Free literary fiction Kindle books for 04 Oct 18

Come Back: A Novel

by Sally Crosiar

What if you ran away from home at 17? Would you want to go back? Vi Masters would rather eat nails. But what if your aunt begs you to perform at her 60th birthday bash? She cared for you like neither of your parents ever did. And something about her voice on the phone seems off? Vi can’t say no. How bad can three days be? She can act like she has no secrets for that long, can’t she?

What if you’ve fretted about why your kid ran away and you hadn’t seen or heard from her in ten long years? What if you know tongues are wagging again all over town – this time about why she’s staying with her aunt and not you? Ben Johansen worries the girl will shame him again before he can make her say why she left.

What if you’ve schemed and plotted to get the perfect life? But your stepdaughter could take it all away? Would you be scared? Tammy Johansen is. Down to her bones. What if Ben finds out why Vi ran, and that Tammy has always known? She’s built her life around loving Ben. What if he won’t forgive her? What then?

What if the girl you worked so hard to get over waltzes into the diner where you’re having breakfast? What if you know you should hate her for the suspicion her disappearance rained down on you? But you can’t? What if you know neither of you are the same people you were? Would you still want her? Nate Barlow does. Against his better judgment.

What if you and Nate pinky-swore to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Would you keep your oath and risk your last drop of hope? Of all the questions Vi faces when she comes back to Freedom, Iowa, this might be the biggest? Three days? It’s no ride on a pink duck.

Hiding Places

by Shannon Heuston

Ursula Reiter’s father survived the Holocaust. All her life, she struggled with this knowledge, while her father hides in their home, unable to face the evil lurking within mankind. With the exception of him, she lives a solitary existence, until Maggie, one of her psychology students, entices her into a forbidden relationship. Yet Ursula remains mistrustful of the younger woman’s motives. Then she is given an opportunity she can’t pass up: the chance to conduct her own psychological experiment on evil using illegal aliens as subjects, and reveal Maggie’s true character. Will Ursula finally succeed in destroying everything good in her life, or is time to come out of hiding, once and for all?

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