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The Captains of Thor: What Really Caused the Loss of the SS El Faro in Hurricane Joaquin

by Robert Frump

Was it the captain’s fault, as many said? Or did the company, the Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping all have a hand on the helm of the SS El Faro as she steered too close to Hurricane Joaquin? This is an examination of a tragedy that has been well-researched and investigated â?? heroically so at times â?? by the United States Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board. Three very well-done books have been published. All of these efforts produced detailed recommendations and observations and all are publicly available. I commend them to you. 
My effort touches on the broad sweep and events of the tragedy and investigation, but if you want the detailed story of the final voyage of the ship, you’re better off with the other books. My main goal here is to show how the SS El Faro fit into a larger system and culture â?? one that I have been covering off and on as a journalist and author for 38 years.
It’s this system, I feel, that will result in another SS El Faro someday unless it is reformed. 
Another note on style. My preference in non-fiction is “narrative.” In other words, whenever I can, I tell a story and show what is happening; I prefer that to “telling” the reader, because I think “showing” is more readily absorbed. Humans learn through stories. Story telling rather than a lecture better illustrates the emotions at play here, as well as the moods, culture and vibe of the ship and the industry. This does not mean I take a pure poetic license. The dialogue quoted here is real, not made up. The material is factual.

Doña Graciaâ??s Gold Pendant: A Historical Fiction Novel

by Michal Aharoni Regev

Imagine having to guard the secret of your family under the threat of mortal danger

This historical novel is a story of love, jealousy, intrigue, mortal terror – of family secrets, courage, and devotion. It depicts the wide-ranging journey of Doña Gracia Nasi, a wealthy young Jewish widow from a family of forced converts, exiled from Spain in the 16th Century. Doña Gracia’s turbulent history comes to life, from age 12, when she is first told the secret of her forcibly converted family, to her escape from the terrors of the Inquisition in Portugal finally to Constantinople, via London, Antwerp, Venice, Ferrara, Lyon and Saloniki.

The true story of Do̱a Gracia Рforced convert, tycoon, charmer of kings, savior of her people!

A successful businesswoman and visionary in a world in which women had no rights, Doña Gracia risks her life and her immense fortune to save her persecuted people. She powerfully bends kings to her will in an era of flourishing culture and the religious battles between Christians, Jews, and Moslems. Heralded the “Queen of the Jews,” she succeeded in obtaining a royal decree from the Ottoman sultan to settle the city of Tiberias. Meanwhile, her heartbreaking feud with her sister, Brianda, nearly sparked a world war!

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The Catholic Jesus: Knowing Christ through the Church he founded

by Thomas Plant

Are you a new Christian seeking to understand the Church’s teachings about Jesus?
Do your friends try to persuade you that Jesus was just a good man, misunderstood and elevated by the Church for the sake of its own power?
Do you want to help “Bible-believing” Christians to understand the importance of the tradition of the Church which Jesus founded?

It’s not surprising that traditional Christians feel under siege. On one front, we face the Twitterati and dinner-table critics, convinced that the Church has fabricated its story about Jesus, and elevated an ancient rabbi to the status of God for the sake of her own power. Then we face fellow Christians, seeking to undermine the Catholic Church by claiming that our understanding and worship of Jesus – especially in the Blessed Sacrament – are â??unbiblical.’
In this book, you will find the historical resources to help you hold your own and defend the traditional Christian understanding of Jesus.
Mary gave birth to a boy, not a book. Jesus never wrote a word, because he was God’s Word. It is only through the Church which Jesus founded that God breathed the words of the Bible, and so it is only through the Church that we can really come to learn who Jesus is.
An Anglo-Catholic priest and doctor of Cambridge University, Fr Thomas Plant summarises the recent work of respected biblical scholars in a short and readable form, to help Catholic Christians understand and defend the authentic tradition of Jesus which the Church has faithfully guarded and proclaimed through the centuries.

“The Catholic Jesus is an excellent short study of the Christian tradition through the lens of the early Church. Indeed, its effectiveness is found in stressing that the Bible (which the author rightly points out is not an unambiguous notion) cannot be properly understood outside the context of the Church’s witness to the reality of Christ and the significance of his person. Furthermoreâ??and in contrast to those who would stress an exclusive focus on scripture (and its inerrancy)â??we come to see that it is the Eucharist, as the living presence and source of spiritual grace, that forms the bedrock of religious experience. In this engaging work, Father Thomas Plant gives his readers the keys to understanding the fundamental mysteries of the Church. He does this by tacklingâ??robustly and with great intellectual vigourâ??the pernicious distortions of modernist reductionism with a view to rehabilitating a faithful defence of an authentic Christian vision. Unreservedly recommended” – Rev John Paraskevopoulos, Buddhist Hongwanji Mission to Australia

The Nazi, the Princess, and the Shoemaker

by Scott Neuman

Have you ever heard of a Jew who saved a Nazi’s life?

Who evaded capture by pretending to be a Polish peasant, a Communist spy, a partisan, and a Rabbi?

Who spent months starving in the woods, sleeping in haystacks in the freezing cold, only to finish off the war in a luxurious palace as the guest of a Polish princess?

Over 30 years in the making, this unique and extraordinary account was recreated from cassette tapes which were recorded in the early 1980s and later found in the bottom of a closet, as well as videotaped interviews by Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation.

The book describes Binem’s childhood in the rural Polish village of Radziejow, and details how his family and community were devastated by the trauma of the Nazi invasion and unimaginably cruel occupation of Poland.

At the age of 24, Binem escapes a German forced labor camp and struggles to survive the harsh Polish winter by sleeping in haystacks during the day and begging food from peasant farmers at night.

Through a chance encounter with a former schoolmate, Binem is taken in by the Osten-Sackens, an aristocratic Polish woman (the “Princess”) and her ethnic German husband, who Binem later learns is a secret Gestapo agent. When Germany begins to lose the war, their son, an SS officer (the “Nazi”), forces Binem to vow to protect his parents from inevitable attempts at retribution.

Binem makes good on his promise (three times!) saving Osten-Sacken twice from Russian soldiers and later by testifying on his behalf in a Polish court.

The book describes Binem’s Holocaust experience in harrowing detail, from its lows, including a suicide attempt in the Jewish graveyard where his parents were buried, to its highs, such as finishing off the war as an honored guest at the Osten-Sacken mansion, and his celebratory speech to the Russian Jewish officers who liberated him.

The Ghost Files (Mike Covell Investigates)

by Mike Covell

For over a decade, Mike Covell has investigated the unexplained. His quest has led him to appearances on Most Haunted, Most Haunted Live and Paranormal Lockdown, documenting his search for answers.

‘The Ghost Files’ is a collection of ghost stories from haunted shops, restaurants, hotels, theaters, factories and educational centers – packed with hundreds of historical contemporary sources, historical timelines, logs of reported activity, photographs, maps and more.

Mike’s articles have been seen in the Hull Daily Mail, Grimsby Telegraph, Outer Limits Magazine and Haunted Magazine. Whether you believe or not, Mike explores both sides of the history and myth, the stories, sightings, and historical sources, showing a different and often thrilling insight into the haunted, ghostly locations in his hometown of Hull.

The Viking Age

by Charles Francis Keary

                The present volume is concerned with that period in the history of the Scandinavian peoples when they were growing, but had not yet fully grown, into nationalities, and when, therefore, their true national history had not begun. Every historic people has passed through this early formative period, its age of Sturm und Drang; and it may be said that every nationality which is worthy of the name has looked back upon that age with a peculiar affection and with a sort of reverence. It has, in consequence, overlaid the faint traditions of it with a garment of mythology, out of which it is in most cases possible only here and there to separate a shred of historical truth. The result is that the very phase in the development of the people about which we most long to know, is the one about which we are condemned to the completest ignorance. The Viking Age of the Northern Folk differs from the corresponding epochs in the history of other nations in this â?? that it is illuminated by a faint ray of real history lent from the pages of contemporary but alien chroniclers, the chroniclers, I mean, of Christian Europe. Were it not for this faint gleam, the earliest age of the Vikings would have remained for us as a mere tradition, something known to have been, but not presentable in any realizable form; much, in fact, what the Dorian Migration is in the history of Greece. As it is, by the aid of the contemporary records I have spoken of, we can present the northern migration in a clearer guise.
                For all that, a distinction must be drawn between the earliest and, as I would call it, true Viking Age, and the actual history of the Scandinavian Folk as recorded by themselves. Viking expeditions continued to be made during the later historical period. But they took a different character from those of the earlier age, and they no longer absorbed so large a part of the activity of the people; at any rate they no longer constituted, as they do for our period, the only phase of national activity whereof the records remain. Thus, though the expression Viking Age is often employed with a much wider significance, it would, I think, be an advantage, could its use be confined to just this epoch in the life of the Northern people and to no other; to their age of Storm and Stress, the age of their formation.

911 CONSPIRACY : What Really Happened: 9/11 and the War On Terror

by Phil Coleman

911 CONSPIRACY: What Really Happened: 9/11 and the War On Terror

To say the events of September 11, 2001, changed the world is an understatement. The global impact of the attacks that occurred in New York City, Washington DC, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania could never be measured.

Out of the attacks came drastically increased security world-wide, rampant xenophobia, a war that might possibly never end, and forever damaged relations between the United States and the Middle East.

In times of crisis and attacks such a these, people tend to look for answers as to why such events happened. In the case of 9/11, this led to rampant conspiracy theories about the attacks that even close to twenty years later still prevail.

911 CONSPIRACY deals with the events of that day, and the theories that differ from the official account. A gripping read for anyone interested in the World Trade Center attacks that changes the face of history and sparked the ongoing War On Terror.

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