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Survival Medicine: The Guide to First Aid and Survival Medical Emergencies to Stay Alive

by Mike Healler

Survival Medicine:

The Guide to First Aid and Survival Medical Emergencies to Stay Alive

This very book is committed to instruct and set up those people who look to ensure the prosperity of their companions, and particularly their families. On the off chance that you can assimilate and appreciate all the data here, at that point you may have a higher survival chance amid a shutdown situation. Besides, you’ll acquire a sensible point of view of medicinal issues which you can get by without the need of current foundations, for example, healing centers.
Utilizing the book, we’re planning to give you key and significant knowledge as to touch base with alternatives that could build your odds of treating sicknesses and wounds.
Every one of the details and knowledge written in this book is fundamentally committed for use amid a dystopian situation when high-innovation instruments and gear are not any more accessible. For example, your leg got broken, it wouldn’t suggest that a brace made out of two sticks would improve the situation in an expert orthopedic treatment. Henceforth, a portion of the tips and strategies here won’t be the most strong methods for treating specific restorative issues. They generally follow with the logic that something is in reality superior to nothing by any stretch of the imagination.
Then again, on the off chance that we never confront a long haul survival setting, this very book will even now be justified regardless of your exertion and cost since it contains heaps of principal knowledge and in addition critical tips amid minor crises. The data gave in this book may be important while in a state where nobody can help you “for the interim”. Indeed, even a smidgen of restorative knowledge, you could increase some time for a harmed companion, or family, and help their recuperation.

Also, you’ll have the chance to learn different profitable tips, for example:

  • Fundamentals Behind Survival Medicine
  • Alternative Natural Remedies
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Environmental Aspects
  • Injuries
  • Various Alternative Treatments
  • Different Pharmaceuticals

Above all, you will have turned out to be therapeutically arranged to confront the exceptionally unverifiable future; and all things considered, isn’t that what you needed to achieve when you initially gotten this book?

Romance in the Mountains FREE AUDIO BOOK INSIDE: A Peaceful Read

by Terry Atkinson

Love and romance in the serene and beautiful mountains.

Jack and Rebecca are up in the beautiful mountains, to take time out to talk about their future dreams of a life together. An unexpected storm comes up out of nowhere. How will they weather this storm and life’s storms to follow?

This short story is about love, romance, hope and dreams of a future life together.

A story about building relationships

“I think this story is one of those stories that should be read again and again. It is an inspiration for those who are in a relationship or for those who envision to get in one.”

“Thank you Terry, for transporting me into the mountains to share the adventure experienced by Becky and Jack. It was entertaining, and left me feeling warm & fuzzy and uplifted.”

“… it left me feeling warm and nice, and I think that’s what matters.”

“a very direct and clear path book and it’s a story that if it could be told into a movie, then it would be something else.Great writing and strong characters…” Hall of Fame Reviewer

FREE audio book inside.

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Jeremy Lin: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Greatest Underdog Stories (Basketball Biography Books)

by Clayton Geoffreys

Learn the Inspiring Story of the Brooklyn Nets’ Point Guard Jeremy Lin!

Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device.

Limited time offer: If you buy the print edition, you can keep the Kindle edition for yourself!

In Jeremy Lin: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Greatest Underdog Stories, you will learn the inspirational story of one of basketball’s grittiest point guards, Jeremy Lin. Once left with few options than sleeping on a teammate’s couch, Jeremy Lin has had an incredible journey to get to where he is today as a highly capable starting point guard. Most known for his impressive performance in February through March of 2012, Jeremy Lin has since solidified himself as a top point guard in the league.

Despite his successes, Jeremy Lin remains incredibly humble and a role model for aspiring basketball players around the world. He has become a global icon, especially within the Asian American community. In this unauthorized biography, you’ll learn the story of what makes Jeremy so great and why it should be no surprise why he is successful today.

Here is a preview of what is inside this book:

  • Childhood and Early Life
  • High School and College Career
  • Getting Drafted, Detour to the NBA, Rookie Season, The Birth of Linsanity, Skyrocketing with the Rockets
  • The Short Stop in Los Angeles, Linsanity to Charlotte, The Injury Years in Brooklyn
  • Personal Life
  • Impact on Basketball
  • Legacy and Future

An excerpt from the book:

What makes the world of professional sports beautiful is that everyone goes through a unique journey towards relevance and stardom. The path towards the life of a professional athlete, particularly in the NBA, takes many forms and shapes. Others have had it easy since they were young. Some showed potential early on but could not live up to it. And there are even some that never showed any hint of greatness within them but would eventually turn out to be better than advertised.

Because journeys differ, not everyone gets to experience the full-frontal media-exposed life towards stardom that heralded basketball stars such as Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O’Neal, and LeBron James had ever since they showed potential for stardom at an early age. Similarly, not everyone goes through the process of long-term development that late-blooming players such as Jimmy Butler, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Draymond Green have had to undergo. But there are those types of journeys that are as rare as they come. One case in point was how Jeremy Lin was able to make a name for himself in the NBA when the rest of the league thought he was merely a novelty player.

Born in the United States to Taiwanese parents, Jeremy Lin is as Asian as they come, but grew up as an American. With that in mind, Lin was practically a basketball ambassador for Asia, where more than half of the world’s population resides. His Taiwanese roots made him a similar player to that of Yao Ming because of how they bridged America with the Asian market. However, what made him more unique was that he was raised in an American setting whereas some of the other international ambassadors of the NBA grew up in their respective home countries. Because of this, Lin became the very first American of Chinese or Taiwanese descent that made it as far as the NBA.

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My Life in the World of Bodybuilding

by Stanley Morey

This is a book that attempts to discuss the corruption that exists in Bodybuilding, and how it devastated my life

Testosteron steigern: Gesunde Männlichkeit durch Steigerung des Teststerons (German Edition)

by Daniel Heim

Jeder Mann muss über seine Hormone bescheidwissen.

Denn diese bestimmen unseren Alltag. Testosteron ist eines davon. Es hat wesentlich mehr Einfluss auf Gesundheit & Psyche als viele denken. Ein Testosteronmangel kann viele unterschiedliche Folgen haben. Jeder Mann sollte deswegen ein gesundes Leben führen um es zu schützen. Doch worauf kommt es an? Ich zeige dir einfache Tricks wie du dein Testosteron gesund steigern kannst. Supplements sind dazu nicht unbedingt notwendig. Danach wirst du dich noch besser, noch männlicher und attraktiver fühlen.

Die Folgen eines Testosteronmangels können fatal sein

  • Depressive Gedanken
  • Antriebslosigkeit
  • “Männerbrüste”
  • Stimmungsschwankungen
  • Haarausfall häuft sich
  • Muskeln werden abgebaut
  • Fettanteil am Bauch nimmt zu
  • Folgendes Wissen hilft dir männlich & gesund zu bleiben

    Wir gehen ausführlich auf diese einzelnen Unterpunkte ein. Diese sind elementar um deinen eigenen Körper zu verstehen:

  • Was ist Testosteron? – Funktion & Herstellung
  • Unterscheidung Testosteron, Ã?strogen, Cortisol
  • Testosteron-Mangel erkennen & messen
  • Folgen eines Mangels
  • Testosteron-Killer vermeiden
  • Testosteron natürlich steigern
  • Supplements

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