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The Wedding Affair (Rebel Hearts Book 1)

by Heather Boyd

Coming face-to-face with the scoundrel who broke her heart on the eve of her wedding to another man could not be more awkward or ill-timed for Lady Sally Ford. When she accepted London’s most eligible earl, she hoped her heart had healed enough to learn to love him after they tied the knot. Her betrothed has no idea she was once engaged to an ambitious sea captain who betrayed her, and Sally has never forgotten or forgiven Captain Hastings for leaving her behind as he made his fortune at sea.

When Felix answered the urgent summons from his superior, he never expected to face his angry first and only love about to marry an earl or to discover he has the support of her family to get in her way. With no expectation of winning her back, Felix finally has a chance to clear the air about the past. But with every argument and stolen moment, their former passion reignites as if it had never waned. Is there a chance to begin again and forgive each other when they must part any day?

Rebel Hearts Series:
Book 1: The Wedding Affair (Felix and Sally)
Book 2: An Affair of Honor (William and Matilda)
Book 3: The Christmas Affair (Harper and Amy)
Book 4: An Affair so Right (Quinn and Theodora)

A Star in the Sky

by Zichao Deng

The day is 4 Etz’nab’ in the great Maya city of Palenque, and in a luxurious mountain villa a man lies dying.

Taah Tiwoh had been feared and disliked in life, and was almost entirely unlamented in death. Many had prayed for him to meet an untimely end, but had someone taken matters into their own hands?

Having failed to save him, his doctor, the Royal Physician Lady Tz’unun, is determined to find out how he died. Her honour, her reputation and possibly her life will depend on her ability to track down the poisoner who successfully defeated her most sophisticated cures. However, danger lurks among the fog-shrouded mansions of the city’s elites, and the more Tz’unun investigates, the more she realises that almost everyone involved would prefer for Taah Tiwoh’s death to remain a mystery. As she and her assistants work to eliminate suspects from her list before the terrifying city magistrates can take over the case, the lies and deceptions of the high aristocracy are thrown open to the light of day. In such uncertain times, no one is above suspicion, and the good doctor is not without secrets of her own…

A Star in the Sky is a magical murder mystery set among the glories of classical Maya civilisation.

The Mostly True Adventures of Habukkuk Finn

by Stephen Wishnevsky

When I got there, to Louisiana, I realized how long I had been gone. Life goes on. They was all dead, everybody I knew. I found the tavern, it was still the same, mostly empty, except for the barkeep, I didn’t know him, and a cripple without no legs setting on the porch with a tin cup and a bottle. The tin cup was for begging, and the bottle was for drinking, you know. I nodded, he raised his eyes, stared me all over and said, “Don’t I know you? What’s your name?”
“Huck. Huck Finn.”
“Don’t you know me?”
I looked him over close, but there was so little left of him, I couldn’t bring a recollection to my mind. He had lost both legs, most of one arm and his face was all scars, awful to look at, except there were plenty like him to see, these days, after the war. “I’m sorry, sir.” I said, “You have the advantage of me.” One thing I learned from the Duke was how to talk like quality, if I had to.
“I’m Tom Barnes. Little Tommy Barnes. We used to be in Tom Sawyer’s Gang. They used to pick on me a lot.”
Then I knew him. I wanted to cry, but I had forgot how. Years ago. “Tommy.” I took his hand, and looked him in the eyes. They were the only part of him I could recognize. “You were in the war.” No sense beating around the bush. We knew the score. I let go his hand, he touched his bottle as if it was the only real thing in the whole world to him.

LA POLÍTICA DE DIOS (Spanish Edition)

by Álvaro Pineda Botero

A principios del siglo XVII, las sombras del fanatismo reinaban en amplios espacios europeos. Giordano Bruno fue quemado vivo por la Inquisición romana porque aseguraba entre otras cosas que la tierra no era el centro del universo. Siete décadas más tarde, Newton sentaba las bases de lo que hoy conocemos como “ciencia” y le explicaba al mundo que, en efecto, la tierra no era el centro de ese universo de infinitos planetas. La vida de Clemente X transcurre entre ambos eventos. En esta novela, el pontífice que canonizó a santa Rosa de Lima y le sirvió de confesor y director espiritual al sabio jesuita Atanasio Kircher, repasa su vida en el verano de 1676 y escruta la encrucijada de su tiempo desde su lecho de muerte en el Vaticano. Tiene ochenta y seis años. En su juventud conoció el amor de los efebos. Ahora su espíritu está desgarrado entre las dulces memorias del placer, las trampas de la fe y los encantos de la razón científica. Se pregunta por la Política de Dios; si su ministerio sacerdotal y papal ha contribuido a acrecentar la Gloria del Señor, si sus prédicas y acciones han despejado en algo las tinieblas que rodean al género humano, y si en esa lucha eterna entre el bien y el mal, entre la luz y las tinieblas, brillará algún día la Virtud y la Verdad. Pero su tiempo termina y solo ve confrontación entre las grandes potencias, desorden y caos por doquier.

The Happy Sunbird

by Yolanda Christian

Sample Chapter 1 and comment! The Happy Sunbird replaces the imperfect edition, The Girl in Peckham & Kowloon.
The Happy Sunbird is a dark acerbic salutary tale about what happens when a mother won’t talk to her daughter. Convinced there’s a bond between people and places, Jolienta dos Remédios obsesses about painting, etching, Peckham High Street and the achievements of a dead American artist. If only she could follow in the footsteps of her Eurasian forebearsâ??into an exotic land marked by opium warsâ??then she would find that elusive happiness.

Tales of King Arthur: classic version

by Andrew Lang

King Arthur, accompanied by Merlin the magician, had left the comfort of the court to seek adventures. He had fought a hard battle with the tallest Knight in all the land, and though he struck hard and well, he would have been slain had not Merlin enchanted the Knight and cast him into a deep sleep, and brought the King to a hermit who had studied the art of healing, and cured all his wounds in three days. Then Arthur and Merlin waited no longer, but gave the hermit thanks and departed.

Catalyst (Hannah Anders Trilogy Book 1)

by Amanda Uechi Ronan

Loyalty and friendship define Hannah Anders, an uncommon young woman fighting for freedom and family. A skilled warrior trained by the Comanche, Hannah’s journey begins in October 1835, when the stirrings of revolution are first heard in the Mexican territory called Texas. She follows her mentor, the infamous James Bowie, into battle.

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