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Twisted Hope: Bad Boy Second Chance Romantic Suspense

by Kayley Cole


They’ve respected me in Hollywood and LA for years as one of the premier movie and music video directorsâ?¦ until that young model just OD’d at one of my house parties. Now my bad reputation and all the rumors may just end my career.

Maybe that letter I just found can help me. The one from my old best friend, Andrew.

His sister, Ellie, betrayed me there years ago, but my old hometown still needs my help after the tornado hit. Saffron, Coloradoâ?¦ I’m coming home!


Waitressing in this small town isn’t helping my music career. A gig here and there is all I can get, and now my old boyfriend Jake is back to “help out” the localsâ?¦ just who this town doesn’t need right now.

I’ve been keeping his secret for years, and he doesn’t even know it. I would have done anything for himâ?¦ but being young and naïve back then taught me otherwise. Now I know different.

With their physical chemistry boiling under the surface and Jake more determined than ever to get Ellie’s attention, will a desperate stalker lurking in the shadows finally end things for them?

Crazy: PTSD & the Narcissist Love Cycle Effects (Cursed Book 2)

by Michelle Lynn Back

Based on actual events, Crazy is the second book of an ongoing series about the cause, effects and treatment of PTSD. Crazy describes the many ways mental disorders can cause mental instability, and problems with decision making processes.

The child from the first book, “Cursed”, is now grown into a young woman with PTSD. She has no idea she had the disorder and how it affects her ability to make successful decisions. She simply feels that the world is unfair and she has no control over her situation.

This story reveals the patterns that resonate after experiencing traumatic abuse. When your young, you don’t realize how your mind has been altered by the pain you experienced in your youth. It gives you blinders to what could further your pain. The more intense your agony, the less you can see. When your completely blind to the truth is when you finally wake up. By then the damage is done and there is nothing you can do to take back the hurt you’ve caused.

The sad part is that you honestly thought you were doing your best, not just for you, but for everyone involved. It’s not till your older that you recognize the patterns. You see denial as an everyday mental state, as the harder your life, the better it seems to be. You feel that being loyal to an abusive relationship will help everyone become better people and working yourself to death as a way to show you care. When in truth, your destroying yourself to please everyone but yourself. You believe your significant other will become a better person and your children will learn to be productive from your work ethic.

Instead your partner learns they can do what they want without any repercussion and your children see you as a door mat. The harder you try, the less your appreciated. When it finally falls apart, you are the only one blamed. These are the side effects of PTSD that most don’t know about. You’ll love anyone who will love you and try to make it work, regardless of how it hurts you. You fight your depression and inability to sleep by working yourself to exhaustion. In these pages are my mistakes, my disorder, my story to let you know, your not alone.

Keto Bread Cookbook: 65 Best Low-Carb Bread Recipes for Gluten-Free, Paleo and Keto Diets: Homemade Keto Bread, Buns, Breadsticks, Muffins, Donuts, and Cookies for Every Day (keto baking, bread book)

by Julia Patel

How to support a low-carb diet and not refuse fresh bread? You will be surprised as easily it can be done.

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Just begin to cook healthy low carb bread on your own kitchen. This cookbook includes 65 amazing recipes of keto bread and pastries to maintain ketosis, weight loss, and increased energy every day.

Forget about bread machine, now you can cook keto bread and baking in oven and microwave so fast and simple any time!

Homemade low carb bread cookbook contains:

  • 65 the best recipes of low calorie gluten free bread, buns, breadsticks, muffins, donuts, and cookies

  • most of the recipes you will not find in other books on Amazon

  • important basic information about low-carb flours and sweeteners, which you can use for keto homemade baking

  • easy low carb bread recipes will approach for popular Low-carb, Keto, and Paleo Diets

  • each recipe includes full-color image and nutrients information for your understanding

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Samurai Seasons Exposed: Nipponese Outdoor Rhapsodies

by Daniel H. Wieczorek

Daniel and Kazuya created three different print edition calendars for 2014. The titles are shown below and these are still available through Amazon and other book sellers.

2014 Photo Calendar Showing Japan Mountains and Mountain Flowers

2014 Photo Calendar – Japan’s Flowers, Plants & Trees

2014 Photo Calendar – Japan Mountain Scenery

They only created one calendar for 2015. The title is shown below and this title is also still available through Amazon and other book sellers.

Japan Outdoor Scenes 2015 Calendar

They also only created one calendar for 2016. The title is shown below and this title too, is available through Amazon and other book sellers.

2016 Calendar – Japan Outdoor Photos

The year 2017 was the final time they created a calendar of photos taken in Japan. That one was entitled 2017 Calendar – Japan Outdoor & Nature Photos. It too is still available for sale through Amazon and other book sellers.

The problem with calendars is that they are hung on the wall, written on, abused and finally they are thrown away. This book, therefore, includes all of the photos shown in the above listed six different calendars in a nice book form that can be kept forever so that the photos can be enjoyed again and again without being thrown away at the end of the year. Each photo is shown with a very brief description that explains what it is and where it was taken.

You will note that as there are six calendar titles shown above, there should, therefore, be six photos for each month. This is generally the case, but not always. In some cases the authors selected fifteen or twenty of their best photos taken during the year to consider for inclusion in the calendars, but of course a calendar can only include twelve images and they had to make some tough decisions about which photos to include in the calendar and which to set aside for use at a later date. This book includes some of those photos which had to be set aside for use at a later date. When they show you a photo which was not used in a calendar they indicate that it was not used.

Pause/Silence/Laughter: And Other Plays

by Jordan Toney

Enter into the surreal dreamscapes of five short plays dealing with time, memory, love, and how we are bound by the dreams that come to us in our deepest sleep. In Photographs, a man comes to terms with his life and possible afterlife. In Pause/Silence/Laughter, a troubled mime remembers a long lost love. In The Clown and the Train Station, a lonely clown struggles to move on from his past. In Alack Alack, four strangers are connected by their dreams. And in Shelter, a family tries to stay together in a world that has left them behind.

Rj pianist: 25 bollywood song notes

by Rj Pianist

This is the first 25 notes of bollwood covers on piano

Super Mario Drawing Book Step-by-Step: Learn How to Draw Popular Characters from Super Mario with the Easy and Fun Guide

by Leonardo Ricci

Why teach your kid to draw? There are so many reasons. Not only is it a relaxing and enjoyable experience for a child, but it improves their skills. Many children assume that you can either draw or you can’t, but of course this isn’t true. All great artists start somewhere – by observing instructions and practicing. The idea of this book is to provide an easily accessible starting point.

Often, seeing an elaborate drawing is intimidating for kids. It is important to break down the process into smaller steps, so that they can learn that the finished product is made up of different elements. Through doing this, they understand that creating impressive art is a journey in itself. Like all skills, it doesn’t happen immediately.

However, with the right amount of practice and encouragement, your child will improve. It takes weeks, months or even years but the path will be exciting and rewarding for both you and your child. Who knows where it may lead? Maybe there is a budding painter, photographer or sculptor waiting to shine. The only way to find out is to allow them to express themselves and enjoy the process.

Use this book to encourage them, amuse them and most importantly let them explore the possibilities that learning to draw has to offer!

Lindsay Leanna: Book 2

by RAM Modeling

Adult Only… Lindsay Leanna started modeling years ago and feel in love with it and she wants to share her modeling skills with the world. She is a true artist, and loves to model and you will not be disappointed.

Faust trifft Mephisto (German Edition)

by Phil Humor

Faust und seinem Diener James ermöglicht Mephisto eine Reise ins Jahr 2030 – zu Helena und Gretchen, die eine Computerspiele-Firma managen, “Helenas Computer Helden AG”.

Komödie auch enthalten im Taschenbuch:

Storys und Komödien mit Tiefgang

ISBN 978-1492828549

738 Seiten, Taschenbuch & eBook

Ich verwende in meinen Texten und Büchern gerne Philosophie und Humor.

Deswegen: Phil Humor

Andros. La petite Angleterre des Cyclades: Randonnées Culturelles aux Iles Grecques (French Edition)

by Denis Roubien

Vous souhaitez découvrir les trésors culturels des îles grecques?

Ce livre est pour vous.

Ce livre est une histoire de voyage décrivant, à travers un grand nombre de photos en noir et blanc et de cartes, avec des explications concises sur l’histoire et l’architecture, une randonnée dans l’une des îles culturellement les plus riches et pourtant les moins connues de Grèce.

Andros ne figure pas parmi les îles les plus connues et les plus visitées de ce pays.

Et pourtant, elle mérite beaucoup plus d’attention, car ses beautés cachées sont bien plus nombreuses que celles qui sont évidentes.

Ce livre s’efforce de couvrir cette omission et de donner un aperçu de ces beautés au visiteur qui désire les découvrir.

Il présente, entre autres, l’un des plus beaux ensembles néoclassiques de Grèce, des monastères historiques, de beaux villages, un paysage de cascades et une végétation étonnante dans les Cyclades arides et la grande tradition navale de l’île, qui lui a valu le surnom de «Petite Angleterre».

Angel swimsuit back (Japanese Edition)

by Archie McGahey


SnapChat Marketing Techniques: A Marketing BluePrint to Monetize your Followers on SnapChat

by George Pain

Are you looking to get more followers on SnapChat but no idea how to get started? Do you already have a following but looking to monetize it?

This book is your answer.

SnapChat is a great way to reach people and market your product. It is a cheaper mode of advertising than Facebook, and reaches a younger audience that may not actively use Facebook. It is a lot more visual with easier customer segmentation.

Here’s What’s Included In this Book:

  • Introduction
  • Attracting Followers Using SnapChat
  • Creating Content for SnapChat
  • Pre-Selling on SnapChat
  • SnapChat Paid Advertising
  • Converting Followers

Scroll up and download now

How to Draw Zen Doodle Animals: Meditating with a Zendoodle Menagerie

by Veronica Kim

Zendoodle Art in Use

Meditating with a Zendoodle Menagerie

Zendoodle art can literally be found on display in galleries in Massachusetts and all the way to galleries in Tokyo. People have discovered not only an inner peace while working upon their own Zendoodle images but that they have an innate ability to create art as well.
The use of Zendoodle art to draw animals will help people to focus their thoughts and to realize not only their own potential to create art but also to understand and realize how truly relaxing and healing the practice of Zendoodle art can be.

Here in these pages the new Zendoodle artist will find several things:

  • How to draw Zendoodle animals
  • Discover that Zendoodle art is not difficult
  • Understand that Zendoodle art frees the mind
  • Learn to relax and focus while drawing
  • Discover that they too can create beautiful art

Download your copy of ” Zendoodle Art in Use “ by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Jerzy Grotowski: L’eredità vivente (Mimesis Journal Books) (Italian Edition)

by AA.VV.

Il XXI secolo è destinato a diventare il “secolo di Grotowski” perché, come dimostrano i saggi raccolti in questo volume a cura di Antonio Attisani, in diversi paesi del mondo stanno nascendo nuove riflessioni e nuove pratiche del teatro all’insegna dell’incontro più che della rappresentazione e dello spettacolo e ciò soprattutto per merito del Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards. Contributi di Bénédicte Boisson, Franco Perrelli, Maria Pia Pagani, Magda Romanska, Tatiana Motta Lima, Antonio Attisani, Giulia Randone, Iwona E. Rusek, Ã?ric Vautrin, Yannick Butel, Kris Salata, Isabelle Schiltz, Mario Biagini. Primo volume della collana ”Mimesis Journal Books”

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