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My Name is Noir (Sanguis City)

by Morgan Jane Mitchell

2nd Prequel to the Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy series Sanguis City – Lilanoir’s world has been turned upside down, again, making her flee to the city that she has been avoiding for six long months, the city of blood. Join Lilanoir on her first day in Sanguis City. Life is certainly different than where she grew up on the Human Reservation.
Lily knows that the city is ruled by the Vampires that took over the world but she doesn’t know where she fits in, she isn’t exactly a vampire. She soon discovers that her fangs are the ticket to the good life. It seems all she has to do is change her name and she can have it all. That is if only Tombs, the University’s researcher, would leave her alone.(

GLEAN: Patcher vol.1

by Martin Kee

Meet Corporal Kendal Harris: chef, IT tech, and budding con artist. It’s an easy gig, hiding in the cargo hold of a survey ship, easier still to run from your past. But at only fifteen, Kendal can’t run forever, and the survey ship he has stowed away on is turning out to be a one-way trip.

Bex is the last of a dying breed. A trained Tender, it’s Bex’s job to raise, foster, and introduce virgin species into her world’s ecosystem. Not an easy task. Between rampant poaching, predation, and the inevitable Great Sleep, her world is nearing the end of its sustainability. Resources have dwindled to desperate levels on her world, leaving many to harvest what they can to survive, even each other.

But when a strange new species emerges in Bex’s life, she must decide whether its life is worth saving, or if its body is worth salvaging.

This first installment of the Patcher series is a novella length work, roughly 48,000 words.

Broken Shield

by Ryan Garner

In the near future terrorism is rampant, uncontrollable civil uprisings are commonplace, and debt has virtually consumed all of the Western Democracies. In the face of an economic, political, and social catastrophe the likes of which the world has never before seen, a young, attractive, and charismatic Senator named Jamal Jordan is elected president of the United States. Driven to success on a wave of assurances to solve the problems of the country and with his party in control of both houses of Congress, President Jordan is extended virtually limitless power. Unfortunately, after nearly two years in office it had become apparent that his economic, political, and social policies had failed miserably. As midterm elections rapidly approached a strong likelihood that his party would lose control of Congress became apparent. These events caused President Jordan to use the continuing economic and social crisis as justification to pass the “National Preservation Act.”

The “National Preservation Act” suspended the United States Constitution, dissolved congress, halted general elections, and closed all federal courts including the Supreme Court for a set period of ten years. All executive, legislative, and judicial functions are entrusted to a small executive council handpicked and headed by President Jordan himself.

The Statute also helps create the National Governing Police. Bestowed with virtually limitless state and federal powers and the authority to circumvent any state constitutional law whenever the “need” to serve “national interest” is presented, the NGP has become an absolute force spreading rapidly through the land.

In the midst of this social and governmental turmoil John Lawrence, an officer with the Wilmington Police Department is forced to choose between his sworn duty to protect and serve, a police department paralyzed by fear of both federal authority and civil liability, a society with misguided hatred for its protectors, and a seemingly almighty and overreaching government hell bent on destroying the constitution and country he promised to safeguard. After discovering a dark secret about the woman he loves and confronting a terrorist threat greater than any the country has previously faced; John must make decisions that will not only affect him and those he cares about, but may very well change the face of the nation.

A Lifetime in Atlantis

by John McWilliams

When Matthew Roark sets out to write the novel of a lifetimeâ??Atlantisâ??he knows just who to turn to for help: bestselling author Stephanie Wilde, his childhood friend. What he doesn’t know is that their collaboration will lead to something more: love.

Despite Stephanie’s literary successes and Matt’s inability to finish his novel, the two build a life together. But both struggle to understand the purpose behind the hours they spend creating their works of fiction. While Stephanie attempts to tackle the problem philosophically, Matthew takes refuge in his novel, incorporating her ideas into its fantastical realm.

As the years go by and the two slip deeper and deeper into Atlantisâ??where its protagonists must fight to save their worldâ??Matthew and Stephanie discover that the answer to the question that’s been plaguing them is right there in front of them, on the pages of an unfinished novel that has become their world.

Urban Guerrilla (Sundown Apocalypse Book 2)

by Leo Nix

Sundown sends the silent kangaroo shooter, Roo, to explore the possibilities of resettling their community in the safety of the Flinders Ranges.

But when they arrive, they encounter a foe even more dangerous than the Revelationist terrorists. Meanwhile in Adelaide, the ‘house rats’ have found the only way to survive: forage by night and hide by day.

Sergeant Nulla and his band of survivors accidentally set up camp right under the noses of the terrorists. But it is the conflict between the Alice Springs Command, Third Australian Army and Sundown’s Commando that sets the path towards either disaster or survival in the harsh Australian desert.

If you are fascinated by the Australian outback or stories of survival against insurmountable odds, this is the series for you: hard-hitting and fast-paced, without the fluff.

This is a standalone novel, and can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read other books in the series.

Planet Chimera (Legacies of Monsters Book 1)

by Bryan Nyaude

While travelling to a distant galaxy, on an assassination mission, Rave’s ship is struck by an unknown projectile, causing him crash-land into an alien planet he was passing over. With his ship destroyed, his weapons gone, he finds himself trapped on the savage planet filled with dangerous chimeras. A powerful darkness lurks on the planet, far much dangerous than he is, and the residents of the planet are hiding deadly secrets. And as he ventures further into the forests, the threat grows restless, the eyes of shadow turning towards him, and his own insatiable blood lust taking over. Will he conquer the dark forces that reign over the planet, or will he fall victim to them?

Wall (Colony B Book 1)

by Michael Campling

The Wall is Safety. The Wall is Survival. But Know This: You Are Not Alone.

Far from Earth and shipwrecked on a desolate alien planet, a band of brave settlers strive to carve out a life for themselves on a range of hills while battling to hold back the carpet of deadly microorganisms that creeps across the lowlands below, devouring all in its path.
The settlers survive from day to day, but their lives are thrown into chaos on one fateful night when five of their young men and women go missing. And that’s when they see the lights. Out there in the deadly wasteland, there are headlights carving through the darkness.

Someone is coming. And perhaps, they mean to stay.

Find out more when you explore the world of Colony B, but for your own safety, stay behind the wall.

Please note that while this book can be read on its own, it is the first part of a series and is best enjoyed in that context.

Reading Order:

Book 1 – Wall
Book 2 – Trail
Book 3 – Control
Book 4 – Rift (June 2018).

TRIDENT: Cold Vengeance

by Martyn J. Pass

A long voyage home, a forgotten warship from the past and a desperate struggle against the clock.

Carter and his team face the long and perilous journey home from the horrors of Golan IV. Desperate to avoid normal space while the mysterious Captain Argo fulfils his promise, they make the difficult decision to detour away from the busiest shipping lanes and into long forgotten territory steeped in dark history.

All is going well until the disruption of a jump gate lands them into the very heart of outlaw space in the midst of a deadly war between two rival Pirate gangs. Their ship, the Helios, barely survives by crash-landing on a frozen planet leaving Carter and the rest of TRIDENT INC. to battle for their very lives as the Pirate horde descends upon them.

The second book in the TRIDENT series sees a warship from the past threaten to finally end Carter and his team unless they can figure out how to turn their enemy’s weapons against them…

Infinite Velocity: Shadow

by Colin Carlton

This short story takes place before the events of “Infinite Velocity” and follows the adventures of one of its breakout characters, Shadow. Life isn’t always easy, especially when you’re a shape-shifting entity living in deep space. This short explores the galaxy through the lens of an alien entirely unlike any you have seen before. Shadow is a fun-loving creature abruptly ripped from its family and sent into the vast unknown to survive alone and scared. Along the way, it meets new enemies, new friends, and hopefully finds a safe place to call home.

Slow Burn: Destroyer, Book 3

by Bobby Adair

Survive the infection! Survive the Infected!

Book 3 – Destroyer finds Zed saying goodbye to one friend and pressing forward with two new ones to whom we are introduced in Book 2 – Infected. Mandi, whom Zed and Murphy rescued from the bunker, is immune to the virus. Russell, whose home the others plundered in search of food and other supplies, is also a slow burn, but lower-functioning, childlike and docile.

After seeing the carnage at the dormitory, a raging, vengeful Zed wants only to kill Mark, his nemesis and the former leader of the ROTC squad. Since Mark has disappeared, Zed unleashes his fury on untold numbers of infected in his path as he makes his way back to the hospital, in an attempt to rescue Steph, a nurse whom he befriended while seeking help for the feverish Murphy shortly after the prison riot. But the brave medical staff, holed up on the tenth floor of the hospital, and running out of provisions, has decided to take matters in hand by exposing themselves to the virus, and shooting those who “turn.” Zed is determined not to face another loss, but once again, time is running outâ?¦

The Slow Burn Zombie Apocalypse Series
Book 1 – Zero Day
Book 2 – Infected
Book 3 – Destroyer
Book 4 – Dead Fire
Book 5 – Torrent
Book 6 – Bleed
Book 7 – City of Stin

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Only Look About You

by Benjamin Hy

Elisa is enthralled by the woods that border her father’s farm. Sander, her father, won’t allow her near them. They aren’t safe. There are ruthless creatures there. They’ve been there since the time of destruction. That was thousands of years ago. There are parchments that survived the time of destruction, and Sander is enamored with those. The king has all of them. He keeps them safe. When Sander learns that a stranger has brought new parchments to the king, he resolves to steal the relic. Call it divine fate. He walks away with the king’s personal journal instead. After spreading the king’s secrets, Sander is punished. Sir Azman, the king’s right-hand man, is sent to retrieve the king’s journal and finds young Elisa. Sir Azman is next in line for the throne. He takes Elisa into his care, but does not tell the king that the girl is the daughter of a convicted man.

Only Look About You is a story of divine fate. It’s a story of family. It’s a story of existence. Above all, it’s a story that you will not want to put down.


by M A Smith

‘It went wrong. We all knew the theory of veins and wire and the connective tissues that linked tech to flesh; but when it came right down to it, none of us knew anything about real-world torn, soft pulsing muscle or the grey slide of that stuff just under the top layer of skin. We got the arm attached, but Margey died that night.’

This novelette is part 1 of the Hackers Collection.

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