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A Knight’s Reward (Knight’s Series Book 2)

by Catherine Kean

When Gisela Anne Balewyne comes face to face with handsome knight Dominic de Terre, she fears her dangerous secrets have caught up with her. The small town of Clovebury seemed the perfect place to hide from her abusive husband, raise her young son, and earn a living as a tailor while she saved to move north and start a new life. Seeing Dominic–the lord she loved and then lost when he went on crusade–renews her desire for him, but she can never be with him again, and not just because she’s a commoner and he’s a nobleman. Loving him would mean risking too much, including his life.

Dominic is on a crucial mission for Lord Geoffrey de Lanceau: to find out who stole de Lanceau’s cloth shipment, worth a fortune. Dominic is stunned to see Gisela, the only woman he’s ever loved. She’s changed, though, from the passionate, sensual woman he knew. He vows not only to succeed in his mission, but to win her heart forever–goals that endanger them all, especially when Dominic learns she’s been hired to sew clothes from some of the stolen silks.

As he unravels her shocking secrets and learns the truth about her little boy, he could lose all that’s dear to him–or win a knight’s greatest reward.

Knight’s Series Novels:
A Knight’s Vengeance (Book 1)
A Knight’s Reward (Book 2)
A Knight’s Temptation (Book 3)
A Knight’s Persuasion (Book 4)
A Knight’s Seduction (Book 5)

The Milkman (Old Habits Book 2)

by Tabatha Kiss

The neglected housewife. The irresistible milkman.
We all know the story…
but you’ve never heard it like this before!

Nathaniel Scott is back.
I never looked twice at him in high school.
Now, five years later, he’s the town’s new milkman.
Handsome, charming, and so eager to please.
He’s that tall glass of milk I’ve always craved.

But the home I’ve made belongs to another man.
A man who refuses to give me what I need.

I never thought I could be that woman.
The kind who wrecks her own life for selfish pleasures
but I’ll do whatever it takes to feel alive again.

The milkman is coming.
And I’m leaving my back door unlocked.

The Milkman is steamy, sweet, and oh-so-taboo. Stand-alone. No cliffhanger. All the HEA you could ask for.

One Ride: Hellions Motorcycle Club (The Hellions Ride Series Book 1)

by Chelsea Camaron

Their forbidden attraction couldn’t be denied. Can one ride turn lust into love?

Delilah “Doll” Reklinger has never been in danger before. As the only child of Roundman, Haywood’s Hellions motorcycle club president, she has always been protected.

When a threat to Roundman’s club gets too close to his precious doll, he does the only thing he can think of–sends her away until his enemy is in the ground.

Talon “Tripp” Crews lives his life from one ride to the next. As the Catawba Hellions motorcycle club chapter president, he doesn’t hesitate to answer Roundman’s call for help.

One ride across the country sounds simple enough.

One ride tempted by a forbidden desire is far from easy.

One ride changes everything for everyone.  *** This is a motorcycle club romance. This book contains strong language, strong sexual situations, violence, and is not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen. This is a work of fiction and is not meant to be a true or exact depiction of a motorcycle club but rather a book meant to entertain. ***

Each book in the Hellions Ride Series is a complete stand-alone story featuring a new couple. Hellions Ride Series order:
One Ride
Forever Ride
Merciless Ride
Eternal Ride
Innocent Ride
Simple Ride
Heated Ride
Ride With Me (Hellions MC and Ravage MC duel co-written by Ryan Michele)
Originals Ride
Final Ride
Hellions Ride On Series:Born to ItBastard in ItBleed for It

Demons In The Night

by C.J. Hartnett

Danielle fell in love with Trajan two hundred years ago, but he left to better his position with the Dominus. Or so she thought. Now, she’s face-to-face with him again. As her coven is faced with finding a new king, she meets the sexy and alluring Alaric.

Trajan is left to clean up the mess left behind by Mina and Caleb. He strives to lead the demons to a new path, but fears becoming like his predecessors, especially now that he wants Danielle back in is his life.

Danielle faces a hard decision: let her love for Trajan resurface or choose Alaric amidst the chaos that surrounds them.

***Warning. This book contains explicit sex, graphic language and is intended for mature audiences.***


by D.M. Thornton

His blue eyes pull me in. I can’t get lost in them.
Not now.
Not ever.

Somehow, he convinced me to work for him. Against my better judgment, I agreed. I should be focused on keeping me and my special needs son safe from an abusive past. But I’m too consumed with brothel owner, Benjamin Wesley, to realize danger has found us.

I will no longer be someone’s punching bag. I’ve learned to protect myself, and when my ex shows up wanting to claim the son he once abused, I fight back.

Someone will end up deadâ?¦but it won’t be me.

Notorious King

by Hilary Storm

His wordsâ?¦ his touch. They both somehow begin to calm me in this cold, hard nightmare where I should be screaming for my life. Begging to be released and freed from any man who thinks he can buy me. But for some reason, that’s not how he makes me feel.
I’m not sure if my body and mind have just given up at this point or if my gut instincts are right about him. Either way, I’d much rather take my chances fighting off one man than an entire room of people out to ruin me. ~ Aubrie

Aubrie Winters has always been off limits for the King Brothers since she’s my best friend’s younger sister. We all made that agreement when we were in high school. We didn’t want him near our sister either, so that made it easy enough to stay clear of Brie. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t always had my eyes on her. ~Gabriel King

This is a novella-sized story that’s packed with lots of action, heat, and an awesome storyline that will draw you in from the first page and keep your attention until the last! I can promise you an HEA on this one, so buckle up and dive in because at this price… I’ve given you nothing to lose!

A Chance at L.O.V.E.: Bid On Love: Bachelor #4 / Love At Last Series #1

by K.L. Myers

What happens when two different worlds collide?

I wasn’t looking for love when I met her.

I thought she’d own me for a night. Little did I know she’d end up owning my heart for a lifetime.

Lincoln Oliver Vincent Eastwick (AKA L.O.V.E.) has no intentions of ever being in a committed relationship, but that doesn’t mean he won’t provide one spectacular date to the lucky winner of a masked bachelor auction for a good cause.

Dr. Lillian Olivia Vicci (AKA L.O.V.) has two things in common with Lincoln: Their initials and no intentions of settling down. But when her best friend wins the date of a lifetime at an anonymous bachelor auction using Lillian’s paddle, all bets are off.

It only took one night to bond two hearts together, and one family to rip them apart.

***This Book Ends On A Cliffhanger and leads into my new Series called Love At Last***

The Bid on Love series unites the talents of eight romance authors to bring you stories that will leave you breathless and begging for more!

Book 1: Souled by KL Shandwick
Book 2: Going, Going Gone by Samantha A. Cole (Coming June 4th)
Book 3: Joker by M.A. Stone (Coming June 18th)
Book 4: A Chance at L.O.V.E. by KL Myers (Coming July 2nd)
Book 5: For Her Amusement by Heather Anne (Coming July 16th)
Book 6: Stab at Love by Kristine Mason (Coming July 30th)
Book 7: Bidding on the Bodyguard by Kristi Avalon (Coming August August 13th)
Book 8: Afraid of Love by Annelise Reynolds (Coming August 27th)

Kaycee’s Tattered Spirit (Tattered Series Book 1)

by K.C. Rice

One woman, two men. One tears her down, the other lifts her up. One is her husband, the other a total stranger. Kaycee, a tattered woman. Lost and insecure finds hope, security, independence and a burning passion she never knew existed. When Mason, a man, only known to her through a social media group comes into her life. Turning her world into a vortex of power and passion. All the while she continues to struggle with the abuse of her husband, the fear and self-doubt choking her. Turning to Mason for reassurance, he teaches her how to be independent, strong and self-assured, as he stirs a passion inside her she never knew existed. The flames erupt, engulfing Kaycee’s heart and soul, and causing her to realize, she must make a choice. Stay or Break Free.

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