Free war Kindle books for 03 Oct 18

I.S. War On The World (VENDICARE Book 2)

by Scott Vincent

Welcome to a secret organisation with untold influence, a group of private operators that shape the world each time they embark upon a mission. Funded by billionaire Vincent Natalie and including experts in combat, surveillance, strategy and much more, this elite group are the ideal weapon in the wars that must be fought out of sight.

But as the group face the challenge of keeping order and peace on a global scale, will the weight of expectation prove too much for the men and women facing the ultimate responsibility?

With a unique blend of high-octane action, humour, espionage and human emotion, “Is War On The World” explosively continues from Scott Vincent’s first publication “Angel Faces” as the team are thrown immediately into another dangerous, life-threatening mission.

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