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Loved By The First: A Sexy Paranormal Thriller (Loved By A Killer Book 2)

by C.F. Rabbiosi

Raina’s Sire has released her to be with her human love. Finally.

If only her hunger for blood wasn’t getting out of control and endangering him.

If only the first vampire and most dangerous being on earth wasn’t pursuing her for his torturous pleasure.

If only she could stay.

She travels across the world to escape Varo, the man who began the vampire curse. Leaving everything she loves behind, she goes to Tombstone, where the Silver City Strangler has been making his own living dead girls, leaving their naked bodies to be claimed by the desert sun. Finding and dealing with him will feed the beast inside the beautiful new vampire, yet protect her human soul from disintegrating into nothingness.

But The First has found her. He wants to hurt her, to make Raina’s Sire suffer for killing his love, but never thought his stone-cold heart would come alive again.

In her.

He torments Raina, but she can feel his hidden desire, him secretly begging for her, and her being fascinated with him. She is drawn to The First, for he is beautiful and deadly… and the one who started it all.

The Maine Cabin

by Kelly A. Perkins

Something evil lurks in the woods outside the cabin. A woman flees a creature in the woods on a quest for her lost husband.

The Back Roads of Terror

by Christopher Malinger

The journey into a dark forest is never predictable. Travel down seven roads of terror and fantasy. Prepare yourself for a trip of a lifetime. Meet an evil dog, discover magical spells gone awry, a noir detective caught in an interstellar deception, and a haunting that never ends.

Cry for the Demon

by Julia Grice


After the sudden death of her husband, Ann Southold and her two teenagers travel to the island of Maui to shed their old life. There Ann meets a man who sparks a desire she had never experienced; dark, mysterious, Kam Smith, a diving instructor who knows the sea. And who awakens a hunger inside Ann that terrifies her.


But their vacation in paradise quickly turns into a nightmare: Ann receives dire warnings from strangers and learns of horrifying shark attacks off the local beach. Her daughter is plagued by nightmares of the ocean. Now, Ann must consider the unthinkable; that the man she desires is something more than human…something born of the occult magic of ancient Hawaiian legend.

Put on a Happy Face: A Short Horror Story

by Terry M. West

Susie Monroe hides in an old house with her brother, Billy. Billy is a shadow man who wears many faces. But none of them are his.

This story is just one of the dark tales featured in West’s critically-acclaimed collection, WHAT PRICE GORY. Put on a Happy Face is part of the Single Shot Short Story series which adds exclusive story notes and bonus content that you can only find in the Single Shot Story Series.

What people have said about the collection, WHAT PRICE GORY?:

“A Horror Library MUST HAVE… Deliciously Good Story Telling!”-Heather Omen, DIGITAL MACABRE

“Terry M. West understands horror. He understands gory. And he handles them with the delicate touch of a master of the genre and a true wordsmith…”-Author, Charie D. LaMarr

“5 STARS! Fear and extreme twists and an examination of human capacity rest within these tales, just waiting to be devoured…”-Vitina Molgaard, Horror Novel Reviews

“5 STARS! One Hell of a collection!”-Dale Herring, Geekdom of Gore

“What Price Gory is one of the damned finest collections of short stories I have ever had the privilege to read…”-Michael Donner, aka Captain Creeper of





Esta novela de suspenso y terror da inicio a una saga de 3 libros que tienen como eje un mundo distópico y apocalíptico surgido en los años 80 y 90 en tierras sudamericanas.

La novela aborda el tan conocido tópico zombi desde una perspectiva nueva e innovadora que se desarrolla en los Andes.

Los personajes principales son zombies, que vistos desde la cosmovisión de los mismos nativos sudamericanos son llamados “condenados” o “ayas (en idioma quechua significa: muertos)”.

Estos condenados son representados como leyendas vivientes que han evolucionado al punto de desarrollar sus capacidades sintientes y de discernimiento (similares a la de los humanos).

En líneas generales, la novela, es una analogía histórica y simbólica de los conflictos políticos armados y socioculturales de los países sudamericanos en los que, haciendo uso de las costumbres y tradiciones de los pueblos de la región, aluden a la intolerancia, a la discriminación económica y social.


Da inicio en 1980 con la invasión de una enardecida horda de condenados en un poblado de la serranía central del Perú llamado Cototo (ubicado en los Andes), sólo por el simple afán de expansión territorial, masacre y exterminio.

Después de lo acontecido, la historia da un salto temporal a 1989, donde una serie de vicisitudes afecta a sus tres protagonistas: Sebastián Preysler (un joven condenado hijo de un cazador de humanos), Aylín (una condenada de la cual se desconoce su trágico pasado) y Matías Pinto Vidal (un humano que busca a su único familiar con vida). Estos tres personajes forjan una noble amistad que los conducirá indirectamente a consecuencias oscuras y extraordinarias.

The Shipbuilder: A Paranormal Fantasy

by Salina B Baker

The lost souls of Eastport, Maine struggle for Providence and tolerance. Can a stranger deliver salvation?

THE SHIPBUILDER is moody and somewhat grim. It has a deep undercurrent of fate and magic at its core, strongly reminding this reader of the work of Daphne du Maurier and Emily Brontë. With her passion for history and the accurate portrayal of the period, author Salina Baker brings this time and place to harsh, vivid life. In doing so, she’s crafted a resonant and compellingly readable novel. â?? Susan Rooke, author of The Space Between

In the summer of 1869, beleaguered for-hire killer Zach Dimitru arrives in Eastport, Maine, bearing an amulet and searching for absolution. His salvation is dependent on the Benoit Family, who are also pitiless and tormented. Zach’s deliverance is reliant on Juliette Benoit. The young woman is grieving the loss of her soul mate, whom she believes has reincarnated without her. Miraculously, the amulet imparts messages to Juliette. The fate of both Zach and Juliette, as well as the town, depends upon her ability to learn and convey those lessons before the arrival of a hurricaneâ??one with the force to devastate Eastport. 


by Justin D. Russell

Justin D. Russell brings us another fast-paced horror story with a cast of characters that are so real they could be your next door neighbors.

Every town has secrets, every person has desires they keep hidden because it’s what is expected in civilized society. Retired Marine Jim Houghton knows this quiet little town’s secrets as their Chief of Police, or at least he thought he did. When Shawn, “Slice” Thomas hears gun shots from the pharmacy what is out-of-character for the town is only the beginning of a rampage that will pit wife against husband, mother against child, neighbor against neighbor as the townspeople choose to no longer keep buried their deepest desires.

Does the violence that has suddenly erupted in the town have a connection to the appearance of a traveling salesman, who talks of the “duality of man”? How could the violence be connected to the salesman and just how can it be stopped. Chief Houghton teams up with Slice and his brother Eddie to face the evil that has taken over their town. Will they be able to stop it and if so how?

Warning: Explicit content

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