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The Mockingbird Drive (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 3)

by A.C. Fuller

Five people are dead at a small Las Vegas newspaper…
The police and the media are running with the “official story”…
But Alex Vane is after the truth.
Alex Vane was once a top investigative journalist. Now he peddles celebrity gossip and clickbait listicles, watching from a distance as his wife moves on
 with her life – without him. But Alex’s past catches up to him when he learns that an old source, James Stacy, has been killed in a random mass shooting.

James left Alex one last scoop: a 50-year-old hard drive that may contain a secret worth killing for…and the name of the one person who can help him access the data. That person is Quinn Rivers, a paranoid and reclusive computer expert who believes the CIA is tracking her every move. And she may be right.

When Alex shows up at her door with the hard drive, armed operatives are right behind him. Now Alex and Quinn are on the run. There is no one to trust, nowhere to hide, and nothing but the hard drive to prove that James Stacy’s death wasn’t random at all.
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What People Are Saying About The Mockingbird Drive and A.C. Fuller:

The Mockingbird Drive is like if Lee Child wrote a John Grisham novel, if Grisham had been a journalist instead of a lawyer.”
-Amazon Reviewer

“A talented new writer sure to do damage to the best-seller lists.”
-Robert Dugoni, #1 Amazon and 
New York Times Bestselling Author of My Sister’s Grave
“Elite Indie Reads anticipates that Fuller will soon be a household name.”
-Elite Indie Reads
“Read the literary equivalent of heroin.”
-Amazon Reviewer
Series List (can be read as standalones or chronologically):
The Anonymous Source (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 1)
The Inverted Pyramid (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 2)
The Mockingbird Drive (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 3)
The Shadow File (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 4)The Last Journalist (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 5)–coming October 30

WHATEVER THE COST: A Mark Cole Thriller

by J.T. Brannan

A Chinese cargo ship is hijacked off the coast of Indonesia by ruthless pirates; North Korea is involved in a covert plan to reunify the country by taking control of the South; and in Saudi Arabia, a terrifying new terrorist group has emerged that threatens to destabilize the entire world.

Adrift and psychologically damaged after the brutal murder of his family, ex-covert operative Mark Cole stumbles across a clue which might lead him to the hijacked ship. Realizing that it offers the opportunity to give him a purpose in life, Cole sets out to find the ship in a bid to earn redemption for his past.

From a gun market in the ancient jungles of Cambodia, to the teeming streets of Jakarta, Cole stumbles upon a plot far greater than the simple hijacking of a ship; and as he battles against North Korean agents and Islamic fundamentalists, he promises himself that he will do whatever it takes to stop the unleashing of a terrifying jihad which threatens the Western world like never before.

Poisoned Legacy (Of Gold & Blood Book 1)

by Jenny Wheeler

Unsolved deaths. Untold treasure. Can she uncover the secret of her inheritance before dark forces claim another victim?

Graysie Castellanos is ready to take her final bow. When the traveling singer inherits a rundown mine, she thinks it’s her golden opportunity to provide her adopted daughter with a happy childhood and a prosperous future. But their bright new beginning crumbles underfoot when the townsfolk of the Sierra Nevada mining town start dropping dead of mysterious causes.

If Nathan Russell had listened to his gut, he’d have cleared out of Grass Valley before the first corpse turned cold. But the Aussie-born adventurer refuses to abandon the gorgeous singer and her young child to their doom. And when his old rival arrives in town looking to stir up trouble, he only gets pulled deeper into the mystery of the dark forces taking control.

With no choice but to press forward, Graysie and Nathan must solve the riddle of the deaths before the shadowy culprit adds their names to the tombstone.

Poisoned Legacy is the first book in the absorbing Of Gold & Blood historical mystery series set on the California frontier. If you like accurate details, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and a glimmer of romance, then you’ll love Jenny Wheeler’s sparkling saga.

The Ghosts of Mystic Springs (Mystic Springs Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)

by Mona Marple

Why be normal when you can be paranormal?

Welcome to Mystic Springs, where things definitely go bump in the night.

As the town’s medium, Connie Winters is the only person who can see the ghosts who call Mystic Springs home.

When young temptress Lola is killed, the dead Mayor and the dead Sheriff are determined to investigate, and since they’ve never been replaced, they’d better get on with it. But they need Connie’s help. And if Connie’s helping, her sister Sage is going to get involved too – she’s beautiful, slim, and twenty years dead.

It may be the first time in history that a murder-solving squad is a mixture of real live people and real dead ghosts. Connie, and the residents of Mystic Springs, will be forced to question everything they thought they knew.

This is a full-length paranormal cozy mystery. Spooky not scary. Lighthearted and fun.

First in series by Mona Marple, author of the Waterfell Tweed cozy mystery series.

Health and Wellbeing (The Quick and Brutal Guide)

by moses. guru

The Quick and Brutal Guide to Health and Wellbeing is a compelling allegory, a fiction which shines a provocative light on our diet and health. Prepare to be shocked and alarmed by how our perceptions of a healthy body and mind are manipulated by those with a vested interest.

The enigmatic Moses–of The Quick and Brutal Guide to Earth and Earthlings–is back, hoping for some quiet time away from it all, a chance to detox and increase the diversity of his microbiome. He comes across an increasingly desperate group who have become hopelessly lost while trekking in the woods. What’s worse is that someone–or something–is following them through the forest . . . and then one of the group vanishes.

As Moses leads them through the deep-forest, they discuss and dissect the subjects of diet, health and wellbeing. Along the way, they discover how to really eat and live healthier. Their sometimes scandalous, always honest, observations will make you think twice next time you visit your favorite restaurant or supermarket.

This unique and riveting fable may surprise you, but the brutal truth about what you thought was healthy will shock you to your core.


by Amanda Heit

My dream avatar had one minute left to live if that. The crazed rhinoceros already had me off his back. It was only a matter of time before it lowered its head and crushed me destroying my chance at stopping the thief. I was going to fail this mission. And then I wasn’t. I found myself on the ground clear from the rhinoceros’s stomping hooves that crushed the skull of a virtual girl instead. Where did she come from? I had been saved sporadically during my last mission as well. Oh well. No time to dwell on that. I had to catch that thief. I had to make these games fair to the people who paid to play them while hoping that snipers didn’t pick up on my trail in real life. The girl wasn’t a sniper right? I had a family to protect.

Sebastian Tinsley desperately needs his job. Millie Ankerton seeks to be reunited with her parents. Both tasks lead down a tortuous path next to snipers and more surprises than they ever expected.

A clean teen/young adult novel that you don’t want to miss!

This book is an amazing union between suspense and humor. The unique concepts for the plots and twists in the story line will keep you turning pages until the end.

CANAAN’S SECRET (Zack Tolliver, FBI Book 6)

by R. Lawson Gamble

Zack Tolliver left the Federal Bureau of Investigation to spend more time with his family. He is at home when Libby’s sister calls, worried about her daughter Pru in the wake of the horrific murder of a high school classmate. Libby goes to Kanab, Utah, to offer support. She discovers Pru’s life is indeed in danger. Zack investigates and learns the murder may be tied to old bones in a hidden cave on the summit of Canaan Mountain. He goes to Kanab to join Libby and begins an investigation that leads from a single murder to a much larger conspiracy.

Woman Scorned

by Shannon Heuston

Have you ever wanted revenge on a former lover?

Lexie Sparks was a mild mannered, quiet woman living an insignificant life. Then she fell in love with handsome, devilishly handsome Trevor Sands. When he brutally dumps her, she becomes obsessed. After she commits a heinous act of vengeance, her loved ones are left trying to make sense of her behavior. Who is the real Lexie Sparks, scorned woman accused of the crime of the century, or innocent victim?

The Vampire in Roxbury

by Paige Love- Rose

Inspector Victor O’reilly of the Boston police is obsessed with a cold case. His parents were poor Irish immigrants that moved to the US, so that Victor could have a better college education. At the age of twenty, Victor watched his parents get killed in their bedroom by an mysterious being. He remembers a gorgeous face. Her teeth sunk into their necks, as she feasted on their resting bodies.

He grew up watching movies and read about vampires. Like everyone else, he never believed in fairy tales. As an adult, he never forgot the determination he had to find the woman who had killed his parents. He comes across a diary and In this diary it tells the story of her life. Victor puts the pieces together and later comes to the conclusion that she could have been involved with one of the biggest drug movements in the city. Could this monster of a woman be the city’s greatest drug lord? Victor O’reilly has the potential to discover the greatest urban tale of all time.

Spooky Sweet: A Sweetâ??s Sweets Bakery Mystery (Samantha Sweet Magical Cozy Mystery Series Book 11)

by Connie Shelton

“As with all Connie Shelton books, a fantastic read. Can’t wait to move on to the next one.” –5 stars

Now that Samantha Sweet has a contract to provide her special handmade chocolates for the wealthy jet-set clients of Book It Travel, Sweet’s Sweets bakery is taking on a whole new dimension. Only problem, Sam isn’t ready. It’s almost Halloween, her pastry shop is bursting at the seams and she needs extra employees but there is no place to put them.

Right before the witching day, she comes upon a large Victorian house she can adapt for the business, and it seems her problem is solved. But is it? The mysterious, spooky noises at night are way more than the normal creaks and groans of an old building. Something else is going on and Sam suspects it may be related to her husband’s newest case, investigating where an abandoned duffle bag crammed full of cash came from. Beau is dealing with a greedy reward-seeker, a robbery with no leads, and a waif who appears and vanishes. Sam’s mystery has her watching for ghosts and working almost around the clock. Is she relying on magic?â??well, occasionally.

“Shelton again has done a superb job in bringing New Mexico to life.” â??Albuquerque Journal

“Connie Shelton gets better with every book she writes.”â??The Midwest Book Review

“Just reading about Samantha Sweet and friends at her pastry shop will leave you drooling in anticipation of delicious treats.” Joanne K, 5-star review on Amazon (Spellbound Sweets in Midnight Mysteries)

“The teamwork between Samantha and Beau was a main draw as well as attention to detail, down to the last frosted cookie.” – Janine Thiemann, 5 stars, Amazon (Spellbound Sweets in Midnight Mysteries)

Son of a Witch: A Witch Squad Cozy Mystery #2

by M.Z. Andrews

Now available in audio!!

Mercy Habernackle has just gotten the surprise of a lifetime. She has a brother – and not just any brother, a dark, mysterious, and incredibly hot brother.

Given up for adoption twenty-four years ago, Reign Alexander just wants to get to know his long lost sister, but things take a dangerous turn when on his first night in Aspen Falls, a woman ends up dead, in Reign’s bed!

Desperate to prove her brother’s innocence and save her mother from heartache, Mercy enlists the help of the Witch Squad to find out who really killed Harper Bradshaw. But when Mercy discovers that her brother has been lying to her since he got to town, she must ask herself is her brother really as innocent as he begs her to believe?

When a second victim is discovered dead and Harper’s sister, Elena is held at gunpoint, Mercy must rely on her wits and her and the Witch Squad’s paranormal abilities to put the puzzle pieces together and save the day.

Rejoin Mercy, Jax, Holly, Alba, and Sweets, (and don’t forget Houston and Sneaks) on another crazy adventure! New secrets will be revealed and new friends are sure to be made!

This is Book #2 in the Witch Squad Cozy Mystery Series. Each book in the series is a standalone mystery and can be read without reading the entire series, but the relationships between the characters is a continuation from Book #1.

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