aging Process

by Brett Martyn

50 Natural Treatment Meals That Slow Down The Aging Process-What’s On Your Plate Matter More Than You Think

Forget the elusive fountain of youth. Fruits and vegetables high in flavonoids and carotenoids-two powerful plant-based antioxidants-help remove free radicals from your skin and body that cause premature aging. A well-balanced diet can not only help you lose weight, live longer and feel fitter, it can also help you look younger. Turn back the clock with these easy-to-make recipes!

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Numerical Calculus: Differentiation and Integration

by D. James Benton

Before the advent of sophisticated programs capable of performing calculus symbolically, numerical differentiation and integration provided a means of solving seemingly intractable equations. Numerical methods can still be an efficient means of solving many such problems, but the real advantage of Numerical Calculus will always be in solving those problems that have no closed-form solutionĂ¢??and these are legion. This book is filled with practical examples, code, and spreadsheets. I trust you will find it useful. I assume that you already have a command of analytical calculus and so I will jump right in to the numerical.

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