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Birth of Sibling: How to ease the change for your older child (Garima on Parenting)

by Garima Gupta

Read this book if you are expecting or have just delivered your second baby. This is a concise, precise go-to book for taking the best possible care of the emotional needs of your older child, as you prepare for and have your second child. The prospect of having a sibling is typically cause for great excitement for a child. However, many a times they are caught by total surprise at all the change that this entails. As a result, rather than feeling responsible or affectionate, they end up feeling threatened and angry towards the baby. This can put the baby at risk of injury at the hands of the older child, and can also plant the seeds of lifelong sibling rivalry.
As a responsible parent, you are naturally concerned about how your child will adjust to the arrival of the new baby. You would rather your child feel love and caring towards the baby. You also wish the arrival of the baby brings great joy to your child, like it does to you. Luckily, you can have a well-adjusted older child by simply avoiding the most common mistakes second-time parents make.
This book shows you how to smoothly meet the emotional needs of your older child during this period of change. Your older child has much newness to get used to. From a change in daily routine, added chores, shared attention of parents, to a new set of expectations of the family from them. Also, they must come to terms with new feelings like jealousy, competition and insecurity, that they may have never experienced before. In this book I have described SEVEN EMOTIONAL NEEDS of the child and how to meet them in a healthy way. This will help your child feel secure and attached to you and the newborn.
Many parents find using TV, iPad or cellphone an easy â??baby sitting’ strategy to handle the older child, while they care of the newborn. Too much screen time can obviously hurt the child. In this book, you will also find out how to manage SCREEN TIME for the child to minimize problems and maximize benefit.
When you do the activities listed here with your child, both before and after the arrival of the baby, you will teach your child to happily transition from being the only child to an older brother or sister. This will sow the seeds for a lifetime of healthy relationship between siblings and strong family bonds.

Best Friends Quotes

by Ajay Sharma

Read the Best Friends Quotes for Your Best Friends and make them feel More Good feelings

No More Tears Show Your Scars

by Nita Washington

Star was a church girl who grew up into a town that she look for love in all the wrong places, she lost her faith, when all she had to do is trust God and love herself first


by Roselyn Zuyeali Amwa

A story about the struggle of a young african woman who desperately wanted to be educated despiite the fact that she was born at the time when it was not necessary for the girl child to be educated. She went through a lot before her dreams finally came through.

Generation Gap (Full Version) (Gujarati Edition)

by Dada Bhagwan

The relationship between parents and kids is a fundamental link of one’s existence. Even our great gods had parents whom they respected and revered.

In today’s time this relationship is getting complex. Parents have a long list of complaints against their children such as that kids don’t obey them, wake up late, don’t study, pick up wrong habits, fight with others, etc. Children fail to meet their parents’ expectations. Similarly, kids feel that their parents don’t want to understand them, are overly strict and so on.
In this book, these close relationships within the family are the basis of discourse (satsang) with Param Pujya Dadashri, the Gnani Purush (the enlightened one).The existing problems are discussed from the worldly view as well as from the spiritual view. Special attention is given to the growing rift between the new and the old generation. Parental duties and the duty of children, adolescents, teenagers and young adults towards their parents are explained with clarity and compassion. Param Pujya Dadashri has pioneered the basis of positive parenting and how with love and affection, harmony can be achieved in this beautiful relationship of parents and children.

The book is divided in two parts, part one where Param Pujya Dadashri discusses the problems and solutions for parents towards their kids. In part two, Param Pujya Dadashri has addressed the difficulties faced by kids when dealing with parents.

This book will be of tremendous help in attaining harmony between parents and kids, leading to a cordial relationship.

Kids and Money: Teaching Financial Responsibility and Values to Children

by Connie Ragen Green

Connie Ragen Green is an online marketing strategist, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. A former classroom teacher and real estate broker/residential appraiser, Connie now works with entrepreneurs on six continents as well as corporate clients. Her greatest pleasure is the work she does with service organizations and non-profits as a volunteer, public relations consultant, and fundraiser.

In this most recent book, Connie draws upon her decades of experience with teaching responsibility and values within her own family, in the classroom, and with small groups in a private setting. She believes that it is never too early to start teaching kids about money and that it is our duty to pass down what we know and believe to future generations. You will learn:

~ How your concept of money changes throughout your lifetime
~ Why shifting your beliefs around money is a worthwhile goal
~ How to determine your child’s “financial personality”
~ Why giving kids an allowance may set them up for future disappointment
~ When to begin fostering independence in children with a five part plan
~ How teaching generational values gives children a foundation for success
~ Why alleviating financial stress in children makes a difference

Digitally Lost and Lonely Online: Technology Kills Real Human Connection

by Dave Masko

Digitally Lost and Lonely Online, by Dave Masko. Social scientists here at Reed College in fully wired southeast Portland, Oregon, are uncovering new evidence about digital technology overuse leading to “lost and lonely feelings” in users who also say that anxiety and depression is the price techies must pay to be hooked into machine 24/7. “I think â??IT’s’ taken a huge toll on our inner lives to the point when many of the other wired people I encounter at work are not quite human. I would say they’ve become post-human tech acting beings who are cold soul in their reaction to life,” explains Margaret Felitti who is featured on the cover of this special report e-book with essays about why most Big Data users are seriously addicted to this mind-bending technology. The aim of this and other e-books on the subject of information technology addiction is to help users understand why they feel lost and lonely most of the time due to this digital drug epidemic that demands we all fight for our minds.

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