Free fiction Kindle books for 04 Oct 18

Ran off with the plugs heart

by Ridiko Hollis

Love, Drugs, Brutality & Deceit spearhead the most twisted tale ever penned as Kim a young woman, who found love with a perfect stranger, is no longer living a fairy tale, but a complete nightmare with a man she once vowed to love and build a family with. Putting her life and career in jeopardy as her secret of being another statistic of a domestic violence relationship is revealed and takes a toll on her mind and body as she struggles to pull off the ultimate plan to teach him a lesson and get away from him for good.

Martell, who’s heavy in the streets, main concern is his business and making money, leaving his woman wondering if she was a priority in his life. Even though he meant well, Martell couldn’t help the fact that he was an abusive man who has no control over his temper. Eventually, he would soon learn his lesson as Kim sets the stage for his downfall.

Will Kim finally get away from Martell or will she have waited too long….

TABOO EROTICA (80 Stories of Hot Romps)

by Jennifer Poundtown

Taboo? Check!
Sexy? Check!
Totally explicit and sure to make you cream? HELL YES!

80 stories of pure, naughty fun — crack this collection open and get down to business…

Taking the Cheerleader’s Cherry

by Sarah Sethline

Without even my asking she was forcing more and more of my meat down her throat before staring up at me lustfully like a good little slut.

Cutie Kacey is a cheerleader who’s missing some of the pep in her step because the other girls on the squad are mean to her. She only joined the team in the first place to make her coach proud, who also happens to be the man of the house. When he catches her crying after a game because it’s her birthday and nobody cares, he takes her back to her apartment to “console” her. Said consoling quickly escalates into kissing, sucking, popping her cherry and filling her BAREBACK!

“You’ll be fine, sweetie. Your p***y was made for exactly this, to take a big c*ck.”

Saved By a Beast: A Phoenix Pack Urban Paranormal

by Jade Royal

Bliss Jones wanted in her relationship what her name implied. But what she had was the furthest from blissful as it could get. In a fight to free herself from the prison that was her relationship, Bliss ended up paying with the ultimate price. Her life.

Struggling through his own personal battles, Kellan Sebastian was frightened by the sudden captivation he experienced when he stumbled upon Bliss. The moment the beast inside him came alive at Bliss’s scent; he knew their lives would forever be entangled. Instantly, her body responds intimately for the man who’d saved her.

With the both of them running from undesirable pasts their obvious attraction to each other doesn’t make things easy. But Kellan introduces Bliss to a new world, with new rules and powers she never imagined in her wildest dreams. And with a new outlook on life Bliss decides she is capable of settling the score with the man who gave her hell in her past. But that is not her only task. She needed to fight her fears of commitment and move forward with the bond that she develops with the beast that saved her.

Kentucky on the Rocks

by Gwendolyn Grace

Josette Lewis has been living a lie and needs to get out of Kentucky as soon as possible. To her devastation, the ultimatum she gave her long time boyfriend, Derek, has backfired. Before she can tuck tail and move home to California she must put her house on the market and upgrade her security system to keep Derek out of her life for good. When Aidan Ross, a hunky security consultant, shows at her front door Josette is instantly charmed by his sexy grin and easy-going ways. Can she let go of her familiar pretenses and allow Aidan to convince her to take another chance at love?

A Familiar Problem: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy (Northern Witches Series Book 2)

by Sharon Karaa


Accidentally bound to a devilishly handsome demon lord, Natalia is forced to make a decision. Either learn to love Ten Green Bottles and shower fully clothed or seek retribution and become a human. And who better to help her make the decision than the sexy Zerachiel, an angel with a passion for loin cloths?

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