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The Mermaid Wars: The Mermaid Queen fights the Pirate King raiding Atlantis

by Brent Reilly

“Incredibly entertaining.” “Masterful storyline.” “Inventive.” Pre-humans stranded on isolated islands evolved into amphibians over millions of years. The Mermaid Queen needs the hot prince to stop the Pirate King from raiding Atlantis. Mermaids use echolocation to befriend whales to smash pirate fleets. But their combined strength threaten mainland empires who vow to drown them. To survive, the killer couple will need friends — and the bigger, the better.

EXCERPTS: Marisa was a screamer and, man, did she scream. First while making love, but the night was young and dawn a distant dream. When they emerged, the camp applauded. Even the enemy, arrayed for battle around them, hooted happily.

The raiders on the thousand ships looked like they had never seen a barely-dressed mermaid crushing a ship while riding a whale. It bode ill for their invasion of Atlantis.

“Kill the fish queen!” the emperor roared. Horsemen rushed forward to do just that.

Marino kissed his wife. He never got tired of that. “Til death do us part.” They always said that before battle.

Clutching his spear, Marino decided to do something with his life. He leaped off the upper deck onto the megalodon’s head and drove his spear down with all his weight. The 12-year-old then hung on for dear life as the shark tried shaking him off.

The hybrid had never swam in open ocean before. She didn’t even know if she had echolocation like normal fish people. Her hands were not even webbed.

The Bentar fell to the dirt, shaking like a fish out of water. Swords held high, the giant merman roared at the stadium audience: “Is there no one else?”

The emperor yelled a warning to his troops, who could not hear him over the screams of agony. “Marino.” He said it like he stepped in horseshit.

Les Voltigeurs du Mont Saint-Jean (French Edition)

by Jean-Marc Becquet

« La bataille de Waterloo est une énigme. Elle est aussi obscure pour ceux qui l’ont gagnée que pour celui qui l’a perdue. Ce fut la prodigieuse habileté du hasard ». Victor Hugo qualifiait ainsi la bataille de Waterloo, plus connu en France durant le XIXe siècle sous le nom de la bataille du Mont-Saint-Jean.
Ferdinand et Pierre sont cousins germains, originaires de la Flandre. Ils sont voltigeurs dans la garde Impériale. Ils sont fiers d’en faire partie. Les châtiments corporels sont interdits. Les soldats s’appellent « Monsieur ». Le port de la moustache est obligatoire, et il faut mesurer 1 m 73 au minimum. Ils doivent porter les cheveux longs en deux tresses nouées sur la nuque, poudrées de blanc et attachées par un cordon et une médaille frappée de l’aigle impérial. Comme tous les soldats de la Garde, ils ont un anneau d’or à chaque oreille, la taille d’un écu. Ils doivent savoir lire et écrire.
C’est l’histoire de ces volontaires des 9 départements de la Belgique, qui durant 20 ans firent partie de la France, et qui, dès le retour de l’Empereur de l’île d’Elbe, le rejoignirent pour combattre à ses côtés.

Life Unfolding

by John C Duffey

Debra Richardson was a Jet fighter technician and also worked on programming jet fighter and helicopter missiles. Without warning she suddenly retired from the Air force which surprised her senior commanders because she had such a brilliant career ahead of her. She was snapped up by Robin Hunt to manage his large machinery spares warehouses at Bankstown. Then suddenly a D9 Bulldozer worth half a million dollars just vanished out of the warehouse. And at the same time a thirty thousand dollar crated Mack truck engine just vanished.
The suspicion fell on Debra. A private investigator was hired to discover how a D9 Bulldozer just vanished from their warehouse compound. This whole investigation led to a discovery so horrifying that it meant a huge part of the Australian landscape would be devastated. North Korea was implicated….

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