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Popular Quotes

by Ajay Sharma

This quotes book is collection of popular Quotes to keep you motivated. quotes and sayings
100 popular gratitude and motivational quotes
quotes and sayings ,quotes about success, quotes for life , quotes that make you think

This Mucked up World

by K.S. Menon

A ginormous, $multi-billion, warship gets stranded in the icy waters of the arctic. Was it due the shenanigans of a college dropout on a computer sitting in his mother’s basement, or the gross incompetence of the captain and his crew?
“[H]ow much your ship cost? $20 billion? You know, I am simple guy with equipment worth less than 50 thousand Rubles. That is less than $1,000. Yet, I could disable your big ship sitting at my little place in Crimea.” Would the influential and the powerful want some lowly criminal making a mockery of their warship for â??shock and awe’ out in the open?
A criminal mastermind builds an enterprise of cybercrimes. He crawls in the cyber space like a snake in the grass, patiently, to strike his victims at the opportune moment. He victimizes ordinary, unsuspecting, people and cleverly scapegoats them to repeatedly attack the rich and the powerful. The epitome of his ambition culminates in his biting something he couldn’t swallowâ?¦
This story narrates the grotesque impact of cybercrimes on organizations and ordinary people in every walks of life, and how that impact is exacerbated by egos, self-interests and insecurities of people in political power.

Pick Up Lines

by Informative Books

Funny, Cute, Flattering and Cheesy Pick Up Lines
Crude, Creepy, Suggestive and Dirty Pick-Up Lines
Country Wise Pick Up Lines
Romantic and Cute Pick Up Lines
Pick Up Lines for Girls, Women, Females
Scientology Pick-Up Lines
Math Geeks and Nerds
Video Games Pick Up Lines
Movies Pick Up Lines
Sports Pick Up Lines
Miscellaneous Pick Up Lines
Religion Pick Up Lines

Friendship Quotes: Best Quotes

by Neeraj Kumar

This Book is Collection of The Quotes to Say in Friendship to make your Friendship More Deep and Deep

Opening Tactics: The Scandinavian: Volume 1: Qa5

by Michael Duke

This book contains 50 puzzles from the Scandinavian Qa5 variation – it is not a theoretical manual. I have designed this book to be a useful tactics trainer but also to aid with opening preparation – the idea is that you solve the tactics in your expected opening before a game.

Smile quotes: To make you Happy

by Ajay Sharma

Collection of Best Quotes to make you Smile when you feel Sad

Did You Know ?: Interesting Random Facts

by Neeraj Kumar

Collection of Random Facts about the world,
Read & share the facts with friends.
You will amaze with the best explained facts

Uber Diva: Hot Tips for Drivers and Passengers of Uber and Lyft

by Charles St. Anthony

She’s sitting on a secret. With thousands Uber and Lyft rides under her belt, Uber Diva offers a birds eye view of what it’s really like to work as a rideshare driver. She also instructs passengers on how to avoid getting spanked with a 1 Star rating. Meet the freaks, learn the equipment, and see how this diva survived when a drunk driver T-Boned her car. Based on true rideshare experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Uber Diva” includes educational chapters answering these burning questions:

What kind of insurance is needed as an Uber driver?

What equipment will be necessary before drivers start driving?

How is Uber different than driving for Lyft?

What’s the etiquette for passengers?

What about driver and passenger safety?

This book is the author’s personal opinion, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the companies mentioned in the book including Uber, Lyft, Google, Apple or Twitter.

Anatomía de un fantasma. Historia clínica del cine español (eBook) (Spanish Edition)

by Francisco Elías Riquelme

Francisco Elías Riquelme, reconocido como el pionero del cine sonoro español, terminó sus memorias en octubre de 1971, seis años antes de morir. Ninguna editorial estuvo interesada en que salieran a la luz, pues no estaban en la línea ideológica «políticamente correcta» de aquel período entre el tardofranquismo y la Transición democrática. Inéditas hasta hoy, las reveladoras memorias de Elías, que él mismo tituló Anatomía de un fantasma. Historia clínica del cine español, se estructuran en tres partes: una autobiográfica, una descriptiva sobre la industria del cine y, finalmente, una crítica en la que expone cómo veía el futuro de nuestra cinematografía. Con esta publicación, anotada por su amigo y confidente, Josep Maria Caparrós, y coeditada por el biógrafo de Elías, Enrique Sánchez Oliveira, se pretende resarcir una injusticia â??al margen de la ideología del autorâ?? y contribuir a completar la historia del cine español.

Brilliant Quotes

by Ajay Sharma

Brilliant Quotes to inspire you and keep you motivated

Cocky Cocker: Doggo Tails Bork 3

by Risa Fey

If The Secret Life of Pets and doggo memes had a litter of pups, Doggo Tails would be it.

Tradeborks ‘n Pee Rights taken a bit too far.

     Helo, fren. Am Heckin’ Hektor, primed ‘n redy to do u another bork. After lerning how to coexist respborktfully in close apawrtmental proximity with each other, all us doggos got a major problum on our claws. A cocky cocker spaniel has been bullyin’ us, see, doin’ the neighborkhud a woofin’ intimuhdation. Mor spawcifically: he’s stolen a commonly used fire hydrant that all us doggos used to do a share. The cocky cocker spaniel tradeborked it, fren, claimin’ intelectual propotty rites over the fire hydrant!
     All us doggos unite to do this unfair tradebork claim a hackle-raising resist. We summon the use of the Doge-Rodent Accord–but the cocky cocker spaniel has secured a mistery aliance of his own. The cocky cocker spaniel is alianced with doge-kind’s worstest enemy ever, (and I bet u can’t do a guess of who that mite be.)
The teritorial wars begin. Will us doggos be able to do a prevail in the glarin’ snoot of greed ‘n evil?

A short story and bork 3 of the Doggo Tails series.

For dog lovers of all ages, and seekers of doggo fiction and pretentious doge literature. If you love cute and nonsensical doggo memes, you’ll love these hilarious and heart-warming doggo tales, as told by the doggos themselves.

Saggi e recensioni del 32° Premio Ferrero (Italian Edition)

by AA. VV.

Tutti i saggi e le recensioni, con i vincitori, del 32° Premio Adelio Ferrero per giovani critici cinematografici. Con interventi di Vittoria Oneto, Lorenzo Pellizzari e Roberto Lasagna.

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